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Financial institutions are continually challenged by individuals who seek to defraud their business. These challenges stem from a variety of channels, both internal and external. The crimes take a variety of shapes — Common Point of Purchase, Bust-out Fraud, Identity Theft, Impossible Geography, Card Not Present, and many others. Governments have placed the burden on the banks to identify and disrupt these schemes in order to protect their customers.

InfoSphere Identity Insight provides Financial Institutions with a rich analytical platform that can be leveraged within and across channels. With Identity Insight, these enterprises can discover attempts at misrepresentation of identity, find networks of suspicious individuals who are collaborating, and dissect complex event scenarios that may indicate nefarious activity. Enterprises have the ability to customize the rules and thresholds to provide maximum flexibility to the business. IBM clients are adopting InfoSphere Identity Insight to provide this key analysis. Combining both entity resolution and complex event processing within a single product, organizations are able to establish an identity, proactively discover suspicious relationships, and test for violations of business thresholds.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies have found that the data they have collected in the past is an invaluable tool for solving the crimes they are investigating today. However, like many other organizations, data stored across numerous silos has led to significant challenges in using this information effectively. Warrants, arrests, street checks, gang data, intelligence reports, and ballistics are among many sources that may supply the key to solving a crime. In most cases, these sources of data do not share common identifiers for any one individual, precluding the department from accessing a complete view of the suspect, victims, and other related parties.

InfoSphere Identity Insight provides law enforcement agencies with context accumulating analytics to integrate the disparate data sources that are critical to their investigative efforts. Such analytics provide the ability to locate an individual, present a complete history of their interactions, and support link analysis to uncover potential leads on active and inactive cases. Each new piece of data to enter the system is analyzed in the context of all known data, so investigators no longer miss opportunities to share information. Rather, the analytical environment maximizes the information’s usefulness across every related investigation.

Identity Insight will notify an investigator the moment the enterprise receives new data that relates to one of their cases (such as a witness to a traffic incident). This features changes what is currently “searched for” – a latent, manual process - into something that is “automatically discovered” in real-time. Exciting new forms of predictive policing come within reach.

Social Services

Social Services agencies are under increasing pressure to improve the effectiveness of their services and control the costs associated with waste, fraud and abuse. Information pertaining to a citizen and his/her family is currently spread across many systems--welfare, adult and aging, child programs, etc. These information silos prevent social workers from understanding the extent to which citizens qualify for benefits, and identifying individuals who are taking advantage of these silos.

InfoSphere Identity Insight provides Social Services agencies with the ability to harness the information they have in order to recognize unusual and suspicious activity. Individuals and groups of related individuals will have a difficult time applying for benefits under multiple aliases or applying for mutually exclusive benefits across multiple departments. Using Identity Insight, citizens can receive the social services they need while the agency realizes significant cost savings by detecting and preempting the abuse schemes of scam-artists.


Tax Agencies typically lose about 15% of total revenues to tax evasion and other types of noncompliance. Many agencies continue to rely on traditional random audit selection, tax collection, and enforcement methods they know to be outdated. These methods rely upon data and data relationships that are invalid and insufficient to achieve maximum compliance.

Auditors require tools to determine how noncompliance occurs, while also protecting the privacy of taxpayers. InfoSphere Identity Insight helps tax agencies improve tax compliance and reporting through proactive detection of taxpayer identities and relationships. Agencies can use Identity Insight to identify all parties that participated in a tax event, and as a result, can more accurately determine which taxpayers are underreporting, underpaying or are non-filers. Enforcement officials can be notified in real-time when there are updates to data about a taxpayer.

Tax Agencies may also use Identity Insight to improve enforcement of the criminal provisions of the tax code and other statutes related to anti-money laundering. Identity Insight may be used to analyze data submitted from financial institutions related to suspicious activity. The agencies are able to add automation to what were manual, time-consuming information collection activities. The expanded analytic, visualization, and reporting capabilities available to agents and analysts provides the ability to leverage information that assists them in identifying and prioritizing cases for possible prosecution.


The challenges to the Intelligence community have never been greater—coping with ever-growing volumes of data make the nature of the problem all that more complicated. Harnessing the information at hand to detect not only the obvious and non-obvious, but the adversary’s efforts to conceal their identities and activities is no trivial task and must be done in a timely manner. Detecting the presence and actions of these individuals is virtually impossible without context accumulation.

Identity Insight plays a unique role in national security and intelligence missions. The Identity Insight technology was originally developed with funding from the venture capital arm of the CIA (In-Q-Tel) who recognized the applicability to various intelligence programs, and twice granted funding to the company to further advance the technology.

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