IBM IMS DB Value Unit Edition

IBM IMS DB Value Unit Edition (VUE) delivers cost-effective access to IMS data for net new workloads on the System z platform.

Today, IMS clients on IBM System z:

These trends will continue to accelerate. More mobile devices drive more transactions. More transactions drive the need not only for analytics that will inform business decisions, but also for applications built to deliver on those decisions.

IBM supports mobile applications that interact with transactional and data services through the use of lightweight data-interchange format JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). This support, plus the revolutionary IMS open access capabilities, prompted IBM to offer attractive one-time-charge (OTC) pricing for new qualified IMS workloads on IBM System z New Application License Charges (zNALC) Logical Partitions (LPARs).

The IBM IMS DB Value Unit Edition strengthens the System z role as a cornerstone for key business initiatives by adding new customized capabilities that address business growth based these initiatives, such as services-oriented architecture (SOA), enterprise and mobile access strategy, and operational business intelligence (BI). IMS clients with new zNALC-approved IMS applications including mobile and analytics applications that take advantage of IMS open access capabilities, are eligible for this OTC pricing.

IMS Database Value Unit Edition terms limit its use to support of Eligible Workloads (net new applications or workloads) that meet the following criteria: