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    “With the scalability improvements in DB2 10, we expect to be able to quickly reduce our production data sharing group from 20 members to 15”, said Paulo Sahadi, Senior Production Manager at Banco do Brasil. With DB2 10 able to handle 5-10 times as many threads as the previous version, the upgrade will immediately give the bank some much-needed room for future workload growth while simultaneously reducing their data sharing overhead. “We will also save some CPU and storage from removing the five DB2 systems, and we will have to spend a lot less time monitoring our virtual storage.”

    - Paulo Sahadi, Senior Production Manager, Information Management Division, Banco do Brasil

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    "Over the past several months, BMW has tested the new version of DB2 10 for z/OS, focusing on specific features and comparing these directly to the same features in DB2 9 for z/OS. One of the IBM design goals expected a general improvement in massive parallel SQL-insert performance, where we achieved close to 40% CPU improvement and significant elapse time reduction in direct comparison to DB2 9 for z/OS. For all of our critical tested selects statements, the version 10 optimizer chose the optimal access path, sometimes even improving previous access path choices in version 9. Overall, we are very pleased with the added functionality and architectural enhancements, and are looking forward to this exciting release."

    - Philipp Nowak, DB2 Product Manager, BMW Group

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    “With DB2 10 for z/OS, IBM has once again redefined the benchmark for large-scale database systems. I’m particularly impressed by the potential for significant productivity improvements through the new temporal data support, enhanced autonomic functions and SQL and XML extensions. These enhancements will help my customers to directly drive competitive advantage through more rapid deployment of application and warehousing workloads.

    Julian Stuhler, Triton Consulting