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Analyst reports 

Bloor Research - Considerations for maximizing analytic performance

Philip Howard of Bloor Research compares performance capabilities of the leading BI platforms.  Companies studied in this comparison are IBM (Cognos, DB2 with BLU Acceleration), SAP (BusinessObjects, HANA), Oracle (Business Intelligence, Exadata) and Microsoft.

Last updated: 07 Dec 2013

Clabby Analytics Research Report - IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration vs. SAP HANA vs. Oracle Exadata

At a recent competitive event for analysts in Toronto, we successfully demonstrated the dramatic performance, throughput and compression advantages of DB2 with BLU Acceleration vs. Exadata and SAP HANA.

Last updated: 07 Dec 2013

Infostructure Associates - IBM's BLU Acceleration: The Beginning of a Revolution

Independently written article providing a deep dive into IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration.

Last updated: 06 Dec 2013

Cost/benefit case for IBM DB2 10 compared to Microsoft SQL Server 2012 for SAP Enterprise Deployments

In this Management Brief, ITG compares the total cost of ownership advantages of migrating from Microsoft SQL Server 2012 to IBM DB2 10 (Linux, UNIX, Windows) for SAP Business Suite 7 deployments.

Last updated: 17 Jun 2013

ITG Report: Database Economics: Comparing Value Propositions for DB2 10 and Oracle Database Systems

This report compares the costs of employing Oracle Database 11g and IBM DB2 10 for Linux, UNIX and Windows in large organizations. Comparisons are for database installations in telecommunications, financial services, health care and retail companies.

Last updated: 03 Apr 2013

Cost/Benefit Case for IBM DB2 10 Advanced Enterprise and InfoSphere Optim Operational DBA Tools

Comparing Costs and Capabilities with Oracle Database 11g

Last updated: 27 Feb 2013

Technology Innovations for Enhanced Database Management and Advanced BI

IT leaders need to review and enhance their information architecture to support requirements fueled by big data, advanced BI and other innovations. Examine the What, the Why, and the How behind these innovations to exploit the potential for improved business efficiency with IBM DB2.

Last updated: 05 Jan 2013

Announcement letters 

DB2 with BLU Acceleration

DB2 with BLU Acceleration is the multi-workload database software for the era of big data, improves performance while helping to reduce storage costs

Last updated: 07 Dec 2013


DB2 10.5 with BLU Acceleration - new dynamic in-memory analytics for the era of big data

DB2 10.5 with BLU Acceleration - new dynamic in-memory analytics for the era of big data

Last updated: 07 Dec 2013

Oracle to DB2 conversion guide: compatibility made easy

This IBM® Redbooks publication describes IBM DB2 SQL compatibility features. The latest version of DB2 includes extensive native support for the PL/SQL procedural language, new data types, scalar functions, improved concurrency, built-in packages, OCI, SQL*Plus, and more. 

Last updated: 07 Dec 2013

IBM and Intel: Partnering to overcome your big data challenges

Game-changing technologies are transforming database performance and leading the way for big data analytics

Last updated: 20 May 2013

Big data, big potential

Read this ebook and learn how IBM DB2® and IBM Informix® software provides a foundation to capitalize on the big potential of big data.

Last updated: 03 Apr 2013

IBM DB2 + BLU: Three must-have capabilities for today's warehouse environment

If your warehouse isn’t fast, simple and affordable, it’s time for a new perspective

Last updated: 03 Apr 2013

Running at the Speed of Business: Meet real-world challenges with performance, availability

IBM DB2 helps meet big data challenges with speed, flexibility, and business-grade reliability. Discover how in this new ebook

Last updated: 03 Apr 2013

Take the easy path to improve performance and lower database costs

In this e-book, we’ll examine the ways that your enterprise database can help or hinder the bottom line.

Last updated: 20 Jun 2012

The top 5 IT budget killers

Many of the largest IT budget problems can be traced back to five big money drains: Storage expansion, system complexity, hardware sprawl, reliability and scalability, compliance .

Last updated: 30 Sep 2011

DB2 pureXML Cookbook: Master the Power of the IBM Hybrid Data Server

Organized by task, this book is packed with more than 700 easy-to-adapt “recipe-style” examples covering the entire application lifecycle–from planning and design through coding, optimization, and troubleshooting.

Last updated: 02 Feb 2010


Intelligence meets agility in the big data era

IBM DB2 delivers actionable information without overwhelming IT

Last updated: 07 Dec 2013

Keep your business up and running with IBM DB2 - Meet big data online transaction processing demands with DB2 10.5

IBM DB2 10.5 for Linux, UNIX and Windows is a cloud-ready, multi-workload data management solution built for the era of big data.

Last updated: 30 Apr 2013

Is your database ready for the era of big data?

To make the most of big data, you need a robust, efficient database. It has to handle a massive volume of data while delivering the performance to support the real-time analytics you need to take action and plan your next business move.

Last updated: 03 Apr 2013

IBM Database Patterns for cloud computing

Streamline deployment and management of database environments in the private cloud

Last updated: 12 Dec 2012

Build a strong foundation for a dynamic, data-intensive infrastructure

Learn how IBM DB2 helps technical professionals get more out of their database

Last updated: 28 Apr 2012

Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated (CCBCC) saves more than USD1 million with IBM DB2

CCBCC has realized significant savings with its move to IBM DB2 savings that helps consumers continue to enjoy their favorite beverages without having to pay more.

Last updated: 27 Apr 2012

Case studies 

University of Arizona- Customer Reference Video ... Innovative pharmacy program saves customers $65 million with zEnterprise infrastructure

Working with IBM an innovative pharmacy program saves customers $65 million with zEnterprise infrastructure

Last updated: 19 Feb 2014

Generali Deutschland Group ... Sellers drive new revenue and improve service with advanced segmentation analytics

Generali Deutschland Group drives new revenue and improves service with advanced segmentation analytics

Last updated: 14 Jan 2014

SciQuest ... Staying ahead of the competition by offering highly responsive solutions, based on IBM flash storage

As user numbers grew for its cloud solutions, SciQuest needed to ensure optimal performance and availability. It improved data I/O performance and scalability by deploying an IBM FlashSystem Solution that also cuts rackspace requirements and energy consumption.

Last updated: 06 Jan 2014

IT service provider improves its reporting and enhances information quality

This IT service provider wanted to improve reporting performance without compromising the depth of the information. To do so, the company decided to implement the IBM® DB2® Near-Line Storage solution for SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse and move 8 TB of data out from the primary database.

Last updated: 16 Dec 2013

Ishinomaki City ... Sales improved and public confidence restored with the application of analytics to fishery management

Sales improved and public confidence restored with the application of analytics to fishery management

Last updated: 11 Dec 2013

Porto Alegre: A smarter city that keeps its citizens moving ... Accelerating essential road maintenance response time by 50 percent with help from IBM and Procempa

Porto Alegre’s IT agency Procempa implemented an asset management solution based on IBM Maximo software running on the System z platform. The solution accelerates maintenance tasks, reducing road closures, and is projected to achieve a 50 percent reduction in response times.

Last updated: 03 Dec 2013

Using data to maximize infrastructure efficiency ... Advanced analytics support smarter communications

An automated data acquisition and analysis solution from IBM® provided near-real-time insight into business performance measures, leading to greater business opportunities, improved business profitability and larger market share.

Last updated: 03 Dec 2013

Daimler FleetBoard - Mercedes Benz ... Driver data transformed into insights on risk for customizing commercial vehicle insurance premiums

Daimler FleetBoard - Mercedes Benz uses driver data for insights on risk for customizing commercial vehicle insurance premiums

Last updated: 19 Nov 2013

Soitec powers up automated manufacturing control ... Achieving near-real-time control over quality in high-tech manufacturing with IBM

With an automated manufacturing quality-control system from IBM enabling near-real-time data analysis, running on IBM AIX on IBM Power 740 and 720 servers, semiconductor manufacturer Soitec can identify and resolve variances and anomalies in close to real time, reducing wastage and saving time and effort.

Last updated: 12 Nov 2013

UltraTech Cement Ltd. ... Performance-management system driven by robust analytics used to promote cost-effective production

Performance-management system driven by robust analytics used to promote cost-effective production for UltraTech Cement Ltd.

Last updated: 11 Nov 2013

Kronopol ... Improves data management and cuts IT costs with SAP and IBM DB2 outsourcing solution

Kronopol signed a five-year outsourcing contract with IBM, which included migrating the company’s critical SAP applications to IBM® DB2®.

Last updated: 01 Oct 2013

German Pension Fund gains instant access to pension data ... Reducing costs and transforming customer service with a content management solution from IBM

German Pension Fund Baden-Württemberg has cut down on operational costs and accelerated and simplified access to millions of document records by replacing its two paper-based archives with a central electronic archive solution from IBM.

Last updated: 10 Sep 2013

Stuttgarter Versicherungsgruppe solves SAP application performance and backup issues with IBM zEnterprise and zBX

Set up as a managed service contract, the company deployed an IBM® zEnterprise® 114 server together with the IBM zEnterprise BladeCenter® Extension to host core SAP ERP and related business applications.To ensure business continuity, Stuttgarter relies on IBM Business Continuity and Resiliency Services for da...

Last updated: 09 Sep 2013

PATRIZIA achieves round-the-clock client service capabilities ... Property company gains flexibility, reduces risk and cuts operational costs with managed services

PATRIZIA chose IBM® Business Partner IQ Solution GmbH and IBM Global Technology Services® to provide managed ERP IT infrastructure services, offering 24/7 capabilities for the first time through the IBM Service Operation Center in Erfurt/Leipzig, Germany.

Last updated: 04 Sep 2013

SugarCRM ... Enables deployment of CRM application 200 times faster with IBM PureApplication System

SugarCRM enables companies to quickly and easily deploy its market-leading customer relationship management application in just a matter of minutes with the IBM PureApplication System.

Last updated: 16 Aug 2013

Generali Deutschland Group empowers its sellers ... New online portal provides remote access to real-time data and sales functions

With the support of IBM, Generali consolidated its existing offline and online systems and developed a platform to provide online access to sales applications.

Last updated: 14 Aug 2013

SPINDO speeds reporting, increases agility, and readies itself for growth ... By reducing operational and administration costs, SPINDO frees up budget for innovation

SPINDO chose to migrate its SAP landscape to an expert integrated IBM® PureFlex™ System solution, the first in Indonesia, and migrate its business data to IBM DB2® for Linux, UNIX and Windows.

Last updated: 14 Aug 2013

Wissenschaftliches Institut der AOK ... Business analytics used to gain a deeper understanding of healthcare trends

A research arm of a health insurance fund in Germany uses powerful business analytics to gain a deeper understanding of healthcare trends, shortening analysis times and enabling more complex analytical tasks working with IBM

Last updated: 25 Jul 2013

Sicoob - A Good Night's Sleep - Video

Brazilian credit union system Sicoob virtualized its Intel processor-based servers to a virtualized Linux landscape on two IBM System z® 196 servers, and deployed IBM DB2®, IBM InfoSphere® DataStage® and IBM Cognos® software, avoiding USD 1.5 million in annual electricity costs.

Last updated: 18 Jul 2013

Sicoob avoids USD 1.5 million in annual costs with IBM - Video

Brazilian credit union system Sicoob virtualized its Intel processor-based servers to a virtualized Linux landscape on two IBM System z® 196 servers, and deployed IBM DB2®, IBM InfoSphere® DataStage® and IBM Cognos® software, avoiding USD 1.5 million in annual electricity costs.

Last updated: 18 Jul 2013

Building innovative employee digital experience on the classic strengths of the mainframe

IBM created a social business platform using IBM Connections and IBM WebSphere Portal software, running on Linux virtual machines across four partitions on two IBM zEnterprise 196 servers, enabling IBM’s global workforce to generate new value from internal information resources.

Last updated: 15 Jul 2013

Rugby Football Union uses predictive analytics to drive fan engagement ... Inspiring a new generation with a smarter solution from IBM Global Business Services

RFU worked with IBM to create TryTracker, a predictive analytics solution that visually represents player influence, keys to the game and the momentum of matches in real time.

Last updated: 14 Jun 2013

Traxpay creates financial transactions service for global corporates ... Reinventing payments for the B2B market with high-speed financial transactions service

Traxpay worked with IBM® Business Partner EFiS EDI Finance Service to build and deploy an innovative transaction platform, based fully on cloud services that scale up and out at the touch of a button.

Last updated: 11 Jun 2013

niu Solutions takes cloud services to new heights with IBM ... Delivers high service levels and reliability to customers while maximizing profitability

Managed IT services provider niu Solutions deployed IBM XIV Storage System, increasing storage performance by a factor of up to four, and enabling higher availability for its customers. The company runs ten XIV systems with less than half of one FTE, keeping its operational costs low.

Last updated: 14 May 2013

Sicoob avoids USD 1.5 million in annual costs with IBM ... Supporting rapid business growth with robust, secure and efficient mainframe technology

Brazilian credit union system Sicoob virtualized its Intel processor-based servers to a virtualized Linux landscape on two IBM System z® 196 servers, and deployed IBM DB2®, IBM InfoSphere® DataStage® and IBM Cognos® software, avoiding USD 1.5 million in annual electricity costs.

Last updated: 13 May 2013

UNIMINUTO makes its educational dreams come true with an agile, integrated IBM and SAP solution

UNMINUTO sought to move towards a more modern computing infrastructure, and chose to introduce integrated SAP ERP solutions. As part of the program to enable the growth and development of new teaching programs and facilitate financial operations, UNIMINUTO migrated the data supporting its SAP ERP solutions to...

Last updated: 08 May 2013

Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated speeds decision making and insight with DB2 with BLU Acceleration

Learn how Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated was able to compress data 90-95% with DB2 with BLU Acceleration

Last updated: 05 May 2013

DB2 clients discuss the power of IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration

DB2 clients discuss the power of IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration and the value it brings to their businesses

Last updated: 05 May 2013

Marist College makes the enterprise computing grade ... Supporting learning and research with leading IBM technology

To provide students and researchers with the latest in computing Marist upgraded to the IBM zEnterprise 114, configured with the zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension. The hybrid platform delivers all the power and flexibility the college needs to support diverse research and hands-on learning.

