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What’s new in DB2 10.5 “Cancun Release”

The following features and enhancements are available in the latest
DB2 10.5 for Linux, UNIX and Windows software:


Get real-time answers to ALL questions with instant insight into historical and “as it happens” data

Shadow Tables simplify the IT landscape with reporting and transactions in the same system. Shadow Tables allow clients to take advantage of the breakthrough performance of DB2 with BLU Acceleration for instant reporting and operational analytics directly in their transaction processing environment.By maintaining a column-based shadow version of row-based operational data, DB2 automatically routes analytic queries to the column-based Shadow Tables to optimize analytic query performance with all the advantages of BLU Acceleration while preserving high throughput for transactional processing.


Change the economics of high availability

The high availability and disaster recovery capabilities of DB2 now include additional options for using commodity network hardware. The ability for DB2 pureScale to leverage TCP/IP helps deliver high availability and disaster recovery solutions more cost effectively for a wider set of use cases, such as smaller clusters, geographically dispersed cluster configurations, and lower volume transaction processing solutions.

In addition, DB2 pureScale can be run in more virtualized deployment environments to accelerate testing and quality assurance, or to accelerate delivery of a production environment with moderate workload requirements. Support for spatial data in a pureScale environment has been added for applications with embedded spatial features. Incremental backup and restore and integrated snapshot backup capabilities help to minimize these windows for greater data availability and reduce storage requirements for backup images.

Get fast time-to-value with existing skills and IT resources

DB2 expands SQL compatibility to Oracle data marts. Oracle SQL and PL/SQL compatibility is built directly into the DB2 engine to natively support the types, features, and functions available in Oracle Database. DB2 achieves an average of 98% compatibility with Oracle PL/SQL1, drastically decreases the need to convert most Oracle database objects and Oracle SQL to DB2 syntax.

DB2 now offers SQL compatibility for simple, low-risk migration from Oracle data marts to DB2 with BLU Acceleration. This allows clients to leverage their existing Oracle database skills and investments while taking advantage of the speed, simplicity and performance of BLU Acceleration.

Bring superior performance with less disruption to SAP Environments

DB2 is the highest performance DB for SAP Applications on the market today with a proven track record for transactional and analytical SAP workloads. DB2 also optimizes the ROI on your SAP investment by running the same SAP transaction load on a fraction of the hardware of competing databases. DB2 is the platform of choice for SAP’s largest clients, and a joint IBM-SAP roadmap for DB2 supporting SAP applications extends to 2022. With DB2, you can run your SAP applications with minimal disruption to your SAP environments. You can also leverage your existing database skills while taking advantage of DB2 innovations like BLU Acceleration and pureScale.

For SAP Business Warehouse clients, DB2 with BLU Acceleration provides comprehensive support including a broad range of objects. Enhancements include extended and simplified data integration, even greater compression, and high availability & disaster recovery. With no SAP application upgrades mandated, nor a need to move away from existing hardware in use, clients can adopt DB2 innovations while maintaining their existing investments.

Leverage the power of POWER8

DB2 is world’s first database optimized for the IBM Power Systems POWER8 processor. DB2 exploits the concurrent multithreading capabilities and 128-bit register instructions of POWER8 processors for faster query processing. Improvements in Data Page Memory Checking and increased use of integrity checking deliver better reliability to clients, and vector processing for row-based tables improves performance of financial calculations.

When running report generation workloads, DB2 with BLU Acceleration on POWER8 hardware showed an average performance improvement of 82 times compared to a competitive database running on an x86 platform

1 Based on internal tests and reported client experience from 28 Sep 2011 to 07 Mar 2012.