Audit and Validate Compliance

Automate and centralize compliance controls

Organizations are subject to a growing number of regulatory mandates to protect sensitive information such financial records and personally identifiable information (PII). These mandates require mechanisms but put in place to detect, record, and remediate unauthorized access or changes to sensitive data, including those by privileged users. IBM’s InfoSphere Guardium provides a simple means of automating and centralizing compliance controls, even in geographically dispersed multi-vendor environments. It reduces compliance costs by providing:

InfoSphere Guardium is used by over 400 organizations world-wide to automate the controls associated with a variety of mandates including:

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Audit and Validate Compliance Resources

Audit and Validate Compliance Resources

Solution scenario: IBM InfoSphere Solutions for data security and privacy. Growing financial institution tackles PCI DSS compliance through a seven-step approach and IBM® InfoSphere® Solutions for data security and privacy.

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