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Integrated Solutions

IMS Database Manager, IMS Transaction Manager, and IMS Enterprise Suite integrate with other IBM software to create interconnected, intelligent systems that redefine Enterprise, lower your total cost of ownership, and deliver the qualities of service that you demand.

IBM WebSphere

IBM IMS and IBM WebSphere provide a number of integration solutions that extend IMS assets and IMS qualities of service across the enterprise.

IBM WebSphere DataPower
IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA appliances help simplify, govern, and enhance the security of XML and IT services by providing connectivity, gateway functions, data transformation, protocol bridging, and intelligent load distribution.

IBM WebSphere Application Servers
Host applications on z/OS and the distributed platform that can call IMS transactions, support web-enablement of IMS transactions, and access IMS data.

IBM WebSphere Message Broker
A lightweight, advanced ESB that enables the integration of data sources from a wide range of platforms across both SOA and non-SOA environments. It can transform data into JCA stream for IMS use.

IBM WebSphere MQ for z/OS
Provides connectivity options to extend the reach of your IMS applications to business data both inside and outside of your enterprise. Messages from IMS transactions can be sent to distributed and other IBM System z software, including other IMS systems.

IBM WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus for z/OS
Service-enables IMS applications for SOA integration.

IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender for Integration Servers
Enables organizations to integrate industry-based customer, supplier, and business partner transactions across their enterprise, and transforms complex data into XML, binary, or mixed-data types for IMS use.

IBM InfoSphere

IBM IMS and IBM InfoSphere provide a number of solutions that integrate IMS data and assets across your portfolio.

IBM InfoSphere Guardium Data Encryption for DB2 and IMS Database
Provides data encryption for IMS and DB2 databases.

IBM InfoSphere Optim Test Data Management Solution for z/OS
Creates test databases from IMS data in the z/OS environment.

IBM InfoSphere Information Server
Documents IMS data, captures relationships between IMS databases, and performs data modeling, all in support of master data management and application development.

IBM InfoSphere Classic Federation Server for z/OS
Provides access from Microsoft .NET directly to IMS databases.

IBM InfoSphere Classic Replication Server for z/OS
Replicates IMS data from one IMS system to another IMS system with full transactional integrity, often as part of a disaster recovery solution.

IBM InfoSphere Classic Data Event Publisher for z/OS
Captures changes to IMS data and publishes that data to MQ queues, where it is automatically reformatted into relational.

IBM Cognos

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence
Offers a data connection type for direct connections to IMS databases.


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