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Features and benefits

IBM DB2® for z/OS® is the leading enterprise data server, designed and tightly integrated with IBM System z™ mainframe to leverage the strengths of IBM System z, and to reduce total cost of ownership through process enhancements and productivity improvements for database administrators and application developers. New structures, such as the ability to make changes to data definitions without disrupting online performance, continue to enhance availability and scalability in DB2, and bottlenecks have been removed to ensure the position of DB2 as a performance leader. Enhancements such as pureXML™, extended SQL, additional features that continue to deliver unparalleled security and streamlined compliance, and enablement of high-volume transaction processing for new applications, DB2 for z/OS provides the core infrastructure for the next wave of Web business applications and SOA initiatives.

Total cost of ownership

Reduced people costs and hardware-software-operating system synergy ensure more resilience, better function, and improved value in DB2 for z/OS:

Availablity and business resliency

DB2 for z/OS remains a leader in continuous availability with unique improvements such as online schema evolution, including the ability to add partitions and change data definitions with ALTER statements, online unload and replace, and improved backup and recovery (PDF, 423KB) utilities.

Scalability to grow without impacting performance

New partitioning, clustering, and index options, along with important optimization improvements, such as improved INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE processing, buffer scalability enhancements, make DB2 for z/OS the right choice for large and growing databases.

Queries and data warehousing

Faster response and reduced processing times (PDF, 509KB) come from improvements to optimization and better information for the optimizer, which benefits a host of query types. Combined with new database design options for indexes, clustering, materialized query tables, and the ability to rotate partitions provide the capabilities to support complex support warehouses. Learn More

Portability, productivity, and ease of migration

Rich SQL enhancements, including new data types for decimal floating point and spatial data, and new built-in functions provide better compatibility within the DB2 family and throughout the industry. Whether you develop on Windows, UNIX, or Linux, the move to z/OS has become easier. DB2 for z/OS provides a secure, available, and efficient environment for SAP applications. Learn More

Bet-your-business security and compliance

Legendary mainframe security and enhanced data encryption mean that DB2 for z/OS is ready to protect your data and comply with growing compliance and audit requirements. Learn More (PDF, 1.7MB)

Service oriented architecture

Leading-edge standards-based capabilities enable SOA requirements, and Improved SQLJ and JDBC support, a new Java Universal Driver, enhanced UNICODE support, Websphere integration, and new pureXML functions make Java and web applications more robust and productive. Learn More (link resides outside of

DB2 Query Management Facility

Your ability to distribute reporting information quickly throughout the enterprise has been exponentially increased thru the WebSphere® component of QMF™ Enterprise Edition. The Eclipse based product extends QMF-supported platforms to Linux, Solaris and HP-UX. QMF Enterprise Edition also extends its support beyond DB2 9 to include IDS support. Learn More