Information Management System (IMS) Version 12

Transaction and database manager for critical online applications

IBM® Information Management System (IMS™) is the premier transaction and hierarchical database manager for critical online applications.

The IMS 12 solution manages the largest base of mission-critical applications in the world, and the largest base of critical operational data. By using IMS 12, enterprise clients can use their operational data to grow their business, simplify operations, and lower their costs:

  • Extend IMS access and use through the use of standard tools and interfaces to modernize and speed deployment of solutions
  • TCP/IP support connects two IMS systems in a Multiple IMS Systems Coupling (MSC) network
  • Expanded communication between IMS systems
  • Additional RACF security codes
  • A centralized data store for dynamic resource definitions
  • Eclipse-based graphical tool that simplifies IMS application development tasks
  • New IMS and IMS Connect QUERY and UPDATE commands improve availability
  • Better problem analysis and enhanced RAS increase data quality
  • Fast Path 64-bit buffer manager support alleviates bottlenecks
  • Database Recovery Control (DBRC) enhanced LIST commands: Support for greater than 32KB output
  • Dynamic full-function database buffer pool and constraint relief
  • Fast Path (FP) Secondary Index enablement

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