Facilitate Database Administration

Effective change management for dynamic application and database environments

When the database administration (DBA) staff is stretched to the limit, the business is stretched too. Performance problems translate to declining customer satisfaction, application upgrades or software migrations needed to support growth may be delayed while DBAs to piece together lengthy and complicated change scripts, and organizational effectiveness can come screeching to a halt when batch jobs run into the production day.

IBM Database Administration Tools streamline and simplify daily DBA tasks including database maintenance, schema change management, performance management, and database availability. More effective DBAs translate to better application performance, greater revenue, more satisfied customers and greater ability to meet SLAs.

What we Offer

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    IBM Data Studio

    Download at no charge: Data Studio provides an integrated, modular environment for database development and administration of IBM DB2® for Linux, UNIX and Windows.

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    InfoSphere Data Architect

    IBM InfoSphere Data Architect is a collaborative data design solution that helps you discover, model, relate, standardize, and integrate diverse and distributed data assets.

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    InfoSphere Optim Configuration Manager for DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows

    InfoSphere Optim Configuration Manager significantly enhances server and client management efficiency by building an inventory of enterprise database assets, continually tracking changes to those assets, alerting on deviations, optimizing storage, and, helping with staged database migrations.