DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows

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Data Warehousing Utilities

DB2 Data Warehousing utilities leverage easy to use eclipse-based graphical modeling functionality to allow for the creation of physical data models, SQL data flow models and data mining models.

Physical Data Modeling

Using a single user interface, designers can connect to source and target databases, reverse-engineer physical data models, build DB2 SQL-based data flows and mining flows, set up OLAP cubes, and prepare applications for deployment to runtime systems.

You can also analyze the impact and dependencies of a data object to determine how the object affects or is affected by changes to other objects in the model.

SQL Data Flow Modeling

DB2 simplifies data movement and integration by providing users with a drag-and-drop GUI for design-time data flow modeling. Users model logical flows of higher-level operations and DB2 generates optimized SQL code and packages it into a data warehouse application which is reusable and easy to deploy into various target runtime systems.

DB2 also features an extensive palette of standard SQL transforms, specialized warehousing operators and a broad range of source and target operators.

Data Warehousing Administration

DB2 includes a web-based interface for managing and monitoring data warehouse applications. Users can access the console to create and manage data sources, deploy applications, and schedule and monitor processes.

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