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Migrating to New Versions/Release of DB2 for z/OS and IMS

Accelerate your migration to DB2 10

Migrating to DB2 10 is top priority for those wanting to gain the out-of-the-box cost savings and performance benefits of DB2 10 for z/OS. And DB2 Tools can accelerate your migration.

For example, using DB2 tools, you can identify potential changes to DB2 objects or SQL that could impact performance and system resources before you migrate. DB2 tools also provide the ability to test with an exact clone of production DB2 which reduces the risk and helps your organization significantly accelerate migrating or testing new versions of DB2 for z/OS or any large applications, such as PeopleSoft.

DB2® 10 for z/OS® delivers “out-of-the box” CPU savings. Yet, many DB2 users have not taken advantage of its full savings due to concerns over perceived rebind CPU requirements, cost, SQL degradation, or just the perceived tediousness of the rebinding migration task.This paper (PDF, 3.08MB) outlines 6 straightforward steps to get you on the right path of a proactive rebind strategy. And at the end, you might find that it was not as difficult or costly as you may have imagined.

DB2 10 Migration Planning Workshops:

Accelerate your migration to IMS 12!

IMS 12, the latest generation of IBM’s premier transaction and hierarchical database management system, offers significant enhancements to help modernize applications, enable interoperation and integration, streamline installation and management, and enable growth. These enhancements can also positively impact your bottom line.

The IMS 12 solution manages the largest base of mission-critical applications in the world, and the largest base of critical operational data. By using IMS 12 with IMS Tools, enterprise clients can use their operational data to grow their business, simplify operations, and lower their costs.

IMS 12 Technical Overview (Redbook):

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