IMS database Web services

IMS™ database Web services is an extension to the DLIModel utility plug-in that provides a simplified way to expose IMS data as a Web service. You can use the DLIModel utility to generate an IMS application by using a standard IMS DL/I call that identifies the data you want to expose and deploy the generated IMS application to WebSphere® Application Server for z/OS® as an industry standard callable Web service.

Inline assistance helps you define IMS database Web services in an XML configuration file. A single build generates two artifacts:

Requirement: To use the IMS database Web services extension, you must use the DLIModel utility plug-in version 2.0.2 with APAR PK73190 or the IMS Enterprise Suite DLIModel utility plug-in.

Recommendation: To take advantage of the most current DLIModel utility plug-in features, IMS customers should migrate to using the IMS Enterprise Suite DLIModel utility plug-in, which is part of the IMS Enterprise Suite.

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For installation instructions for the IMS Enterprise Suite DLIModel utility plug-in, see Installing IMS Enterprise Suite components.

For software requirements and installation instructions for the DLIModel utility plug-in, see the file Install_DLIModelUtilityPlug-in.html in the file