• John Campbell, IBM Distinguish Engineer.

    Planning for IBM DB2 10 for z/OS Upgrade

    by John Campbell, IBM Distinguish Engineer

    This is a "must read" whitepaper for anyone who works with DB2 for z/OS. We all know how difficult it is to catch any time with John Campbell. John is one of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to DB2 10 migration strategy and planning. With this whitepaper, we have had a chance to share this incredible knowledge and experience with everyone.

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    Why DB2 for z/OS Is Better Than Oracle RAC?

    In this white paper, we size up the database clustering architecture provided by DB2 for z/OS with the Oracle RAC product. When all is said and done, compared and contrasted, DB2 for z/OS differentiates itself with superior characteristics.

    - Philipp Nowak, DB2 Product Manager, BMW Group



  • Cristian Molaro - Independent Gold Consultant.

    Gaining the Financial Benefits of DB2 10 Performance

    by Cristian Molaro - Independent Gold Consultant

    This latest white paper will teach you how good performance can address 2 key requirements for today's business - fast response time by process optimization and cost reduction through reduced CPU utilization.

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    A Matter of Time: Temporal Data Management in DB2 for z/OS

    You could say it was just a matter of time. Industry regulations and competitive pressures are prompting IT managers to maintain more data for longer periods of time and to provide better ways for business users to analyze past, current, and future events. To help organizations achieve these goals, IBM has built greater awareness of time into DB2 10 for z/OS.

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