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What is Entity Analytics?

Entity Analytics Solutions (EAS) are incremental context accumulators for detecting like and related entities across large, sparse, and disparate collections of data, including both new and old data, small and big data environments, to perform analytics on events, people, things, transactions, and relationships.

How it helps your enterprise

Customer Spotlight

MoneyGram International

Learn how MoneyGram International leveraged IBM InfoSphere Identity Insight as part of its comprehensive fraud prevention program, saving over $37 million and reducing customer fraud complaints by 72%.

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    Explore the entity analytics capabilities in the IBM solution and learn about real-world use cases that highlight the value of entity analytics in fighting fraud.

  • Outsmart the insurance claim fraudster

    Hear experts share specifics on what exactly is entity analytics, how it is being implemented and what results have been garnered by taking a different approach to address critical challenges facing insurers today.

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