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Analyst reports 

IDC Opinion - A Platform for Enterprise Data Services: The Proven Power and Flexibility of IMS from IBM

This white paper was prepared using data collected from IBM briefings and materials, interviews with a number of high-end IMS users, and background knowledge gleaned from many years of IDC research on the subject of large-scale database management.

Last updated: 16 Oct 2009

The Clipper Group: IBM's IMS - Myths Realities and Opportunities

This Analyst report was prepared by Stephen D. Bartlett, Analyst for The Clipper Group. In this report, he identifies a number of myths about the viability of IMS, and presents compelling evidence that shatters these myths and shows IMS as essential to enterprise IT.

Last updated: 14 Aug 2009

Announcement letters 

IBM discontinued service for IMS Version 10 on November 12, 2012 (see announcement letter 911-147)

Software service discontinuance: Selected System z products — Some replacements available

Last updated: 02 Aug 2012

Preview: IBM IMS 12 Transaction and Database Servers

The next release of IMS (version 12) offers extremely high performance and availability at a very low cost per transaction. Key benefits include: lower operating costs, simplified interfaces to ease operations, and enhanced capabilities to support growth.

Last updated: 05 Oct 2010


IBM Redbooks for IMS

IBM Redbooks provide positioning and value guidance, installation and implementation experiences, typical solution scenarios, and step-by-step how-to guidelines for IMS and other IBM products. They often include sample code and other technical support materials.

Last updated: 10 Jan 2011


Settling IMS database exceptions via the Tools Base Administration Console for z/OS

This article shows you how to manage a group of IMS™ databases, and how to troubleshoot problems when a database has an exception. The IBM® Tools Base Administration Console for z/OS® displays exceptions and statistical information, offering powerful tools to help you manage the health of your resources.

Last updated: 08 Dec 2011

Product documentation 

IMS Product Library - Version 13

Get IMS 13 documentation in HTML and PDF book formats in the IBM Publications Center.

Last updated: 23 Dec 2013

Automating and Simplifying IMS Database Monitoring

Learn how the IMS Database Solution Pack, the IMS Fast Path Solution Pack and the IBM® Tools Base for z/OS® can help automate and simplify your IMS database monitoring.

Last updated: 15 Aug 2012

IMS Product Library - Version 12

Get IMS Version 12 documentation in HTML and PDF book formats in the IBM Publications Center.

Last updated: 31 May 2012

IMS Product Library - Version 11

This library provides links to IMS Version 11 documentation, which is available in PDF book format in the IBM Publications Center and in HTML and PDF book formats in the information center. The IMS Messages and Codes books are also available in BookManager format in the IBM Publications Center.

Last updated: 01 May 2010

White papers 

Migrating to a new version of IMS with the help of IMS Cloning Tool

Learn how you can avoid surprises and delays during your IMS migration, using the IBM IMS Cloning Tool to quickly refresh data and test environments. By maintaining exact replicas of your production environments that accurately reflect production characteristics, your risks are reduced.

Last updated: 15 Feb 2013

Coordinated DB2 and IMS Application Recovery

Learn how to recover a DB2 and IMS application to a consistent point in time with the combined resources of DB2 Recovery Expert for z/OS and IMS Recovery Expert for z/OS -- using both DB2 objects and IMS databases for high quality results.

Last updated: 04 Oct 2012

IBM IMS Tools Autonomics and Modernization: Putting Information to Work

Find out about the latest developments in the IBM Corporation's evolution of IMS and IMS Tools. This paper covers new enhancements to the IMS Tools portfolio – powerful features that move IMS database administration toward automation, freeing up database administration skills for more important tasks, and more.

Last updated: 19 Apr 2012