Upgrade to the latest version of DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows

DB2 can help you lower the cost of data and improve service levels

Why upgrade to the latest release of DB2

Lower database costs – DB2 needs fewer processors, which means less hardware to purchase. It also means less software to license and maintain.

Reduce Storage Requirement – With the new adaptive row compression function, DB2 can reach higher compression ratios than ever before, and maintain them over time without table reorganization. Couple that with multi-temperature data management, you can delay storage upgrade and stretch your budget further.

Higher Performance – Up to 3x faster query performance is possible with enhancements to common SQL statements, and more efficient data and index pre-fetching. Best of all, many improvements are automatic; there are no configuration settings or changes to the SQL statements required.

Intelligent Administration – DB2 can automatically perform high-skill tasks such as memory tuning and optimization for faster processing. This frees up IT staff to work on innovative and new initiatives.

Improved Security - The essential security measures in DB2 start with reliable authentication, authorization and multilevel access. In addition to Label-Based Access Control, the new Row and Column Access Control enables an additional layer of security and data masking to prevent unauthorized access while reducing data duplication.

High Availability - DB2 now supports up to three HADR standby databases, which greatly improves your ability to protect data while still keeping it highly available, all with a single technology.

Increased productivity - DB2 Time Travel Query makes your database time-aware and keeps a history of your data changes without having to build, maintain, and administer complex temporal infrastructure. You can easily analyze historical trends and predict future demand by viewing data at any given point of time. Furthermore, DB2 provides support beyond relational data. Whether it’s native XML data or RDF triple data, DB2 has it covered.

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Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated saves more than USD1 million with IBM DB2

Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated

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