Celebrates 30 Years of Superior Technology
High Perfomance. Reliable. Secure data servers

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Andreas Wagner, First Line Manager, GAD

Bill Raser, senior vice president of data administration and mainframe systems support, Primerica

Jarmo Männikkö, database senior system programmer, Kela

Frank Peterson, systems programmer, JN Data

DB2 for z/OS Highlights

Business Value of DB2 10 for z/OS Query
This whitepaper covers the key DB2 optimizer design and operational aspects that enable DB2 10 clients to benefit from faster performance, reduced CPU usage and lower costs.

John CampbellPlanning for DB2 10 Upgrade - Best Practices by John Campbell
This paper focuses on the lessons learned from beta testing and from customers that have upgraded to DB2 10 for z/OS.

Revolution in IBM DB2 performance: IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator
Namik Hrle, IBM Distinguished Engineer, talks about work in the area of accelerating DB2 performance for Business Inteligence and Analytical workloads by exploiting new multi-core chip and Solid State Disk technologies.

IBM DB2: The Past, Present and Future: 30 Years of Superior Innovation

Don Haderle - Father of #DB2!

Glimpse of DB2 11

Jeff JostenDB2 10 and Beyond - Celebrating 30 Years of Superior Technology
Jeff Josten, Chief Architect, DB2 for z/OS, and IBM Distinguished Engineer, IBM Software Group