Last updated: 25 Apr 2013

Amrit Feeds solves complex sales order forecasting with SAP ERP and IBM Global Business Services

Amrit Feeds chose to remodel its business processes, based on integrated SAP ERP software with assistance from IBM Global Business Services.

Last updated: 17 Apr 2013

A large railway company lays the track for new business opportunities

The company set out to standardize its information systems, removing layers of complexity, cutting administration and maintenance costs, and creating a centralized data store that can be interrogated and analyzed.

Last updated: 12 Apr 2013

Uttarakhand Power Corporation Ltd. powers up a smarter network ... Cutting costs and improving network health with an IBM solution built on Smarter Computing principles

Uttarakhand Power Corporation Ltd. transformed its operations, cut costs and reduced power outages after modernizing its network with a system that monitors consumption levels, detects network weaknesses and predicts where fraud is most likely to occur.

Last updated: 08 Apr 2013

WIdO AOK gains a deeper understanding of healthcare trends ... Helping to deliver high-quality, cost-effective healthcare

WIdO implemented an IBM Smart Analytics System 2050 solution, a comprehensive, integrated and optimised platform for high-performance analytics that can be adapted and expanded at any time to accommodate changing analysis requirements.

Last updated: 19 Mar 2013

Guarantee Fund dramatically reduces insurance fraud ... Gaining a comprehensive, accurate view of automobile insurance policies across Bulgaria

Guarantee Fund transformed the motor insurance industry in Bulgaria by deploying a solution based on IBM technology to connect insurance companies, the Guarantee Fund, Financial Supervision Commission and Bulgarian Traffic Police to a centralized National Central Insurance Register.

Last updated: 01 Mar 2013

Kingland Systems ... Slashes application deployment times from weeks to hours with the IBM PureApplication System

Kingland Systems slashes application deployment times from weeks to hours when it deploys its 360 Data Enterprise Hub Master Data Management solution on the IBM PureApplication System platform.

Last updated: 28 Feb 2013

China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company surges into new markets with IBM and SAP

COSCO Net (Beijing) Co., Ltd. implemented SAP ERP applications for finance at its datacenters in China, Europe, America and Japan – consolidating COSCO’s business operations to the company headquarters.

Last updated: 14 Feb 2013

TRUMPF reduces costs by 50 percent and increases user productivity

Working with its outsourcing partner ORGA and with IBM, TRUMPF chose to migrate from Oracle to IBM DB2 for its SAP applications. By implementing IBM DB2 data compression features, TRUMPF has saved around 5 TB of disk space, achieved significant maintenance and license fee savings, and improved system performa...

Last updated: 08 Feb 2013

IBM Mass Lab invents and grows with IBM XIV as storage backbone

IBM’s largest software development center in North America relies on dozens of IBM XIV Storage Systems to deliver the highest levels of storage performance to demanding end-users. With XIV enabling easy scalability and administration, just two individuals are needed to manage nearly 5 PB of data.

Last updated: 31 Jan 2013

BG RCI merger enables greater operational efficiency and lower costs ... Consolidating 270 million data records with IBM

BG RCI engaged IBM® Global Business Services® to implement a data integration platform based on IBM DB2®, IBM InfoSphere® DataStage® and IBM InfoSphere Information Server, and migrate 270 million records onto the new platform.

Last updated: 22 Jan 2013

City of Dubuque ... Smarter Planet Leadership Series Case Study: Investing in sustainability for economic development now and in the future

Roy Buol’s 2005 mayoral campaign was in many ways the genesis of Dubuque’s emergence as one of America’s most sustainable cities. But it was his commitment to get everyone on board that has made it a truly selfsustaining effort.

Last updated: 18 Jan 2013

City of Dubuque ... Smarter Planet Leadership Series Video: Investing in sustainability for economic development now and in the future

Roy Buol’s 2005 mayoral campaign was in many ways the genesis of Dubuque’s emergence as one of America’s most sustainable cities. But it was his commitment to get everyone on board that has made it a truly selfsustaining effort.

Last updated: 18 Jan 2013

HagaZiekenhuis supports digitized healthcare with IBM technology ... Dramatically reducing costs by applying Smarter Computing principles

Dutch healthcare provider Haga replaced an aging IT infrastructure with a fully virtualized, mirrored solution based on IBM Power Systems and System x server technology, supported by System Storage devices and Tivoli software. The solution cuts floorspace requirements and maintenance costs.

