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IBM Announces IMS Mobile Feature Pack

The IMS Mobile Feature Pack (IMS Mobile) and its tooling component, IMS Enterprise for Development, is a comprehensive solution that allows you to discover, model, enable, and publish services based on trusted IMS assets. These services can be consumed by mobile and cloud applications, which can access IMS assets on z/OS in a secure, managed, governed, and optimized way.

IMS Mobile leverages the IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile and its z/OS Connect feature (z/OS Connect). The WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile provides an integrated Representational State Transfer Technology (REST) endpoint, which supports the lightweight data-interchange format JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). z/OS Connect is a fast, secure, scalable, and reliable connector that can reach any z/OS asset, including IMS, and provides common services and management for consistent operations.

IMS Mobile supplies a one-of-a-kind integrated platform for full discovery of existing assets, metadata modeling, service enablement, and publication of IMS transactions as services. IMS Mobile can supplement existing roll-your-own mobile solutions as well as mobile solutions that use either IBM Worklight, or IBM WebSphere DataPower, or both.

If you have a licensed copy of WebSphere® Application Server for z/OS Liberty Profile V8.5.5.2 or later, you can download the IMS Mobile Feature Pack from the WebSphere Application Server for z/OS Liberty Profile repository and install it as a feature.

The IMS Mobile Feature Pack, when ordered through Shop z as part of IMS Enterprise Suite V3.1.1, includes a limited use copy of WebSphere Application Server for z/OS Liberty Profile. For WebSphere Application Server for z/OS Liberty Profile usage restrictions in this context, see the license information that is supplied with IMS Enterprise Suite for z/OS V3.1.1.

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