Enhance the performance of your information management system

IBM® Information Management System (IMS™) Tools provide on-demand, application-specific database management solutions. Designed to optimize data across your enterprise, IBM IMS Tools deliver the reliability and affordability you need to help increase the value of your IMS environment. The tools support each new version of IBM IMS as it becomes available, making it easy for you to migrate to the latest version while continuing to benefit from tools support.

IBM IMS Tools primarily deliver support and assistance in the following areas:

IBM IMS Tools Solution Packs

With the IMS Tools Solution Packs, the solutions you need are consolidated and integrated into a single, lower-cost offering. These offerings provide outstanding return-on-investment benefits and help reduce total cost of ownership while facilitating best practices and enabling growth.

IMS Database Solution Pack

Integrates the entire set of IMS database products to help you to manage IMS full function and high availability large databases (HALDB) with a single consolidated solution.

IMS Fast Path Solution Pack

Includes extensive utilities that are easier to use with practically all the functions that database administrators need to analyze, maintain, and tune IMS Fast Path databases, as well as help boost system availability.

IMS Recovery Solution Pack

Provides virtually everything you need to help the timely recovery of IBM IMS database assets.

IMS Performance Solution Pack

Helps to simplify and speed up end-to-end analysis of IMS transactions.

The capabilities of IMS Tools Solution Packs are enhanced by the separately licensed IBM Tools Base for z/OS® (5655-V93), a no-charge, consolidated installation package. The package contains all IBM IMS Tools common infrastructure components, which IMS Tools Solution Packs require. Tools Base also includes components that automatically evaluate database health by using data that is provided by IMS Database Solution Pack and IMS Fast Path Solution Pack.

These components automatically monitor database health, identify problems and investigate identified problems via a graphical interface.

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