Last updated: 04 Jan 2013

Pneuhage improves control and visibility of stock levels ... Real-time insights help increase sales

Working with IBM, Pneuhage implemented an integrated SAP Business All-in-One solution on IBM® BladeCenter® Power® blades with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and IBM PowerVM® virtualization technology.

Last updated: 04 Jan 2013

Dave Beulke and Associates ... Reduces reporting times by 99 percent with IBM DB2 for z/OS database software

A healthcare organization reduces report run time from 37 hours down to minutes and, in some cases, seconds when it works with Dave Beulke and Associates to implement a new data warehouse on IBM DB2 for z/OS software.

Last updated: 20 Dec 2012

Temenos Group AG

A Swiss software company is helping global banks to more effectively monitor transaction data in order to meet regulatory compliance requirements and reduce risk in near-real time.

Last updated: 19 Dec 2012

Temenos Group AG ... Helping banks meet Know Your Customer needs by identifying suspect transactions

Global financial and banking institutions are challenged to identify watch-listed customers and suspicious persons in the transaction chain. Using advanced analytic detection tools from IBM, financial organizations can increase screening accuracy across millions of transactions per day.

Last updated: 29 Nov 2012

University of Florida ... Helping students stay on track with a mobile app based on IBM CICS Transaction Server

University of Florida develops a mobile web application with access to the Integrated Student Information System based on IBM® CICS® Transaction Server running on an IBM System zEnterprise® 114 server, resulting in significant system performance improvements.

Last updated: 24 Oct 2012

Naza Kia fast-tracks savings with SAP Business All-in-One for Automotive and IBM DB2

Naza Kia migrated SAP Business All-in-One for Automotive to a new hardware platform, and implemented IBM DB2 database software. During the migration, Naza Kia implemented IBM DB2 Deep Compression to help reduce its data storage needs, and enabled IBM DB2 Self-Tuning Memory Management to provide automatic tuni...

Last updated: 08 Oct 2012

Sabah Credit Corporation satisfies investors

SCC chose to replace its legacy systems and deploy integrated SAP ERP applications, supported by IBM DB2® database software running on the IBM BladeCenter® platform.

Last updated: 27 Sep 2012

Mahesh Sahakari Bank Ltd., Pune ... Gains nearly 100 percent data availability with IBM DB2 for 24×7 banking

One of the top 100 urban cooperative banks in India gains 24×7 availability of core banking data with IBM DB2

Last updated: 21 Sep 2012

GEWOFAG enhances customer service flexibility, cuts costs ... Server and storage virtualization optimizes SAP application performance

Working with IBM and IBM® Business Partner FRITZ & MACZIOL, GEWOFAG implemented SAP Customer Relationship Management software and consolidated 12 physical servers to just two IBM Power® 770 servers. The new solution runs in a fully virtualized environment, taking advantage of IBM PowerVM® server virtualizatio...

Last updated: 20 Sep 2012

WebSphere Commerce Success Stories

See how other companies are using WebSphere Commerce to grow revenue and customer loyalty across channels and business models, whether B2C, B2B or B2E.

Last updated: 27 Aug 2012

Valogix LLC taps a new supply of customers with IBM ... Using IBM server hardware and middleware to support new cloud-based inventory management services

After years of planning, IBM Business Partner Valogix LLC wanted to launch new cloud-based versions of its inventory management offerings. The organization teamed with IBM to bundle its solutions with IBM servers and applications under a Software as a Service operating model.

Last updated: 24 Aug 2012

Foodstuffs South Island cuts costs and boosts business performance

Foodstuffs South Island implemented a comprehensive solution at its datacenter in Christchurch, centred around the IBM® XIV® Storage System and IBM DB2® Near-Line Storage for SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse. IBM DB2 was selected as a database platform.

Last updated: 09 Aug 2012

Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd., Pune ... Realizes a 20 - 40 percent increase in database performance with DB2 upgrade

JSBL, Pune improves database performance, DBA productivity and data availability when it upgrades to take advantage of new DB2 features.

Last updated: 26 Jul 2012

City of Plzen reduces future database license costs by 53 percent with IBM and SAP

The City discovered that the new features of SAP ERP with EHP3 would enable it to run its SAP systems more efficiently. To prepare for the installation of EHP3, the City implemented a full hardware refresh, and engaged IBM to migrate its Oracle database to IBM DB2®.

Last updated: 16 Jul 2012

Group of companies EFES in Russia manages massive business expansion with SAP and IBM

Selected two IBM Power 750 and four IBM Power 550 servers to host virtualized database and application servers for SAP systems including SAP ERP, SAP Customer Relationship Management, SAP Supply Chain Management, SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse and SAP NetWeaver Portal.

