Safeguard both Structured and Unstructured Data

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Since data is a critical component of daily business operations, it is essential to ensure privacy and protect data no matter where it resides. Different types of information have different protection and privacy requirements; therefore organizations must take a holistic approach to safeguarding information:

IBM InfoSphere Optim and InfoSphere Guardium solutions for data security and privacy protect diverse data types across different locations throughout the enterprise, including the protection of structured and unstructured data in both production and non-production (development, test and training) environments. Such an approach can help focus limited resources without added processes or increased complexity. A holistic approach also helps organizations to demonstrate compliance without interrupting critical business processes or daily operations.

IBM InfoSphere solutions for data security and privacy support heterogeneous enterprise environments including all major databases, custom applications, ERP solutions and operating platforms. InfoSphere Guardium delivers security to virtualized and cloud environments and is the only complete security solution for big data environments.