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DB2 pureScale

Reduce the risk and cost of business growth with application cluster transparency and continuous availability.

Designed for organizations that run online transaction processing (OLTP) applications on distributed systems, IBM® DB2® pureScale® offers clustering technology that helps deliver high availability and exceptional scalability transparent to applications. DB2 pureScale is available on IBM DB2 Advanced Workgroup Server Edition and IBM DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition. In addition, you can simplify deployment of DB2 pureScale with IBM PureData™ System for Transactions, which is an expert-integrated system designed to reduce complexity and accelerate time-to-value.

Extreme Capacity

Scaling your system is simply a matter of connecting a new node and issuing two simple commands. In fact, pureScale in the DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition provides transparent scalability beyond 100 nodes 1. Furthermore, DB2 pureScale can achieve a batch load rate of more than 100GB per hour 2. This cluster-based, shared-disk architecture helps reduce costs through efficient use of system resources.

Application Transparency

With DB2 pureScale, you don't need to change your application code to efficiently run on multiple nodes. Thanks to a proven, scalable architecture, you can grow your application to meet the most demanding business requirements. You can also run applications written for other database software with little or no changes; DB2 offers native support for commonly used syntax and PL/SQL procedure language, making it easier than ever to move from Oracle Database to DB2.

Continuous Availability

DB2 pureScale provides continuous availability through the use of highly reliable PowerHA pureScale technology and a redundant architecture. The system recovers nearly instantaneously from node failures, immediately redistributing the workload to surviving nodes. In DB2 10.5, pureScale HADR designed to achieve failover in seconds3, and no planned downtime is required for pureScale maintenance updates4.

DB2 pureScale on Power Systems

Combining IBM® DB2® software and IBM Power Systems™ based on the IBM POWER7+™ processing architecture can give you what you need to derive the greatest value from your data. From reliability and virtualization features inspired by IBM’s success in mainframe systems to unique energy-saving capabilities, Power Systems help you build a cost-effective infrastructure with around-the-clock availability. DB2 on Power Systems incorporates PowerHA® technology to deliver levels of database scalability and availability with few equals.

DB2 pureScale on System x® servers

DB2 pureScale on System x® leverages the outstanding business benefits of IBM xArchitecture® and Linux operating system providing a cost-effective, open, reliable and secure IT environment that can easily scale as workloads demand. IBM first introduced this technology on the System z® platform, the undisputed leader in total system availability, scalability, security and reliability and now is the only technology partner to offer this efficient and highly reliable scaling capability across System z, System x, and Power Systems computing platforms.

PureData™ Systems for Transactions uses DB2 pureScale to cost-effectively scale and consolidate transactional workloads. The simplicity of an expert integrated system aids in accelerating deployment, faster time to value and lowering ongoing data management costs.

“New clustered database application features, such as performance, scalability and high-availability, have placed increased demands on the network," said John Monson, vice president of marketing at Mellanox Technologies. "Combining IBM DB2 pureScale and System x servers with the performance and efficiency of Mellanox’s end-to-end 40Gb/s interconnect solution, eliminates networking bottlenecks to deliver outstanding business benefits to IBM customers."

DB2 pureScale on x86 servers

Starting in DB2 10.1, DB2 pureScale is supported on any x86 Intel compatible rack mounted server. You now can enjoy the benefits of always available transactions with your existing or corporate mandated hardware. Please visit our Information Center for more detail.

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