IMS Enterprise Suite Connect APIs for Java and C

IMS Connect is an integrated TCP/IP gateway for IMS. With IMS Connect, you can create user-written applications to access IMS data and transaction services from any TCP/IP client. IMS Connect also supports callout from IMS applications to outside services.

The IMS Enterprise Suite Connect APIs provide IMS Connect client applications with a streamlined interface for interacting with IMS through IMS Connect. You can develop IMS Connect client applications in the Java or C/C++ programming languages, using the Connect API for Java, or the Connect API for C, respectively. The Connect APIs simplify the process of writing a client application for IMS Connect with easy methods for managing socket connections and the IMS Connect interaction protocols.

Connect APIs are ideal for developing light-weight IMS Connect client applications, and for integrating IMS Connect into your existing enterprise communication framework. You can find more information about the IMS Connect APIs in the Information Management Software for z/OS Solutions Information Center.