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DB2 and Power Systems

Breakthrough technologies delivering big data analytics.

DB2 and Power Systems

Breakthrough technologies delivering big data analytics

The growth of mobile applications, social media and internet of things has made big data analytics a top priority for business leaders. The insight you glean from data holds valuable information about clients, competition, and market trends. Thus, the ability to capture and understand all types of data and run all types of analytics is critical for your organization’s success.

In order to manage and analyze information that resides both within and outside of an enterprise, you need a data management solution with proven performance, accuracy and simplicity. Speed is essential as the business demands rapid access to enterprise data, putting tremendous pressure on the underlying database that supports critical business applications like ERP and CRM as well as analytics reports and dashboards.

The use of database software that exploits underlying hardware capability to the fullest provides a clear advantage. DB2 10.5 uses a combination of techniques to leverage Power Systems servers and software to deliver lower costs with higher performance.

Speed of thought analytics - DB2 with BLU Acceleration on Power Systems:

One of the latest advancements in data warehouse query technology is in-memory processing. Moving data from memory to disk and back again impacts query performance. But if data stays in memory, the response time is much faster. DB2 10.5 introduces BLU Acceleration – a combination of innovative technologies from IBM Research to speed up analytic processing. DB2 10.5 with BLU Acceleration speeds analytics and reporting using Dynamic In-memory columnar processing. IBM Power Systems provides industry-leading capability to keep high volumes of data in memory because of its large cache sizes and memory bandwidth. Power Systems are the ideal platform for next generation applications for big data and analytics.

DB2 with BLU Acceleration is the only in-memory columnar database on Power Systems.

Learn more about DB2 BLU Acceleration on Power Systems

Real time operational analytics with DB2 10.5 on Power Systems:

Operational analytics enable up-to-the-minute insights for better decisions during business operations. DB2 delivers exceptional scalability for complex operational analytics with the DB2 Database Partitioning Feature. DB2 transparently splits the data across multiple partitions for large-scale parallel processing. The scalable architecture of Power Systems is put to good use here.

For example, IBM Pure Systems for Operational Analytics, an expert integrated system built on IBM Power Systems and IBM DB2 software, is designed and optimized specifically for the demands of an operational analytics workload. It is designed to handle a large number of concurrent operational queries.

Always available transaction processing - DB2 on Power Systems:

IBM DB2 comes with pureScale clustering technology that helps deliver high availability and exceptional scalability, transparent to applications. DB2 pureScale enables the database to continue processing through unplanned outages and provides capacity for any transactional workload.

DB2 harnesses the massive hardware parallelism of POWER7+-based systems for extreme capacity that is often required by OLTP processing. POWER7+ supports up to 32 threads per chip and DB2 is specifically designed to leverage and optimize multiple threads automatically, with no change to applications. Better overall performance means fewer servers and fewer software licenses are needed, while the multiple compression technologies pioneered by DB2 means less storage space is required.

The deep synergy between DB2 and POWER7+ goes far beyond massive parallelism. DB2 on Power Systems

After extensive review of more than 2,354,000 data points covering over 4,100 closely watched production comparisons, the advantage of running DB2 on IBM Power Systems equipment is strongly supported. The advantages of the synergy between DBMS and platform translate into hard cost savings for each customer, and substantially affect the bottom line cost of ownership.

-- Solitaire Interglobal Ltd

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