IMS™ Enterprise Suite is a set of components that support open integration technologies to enable new application development and extend access to IMS transactions and data. IMS Enterprise Suite provides user-friendly standard interfaces, simplifies IMS metadata generation, and enables mobile services. IMS Enterprise Suite simplifies and expands IMS development, administration, and access. Graphical user interfaces and standards-based programming models are provided through tooling support from the WebSphere® and Rational® product families.

IMS Enterprise Suite includes components that are available for both z/OS® and distributed platforms. IMS Enterprise Suite components are designed to complement IMS 14 and IMS 13.

IMS Enterprise Suite Components

IMS Mobile Solution allows you to easily enable your IMS transaction assets as services for mobile and cloud consumption. The IMS Mobile Solution includes the IMS Mobile Feature Pack, which is the service provider that leverages the z/OS Connect feature of WebSphere Application Server for z/OS Liberty Profile, and IMS Explorer, which provides service creation and administration functions.

IMS Mobile Feature Pack for z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition is new to the IMS mobile solution and allows you to create and deploy RESTful APIs that leverage mobile services that access IMS transactions.

IMS Explorer for Development (IMS Explorer) is an Eclipse-based graphical tool that simplifies IMS application development tasks. Use the IMS Explorer to display and edit IMS databases, segments, fields and more. This tooling also provides mobile server administration for the IMS Mobile Solution.

IMS Enterprise Suite Data Provider for Microsoft .NET enables you to use standard SQL queries to access IMS data from .NET applications. It delivers high-performing, secure access to IMS data and simplifies the development of Microsoft .NET applications (for example, C# and Visual Basic) that access IMS.

IMS Enterprise Suite SOAP Gateway allows you to get more value from your trusted IMS application assets in an SOA environment, without requiring any changes to your business logic. With SOAP Gateway, your IMS applications can call out to web services, or be called from web services, independent of platform, environment, programming language, or programming model. With IBM API Management, you can discover and publicize SOAP Gateway web services to be called from mobile and cloud applications.

IMS Enterprise Suite Connect API for Java extends connectivity of distributed platforms to IMS and simplify application development for stand-alone, user-written IMS Connect clients.

IMS Enterprise Suite Java Message Service API is required for an IMS application to issue a synchronous callout request to external services from a message processing (JMP) or Java batch processing (JBP) application.