IMS Message Format Service (MFS) SOA Solutions

Information Management System

Get the benefits of reusing your existing Message Format Service (MFS)-based IMS™ business logic on the web through TCP/IP, leveraging service-oriented architecture (SOA) support from the IBM Corporation.

IMS MFS SOA support

By using next-generation tools that offer IMS MFS SOA support, your business can benefit from:

IMS MFS SOA Support is integrated into these development environments:

By using the J2C Bean wizard in the Rational development environments, you can transform your existing MFS sources to J2C JavaBeans components and J2C Java™ data binding classes. You can create Java EE (or J2EE) resources, such as Java Server pages (JSPs), EJB beans, or web services, and package the functions of the generated J2C JavaBeans components.

At run time, client applications use the J2C JavaBeans components in the Java EE resources that run on WebSphere Application Server. The J2C JavaBeans components use data binding classes to build the input and output messages for the transaction, and submit the IMS transaction to IMS through the IMS TM Resource Adapter.

By using IBM Integration Designer, you can transform existing conversational and non-conversational MFS-based IMS applications into services for integration into Business Process Execution Language (BPEL)-based composite business applications. IBM Integration Designer provides a wizard that helps parse the MFS source files and generate service definitions and artifacts. The environment also helps provide a visual, drag-and-drop business integration design interface for engineering your business data flow. The generated application can be deployed to run on the IBM Process Server, which is part of the IBM Business Process Manager Version 7.5 product and later.

IMS MFS SOA support is available as part of the IMS TM Resource Adapter, which is packaged with Rational Application Developer, Rational Developer for System z with Java, and IBM Integration Designer. Download information can be found on the IMS TM Resource Adapter web site.

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