Performance Management

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Performance Management

Improving productivity and profitability is a top priority that even impacts the data center. Database administrators continually strive to maximize database performance to support service level agreements (SLA), drive higher transaction rates and ultimately increase profitability.

As they strive for top performance, Database Administrators are presented with many hurdles and look for new ways to take a more proactive role in identifying potential performance problems before they impact their systems. They face many challenges like how to:

  • Check the performance health of the DB2 subsystems
  • Determine why on-line transactions are failing – is it issues such as deadlocks, locking contentions, or RID pool failures?
  • Drive better performing SQL to allow for faster throughput
  • Identify the most costly SQL statements to save expense
  • Set alerts to know when performance thresholds are reached or exceeded
  • Make it easier for users to tune SQL statements
  • Tune IMS systems more efficiently
  • Identify a process for analyzing and isolating IMS transactions and performance bottlenecks
  • Verify service levels and predict trends that will improve the productivity of IMS Specialists and/or System Programmers

This solution provides the statistical information you need to meet your service level agreements.

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