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DB2 pureScale

Delivering new economics to continuous availability of your data.

Mobile, online and enterprise applications need continuously available data to keep transactional workflows and analytics operating at maximum efficiency. Any downtime can leave mission-critical databases inaccessible and applications unresponsive.

IBM® DB2® pureScale® helps change the economics of continuous data availability. DB2 pureScale is designed for organizations that require high availability, reliability and scalability for online transaction processing (OLTP) to meet stringent service level agreements. Broad choices for underlying infrastructure and flexible licensing terms help deliver high service levels at an attractive price point.

DB2 provides database clustering as well as high availability and disaster recovery capabilities designed to maximize data availability during both planned and unplanned events. It also allows you to quickly and easily adapt to changing workloads with minimal involvement from database administrators, and frees application developers from the underlying complexities of database design and architecture.

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