Proven Day-1 Savings

The IBM DB2 Tools for z/OS
help you to lower your costs, simplify your environment, and provide greater day-one value to your users, both during migration and after DB2 10 is running, to fully maximize the benefits of DB2 10. The tools help you in accelerating the migration process, saving CPU and I/O resources, improving application response time, and lowering production time deployment.

Read on to learn more about how the IBM DB2 Tools help you accelerate the use of DB2 10 features easily and effortlessly to take advantage of the cost and productivity savings in DB2 10.

Improve Performance to Lower Costs
Improving productivity is a top priority of every data center. Database administrators continually strive to maximize database performance to support service level agreements, drive higher transaction rates, and ultimately increase profitability. The DB2 Performance Tools help you manage your DB2 10 environment to the fullest.

Reduce Costs and Improve Availability
At the core of managing any DB2 database is the DB2 Utilities Suite that performs the critical operations to help manage and control data and its growth, especially as it relates to availability and performance of changing business needs. The DB2 Utilities Suite continues their investment with support for features including:

Increase Productivity with Proven Administration Tools
Today’s business environment has increased the complexity and rate of change that a database administrator must control. The ability to respond quickly to a changing environment is constantly challenged by the explosion of data growth combined with a decline in an experienced work staff.

Ensure High Data Availability
You need to ensure and protect your business data from corruption and loss. Data backup and recovery is one of the most complicated areas of database management. Having the right resources to do a recovery is critical, and unfortunately in many cases, not addressed until after data is already lost. Fortunately, the IBM DB2 Tools provide critical solutions to help you.