Deliver security to cloud and virtual environments

Provide comprehensive data protection for cloud, virtual and physical infrastructures to maximize IT investments and mitigate risks.

New technologies and ways of working are challenging traditional computing models. Virtualization and Cloud Computing are new consumption and delivery models that organizations are using to:

Keeping cloud data safe with InfoSphere Guardium

Safeguarding information is required by numerous legal and corporate mandates. Developing a holistic data protection approach while at the same time managing resource costs, requires organizations to invest in solutions which span physical, virtual and cloud environments.

To ensure data is protected in virtualized and cloud environments organizations need to understand what data is going into these environments, how access to this data can be monitored, what types of vulnerabilities exist and how to demonstrate compliance. Protections should be build into virtual and cloud environments from the start.

IBM InfoSphere Guardium can help support your cloud and virtualization strategy with:

InfoSphere Guardium provides single comprehensive solution for physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures through centralized, automated security controls across heterogeneous environments. InfoSphere Guardium helps streamline compliance, improve productivity, manage data access and manage database vulnerabilities.

What we offer

Structured data

Diverse data types exist in the cloud and different technologies are recommended for protecting each data type. Explore solutions for virtualization and cloud environments below.

Unstructured data

Secure your data on the cloud

IBM InfoSphere Guardium for big data

meet big data security challenges.

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