Last updated: 11 Jul 2012

DNB ASA ... Centralizes reference data management for more effective governance and reduced business risk

DNB ASA reduces the time and cost to support new Norwegian Industry Sector Classification requirements by working with IBM and Capgemini to centralize reference data.

Last updated: 02 Jul 2012

LV 1871 cuts complexity and boosts performance ... With advanced storage and server virtualization from IBM

To support the rapid development of new services, German insurer LV 1871 virtualized its data storage infrastructure using IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller and deployed IBM System Storage disk arrays. This flexible solution increased capacity without increasing energy consumption.

Last updated: 28 Jun 2012

NuStar Energy cuts database licensing costs in half with SAP and IBM

NuStar Energy discovered that implementing IBM DB2 could save more than 50 percent in license fees alone. NuStar Energy implemented IBM DB2 version 9.7, and with both row and index compression saw data volume savings of up to 62 percent.

Last updated: 22 Jun 2012

Premier ... Helping healthcare providers deliver the best possible care to their patients

Serving over 2,900 U.S. hospitals and 100,000 other healthcare sites, the Premier healthcare alliance is undertaking a groundbreaking initiative to help providers identify which treatments benefit patients the most so they can be assured the best care.

Last updated: 11 Jun 2012

Anna Aluminium gains the capacity to grow ... Processing customer orders 94 percent faster with IBM and SAP

Anna Aluminium implemented SAP® ERP with SAP DBA Cockpit software and IBM DB2®, running on IBM System x® 3650 class servers with intelligent Intel® Xeon® processors, connected to an IBM Storwize® V7000 Unified Disk System.

Last updated: 07 Jun 2012

Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated Video ... Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated chooses DB2 and saves $1 million

IBM DB2 can save you millions. Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated chose to move to DB2 four years ago, and they have saved more than $1 million since. Because of the savings, ease of use, performance and reliability of the software, they are now in the process of upgrading to DB2 10.

Last updated: 30 May 2012

Fiserv ... Saving USD8 million in five years and helping banks improve business outcomes using IBM technology

Working with IBM, Fiserv is transforming billions of raw transactions into highly usable, actionable insights for its clients, helping small and midsize banks gain advantages previously available only to the largest financial institutions.

Last updated: 14 May 2012

Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated migrates to IBM DB2, saves more than $1 million

CCBCC took advantage of an SAP licensing agreement with The Coca-Cola Company to replace its existing Oracle database with IBM DB2. CCBCC has subsequently upgraded to IBM DB2 9.7, and is currently beta testing IBM DB2 10.

Last updated: 11 May 2012

Votorantim Group builds an integrated enterprise and cuts costs with IBM and SAP

Votorantim centralized and standardized its IT infrastructure with an SAP ERP solution running on the IBM Power Systems platform, supported by the IBM DB2 database and IBM AIX operating system.

Last updated: 11 May 2012

IBM cuts time required to create price quotes for clients by 75 percent ... Cross-brand solutions team creates scalable web-based BPM solution with IBM WebSphere software

The IBM cross-brand solutions team creates a scalable, web-based business process management (BPM) solution using IBM WebSphere software. The solution is flexible, scalable and improves visibility into KPIs.

Last updated: 26 Apr 2012

City of Dresden cuts costs for SAP applications by 30 percent ... By migrating to IBM DB2 database software

Working with IBM, City of Dresden IT and Organization Services migrated its SAP databases from Oracle to IBM DB2, running on IBM AIX on IBM Power servers, and migrated to Unicode. To improve performance and cut data volumes, the organization enabled IBM DB2 row and index compression features.

Last updated: 25 Apr 2012

IKB saves costs by migrating SAP databases ... Row and index compression reduces storage requirements and boosts performance

Working with IBM®, IKB Deutsche Industriebank chose to migrate its SAP databases from Oracle to IBM DB2® for Linux, UNIX and Windows. After a successful proof of concept with the bank’s advanced SAP Bank Analyzer environment, all SAP systems at IKB Deutsche Industriebank were successfully migrated to IBM DB2.

Last updated: 09 Apr 2012

Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated (CCBCC) ... Saves more than USD1 million with IBM DB2

Coca-Cola Bottling Co. saves more than USD1 million and improves database performance by 30-60 percent when it migrates from Oracle Database to IBM DB2.

Last updated: 02 Apr 2012

Television Broadcasts Limited ... A Hong Kong television broadcaster is using sophisticated analytics to analyze its station's viewers and greatly increase the effectiveness of its advertising promotions.

A Hong Kong television broadcaster is using sophisticated analytics to analyze its station's viewers and greatly increase the effectiveness of its advertising promotions.

Last updated: 31 Mar 2012

Subex Limited ... Reducing total cost of ownership of applications with IBM DB2

The amount of data that Subex must manage and analyze for telcos has grown from tens of millions of records to billions of records daily. To meet its requirements for scalability, performance and price, Subex is migrating from Oracle Database on Sun systems to IBM DB2 9.7 on Power Systems.

