Oracle® Corporation's1 compliance with the decision of the Superior Court of California that it must continue support of HP Itanium servers is a victory for businesses who have made a significant investment in these technologies.

IBM has demonstrated a long track record of consistent DB2 support, delivering HP-UX® support on the same day as we have delivered new releases on AIX®, Solaris®, Linux®, and Windows®. DB2® Development continues to provide HP-UX clients with investment protection into the next decade.

Moving to DB2 is easy

In 2010 alone, nearly 1,000 clients have chosen DB2 over Oracle Database. Many customers migrating from Oracle Database to DB2 have reported experiencing lower licensing costs, reduced storage requirements, and increased performance, while allowing IT staff to continue using their Oracle skills after migration.

In DB2 10 Early Access Program testing, DB2 obtained an average of 98% compatibility with Oracle PL/SQL, which can help dramatically reduce the code changes required to run an Oracle Database application on DB2, which further helps decrease migration risks. Contact your IBM representative or an IBM Business Partner for an assessment.

Savings are real

The Coca Cola® Bottling Company Consolidated recently switched their SAP® system from Oracle Database to DB2 and enjoyed 40 percent reduction in database size.

SAP IT, the IT department of SAP AG, selected HP Integrity servers and IBM DB2 as their strategic database platform for its internal business system. “We expected an improvement of around 20 percent in terms of system response time, but we found that the new system was actually 40 percent faster. The DB2 database is even more efficient than we had anticipated. This means that the investments in new server and storage hardware will actually last longer than planned, contributing to a better-than-forecast return on investment, which is very pleasing,” says Peter Boegler, Solution Architect at SAP IT.

Knorr-Bremse made the switch to DB2: "In terms of cost, Knorr-Bremse gained immediate savings of €155,000 and annual savings of €50,000. With DB2, we estimate that the maintenance costs are approximately 30 percent lower and the license costs around 15 percent lower."

The choice is yours

IBM stands ready with proven DB2 technology, flexible licensing terms, and complimentary skill workshops to assist in preserving your IT assets and investment.

To learn more about moving to DB2, visit the Break Free web site or attend a DB2 Workshop for Oracle Professionals near you.

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