Introducing QMF 10 for DB2 for z/OS
QMF 10 is a revolutionary new version designed to deliver significant business value and functionality to a new set of end users. QMF for Workstation and QMF for WebSphere components offer many key analytics features and functions such as interactive dashboards and OLAP analysis support. All features within the QMF family have been enhanced to add business value as well as improvements in performance and scale that address many of the demands IT places on an enterprise Business Analytics tool.

Installation and deployment
QMF 10 has changed its installation process making it far easier to install and administer QMF. The deployment options now include TSO, CICS, Workstation (Rich Client), and WebSphere (Thin Client). Business Users and IT can now access data on a multitude of platforms and formats. For example, with QMF 10 you can directly access IMS 11 data directly using JDBC and very efficiently provide an Operational BI solution. QMF 10 can be used to access a wide array of databases such as DB2, Oracle, SQL Server and more.

The benefits of QMF 10 for DB2 for z/OS
Business Analytics is a key area of interest to any enterprise. Query and reporting solutions now have to offer much more such as:

QMF 10 now provides a more sophisticated and advanced set of analytic functions while offering advances in performance and ease of use.

The business value of QMF 10 for DB2 for z/OS
Business value is typically measured by a tool’s capability to deliver required functions in contrast with its associated cost. QMF 10 provides an enterprise license model with no per-user cost. It can be deployed throughout the enterprise with no additional set charges while providing rich, powerful analytic functions to a wide variety of uses and users. It can be embedded within an application and can now be called from nearly any other BI tool such as Excel and more. Thus, assets created in QMF 10 can be used repetitively by many.