Last updated: 27 Mar 2012

Nim See Seng Leasing facilitates growth with new IT landscape

NSS’s web ERP application now runs on an IBM® Power® 710 Express server virtualized with IBM PowerVM® software. Backup and disaster recovery is handled by an IBM Power 520 Express server, which replicates data in real-time.

Last updated: 21 Mar 2012

Zhejiang Tobacco delivers high performance and efficient business processes ... With IBM Global Business Services

The company selected SAP ERP applications for business integration, and SAP ERP Human Capital Management for personnel management. Zhejiang deployed IBM Power Systems servers and IBM DB2 technology to support its new SAP software.

Last updated: 21 Mar 2012

SPCC provides an end-to-end design and build service ... With SAP on IBM hardware

By implementing SAP® Business All-in-One for Engineering, Construction & Operations on IBM® System x®, IBM DB2® for Linux, UNIX and Windows, and IBM System Storage® technology, SPCC has created a solution that combines decentralized end-to-end project management with central performance management reporting.

Last updated: 06 Mar 2012

A government agency in Brazil furthers public education and scientific research ... A social collaboration portal based on IBM technologies creates valuable learning opportunities for scientists, educators and students

A government agency in Brazil expects to better educate the country about the Amazon rain forest while generating valuable learning opportunities for scientists, educators and students when it works with volunteers from IBM to create a Citizen Science portal using IBM DB2, IBM Lotus, IBM Tivoli and IBM WebSph...

Last updated: 28 Dec 2011

A large healthcare institute lowers costs and improves care with a single web portal ... Doctors, patients and staff gain role-based access to electronic health records with an IBM Lotus solution

World-leading institution for cardiac, circulatory and metabolic diseases implements a comprehensive integrated telemedicine solution with an IBM Business Partner that runs on IBM hardware and leverages middleware and storage software to effectively provide interconnected data support of a variety of data typ...

Last updated: 28 Dec 2011

Clark County Department of Family Services boosts its ROI to $10M ... Using IBM Business Analytics to improve services, streamline processes and support funding claims

Clark County Family Services used IBM Business Analytics technologies to improve services, streamline processes and support funding claims

Last updated: 22 Dec 2011

SAP deploys IBM DB2, saves costs and boosts performance

This paper outlines the database migration, Unicode conversion, and subsequent introduction of data-compression technologies undertaken by SAP in 2007-2009.

Last updated: 21 Dec 2011

Holiday Extras ... Speeds transactions 100 percent and grows its business with DB2

Holiday Extras gains 100 percent improvement in query response time when it upgrades to DB2 9.7 and implements data compression and storage optimization.

Last updated: 20 Dec 2011

Esri maps out large-scale growth ... With SAP and IBM

The company migrated its SAP solutions to IBM Power 750 servers, maintained its data on the existing IBM DB2 software, and consolidated its data storage to IBM XIV Storage Systems.

Last updated: 19 Dec 2011

Balluff transforms SAP application landscape with IBM Power Systems and IBM XIV Storage Systems

This paper describes the transformation of a traditional three-tier SAP software landscape with standard SAN storage to a fully virtualized environment based on IBM Power Systems with IBM PowerVM and IBM XIV Storage Systems. Along the way, the customer has reduced complexity, increased resilience and improved...

Last updated: 12 Dec 2011

Dombivli Nagari Sahakari Bank Ltd. ... Recovering from disasters and system failures in 10 seconds with no data loss

To minimize downtimes due to server or database outages, IBM implemented a two-node Tivoli Systems Automation cluster to automate redirection of users and a DB2 High Availability Disaster Recovery server in continuous replication with the primary node, reducing downtimes to seconds.

Last updated: 22 Nov 2011

An Italian transportation company finds a green route to business growth

This transportation company replaced its Sun and Oracle systems with two IBM Power Systems 770 servers for its core SAP applications, and migrated its data to IBM DB2. The company also replaced its Hitachi Data Systems storage array with an IBM System Storage DS8300.

Last updated: 18 Nov 2011

DRV KBS improves service levels with flexible IT structure ... Digital archiving and computer-assisted working methods based on SOA and IBM Content Manager

Introduction of a standard enterprise content management system throughout the whole of DRV KBS with a common interface based on a service-oriented architecture with IBM Content Management.

Last updated: 17 Nov 2011

Fratelli Carli: Innovation through bringing heritage forward - Video ... Integrating legacy applications on System z with VSE

Fratelli Carli integrated legacy applications through their VSE systems with a Linux environment on the IBM System z. This enabled Fratelli Carli to integrate its VSE systems with its new payment system plans & to offer their clients' more flexible service.

