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IMS Database Manager, IMS Transaction Manager, and IMS Enterprise Suite integrate with other IBM software to create interconnected, intelligent systems that redefine Enterprise, lower your TCO, and deliver the qualities of service that you demand.

IBM WebSphere
IBM IMS and IBM WebSphere provide a number of integration solutions that extend IMS assets and IMS qualities of service across the enterprise.

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence
IBM Cognos Business Intelligence on z/OS and on Linux offer a data connection type for direct connections to IMS databases. With direct access to the IMS database, you can create drill-to-detail reporting applications that leverage IMS data, the most current version of your data. Warehoused data is a temporary reflection of the current data and adds constraints to the flexibility of a business reporting application. Enhance your business intelligence results by using the most up-to-date data you have: IMS data.

IBM InfoSphere
IBM IMS and IBM InfoSphere provide a number of solutions that integrate IMS data and assets across your portfolio.

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New Analyst Report on IMS by Colin White, President and Founder at BI Research
Colin's report looks at the role of IMS in today’s highly complex IT environment and examines how organizations can integrate IMS into an open and flexible enterprise IT infrastructure that can evolve as technology changes.

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IMS 13: Record-setting performance and powerful data distribution

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