Utilities Management

Achieve higher availability and better performance with IBM DB2 and IMS Tools

Underlying the operation of any database management system are the utilities. With the number of database objects growing exponentially, especially when dealing with ERP applications such as SAP, the impact of managing utility jobs, meeting service level agreements, and ensuring recoverability can be overwhelming.

IBM offers DB2 and IMS Tools that assist in the Utilities Management process for example:

In an on demand world 24x7 data availability is a key requirement. Reorganization tools from IBM can help with the performance of key functions such as unloading and reloading DB2 and IMS data, without impacting data access.

These and other DB2 and IMS Tools can help you achieve higher availability and better performance during data maintenance while enhancing the productivity of both database administrators and system programmers.

This solution provides the statistical information you need to meet your service level agreements.

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