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DB2 pureXML – Intelligent XML database management

DB2 pureXML® offers sophisticated capabilities to store, process and manage XML data in its native hierarchical format. By integrating XML data intact into a relational database structure, users can take full advantage of DB2’s relational data management features.

DB2 is unrivaled in its ability to manage both relational and XML data, enabling strong runtime performance and high levels of development time and cost savings.

Lower IT costs

DB2 pureXML provides intelligent XML data management services without forcing you to transform or “shred” your XML data into tabular structures behind the scenes. This minimizes administrative overhead, simplifies your database design, and reduces the complexity of your XML applications.

Strong performance and scalability

DB2 offers proven performance for both relational and XML-based workloads. In particular, published benchmarks demonstrate high levels of scalability for XML workloads in transaction processing and data warehousing environments. Key features that enable DB2 to achieve strong XML runtime performance include:

Increase business agility

DB2 pureXML enables developers to build next generation applications using XQuery and SQL quickly and efficiently. DB2 pureXML easily accommodates changing XML schemas so your database design won’t “break” simply because your business needs have evolved. Integrating your XML and relational data is a snap, thanks to industry-standard query interfaces and DB2’s ability to manage XML and relational data side by side.

Data and schema updates are easy and fast

Less integration work needed

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