Last updated: 15 Nov 2011

Scotiabank ... Satisfies client demand for real-time reporting capabilities

Scotiabank satisfies customer demand for real-time reporting capabilities in a major online banking application when it implements IBM InfoSphere Change Data Capture software.

Last updated: 14 Nov 2011

Major fashion retailer knows what’s hot and what’s not with SAP and IBM

In an ongoing program of moving to SAP software, the retailer implemented IBM Systems solution for SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse. The company has standardized its corporate business systems to IBM Power Systems, supported by IBM System Storage and IBM DB2 for information management.

Last updated: 03 Nov 2011

Latin American Insurance Company ... Improving speed to market and customer interaction with IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules

A Latin American insurance company depended on business rules throughout its operations, but these were embedded in code. The company implemented a web-based platform with decisioning capabilities using IBM WebSphere ILOG resulting in cost savings and growth in new business.

Last updated: 31 Oct 2011

Staples ... IBM WebSphere Commerce software and IBM POWER7 servers improve performance

Staples wanted to improve the customer’s online experience relative to performance, reduce TCO and increase the flexibility of the infrastructure for more nimble future releases. Staples turned to IBM and IBM Global Services for a new release of on IBM WebSphere Commerce.

Last updated: 31 Oct 2011

City of Dubuque - Client Reference Video

A US city experiences a significant reduction in water consumption when it engages IBM Research, IBM Business Partner Esri in a Smarter Cities Sustainability project and numerous IBM software products to create a first-of-a-kind cloud-based, meter-driven solution that directly involves citizens in controlling...

Last updated: 27 Oct 2011

Cameron switches to IBM DB2 for SAP applications, saves $1 million

Migrated 24 Oracle databases supporting SAP applications to IBM DB2, implemented DB2 Deep Compression technology. Added to the company’s IBM Power estate by purchasing an IBM Power 770 server, featuring IBM POWER7 processor technology, divided into 24 logical partitions (LPARs) using IBM PowerVM.

Last updated: 24 Oct 2011

Guangdong Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

A hospital in China breaks new ground with a First-of-a-Kind solution that helps clinicians derive new insights from large volumes of patient data to study the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine or combinations of the two approaches

Last updated: 24 Oct 2011

Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital

A large Taiwanese hospital is using powerful analytics to make resource utilization data actionable and help patients get better faster while remaining flexible during a time of stringent quality rules tied to funding under the new national health insurance plan

Last updated: 24 Oct 2011

City of Dubuque, Iowa ... A US city alerts citizens to water waste, increases water leak detection and encourages water conservation by providing deep insight into water consumption trends through a solution that combines the power of cloud computing and analytics

A US city experiences a significant reduction in water consumption when it engages IBM Research, IBM Business Partner Esri in a Smarter Cities Sustainability project and numerous IBM software products to create a first-of-a-kind cloud-based, meter-driven solution that directly involves citizens in controlling...

Last updated: 18 Oct 2011

New York State Tax ... Leadership Series Video

IBM Smarter Planet Leadership Series Customer Reference: New York State Department of Taxation and Finance Interviewee: Jim Lieb, Director of Architecture and Web Solutions

Last updated: 29 Sep 2011

Reliance Life ... Smarter Planet Leadership Series: Transforming distribution to bring security within reach

Reliance launched a comprehensive self-service portal solution called Lifeline which has lowered operational costs by 30% while making the customer experience more streamlined and transparent.

Last updated: 26 Aug 2011

Lands' End empowers marketing staff and develops more targeted campaigns with IBM Unica Campaign

Lands' End empowers marketing staff and develops more targeted campaigns with IBM Campaign.

Last updated: 19 Aug 2011

Mindray supports exponential growth with SAP and DB2

Mindray’s exponential growth supported by SAP applications with DB2 on IBM infrastructure built for scalability, power and performance

Last updated: 15 Aug 2011

Air Canada ... Smarter Planet Leadership Series Case Study: On a never-ending push to make life simpler for the customer

Air Canada has come a long way in its self-service journey, and Patrice Ouellette has been there from the beginning. Under his leadership, Air Canada’s “Innovation Team” has sparked a number of firsts in the industry, including the placement of “offsite” kiosks outside the airport.

Last updated: 10 Aug 2011

Leading card processing company ... IBM CICS Transaction Server improves time-to-market for new solutions and services

A card processing company lacked responsiveness and agility in selling solutions because of the inflexibility of its legacy processing system but IBM CICS Transaction Processor enabled the company to develop new solutions and enhanced services with faster time-to-market.

Last updated: 31 Jul 2011

Iowa State University ... Transforming decision-making and service delivery through content management

Iowa State University reduces paper output by 67 percent and saves $40,000 a year by eliminating voucher outsourcing fees with an enterprise content management solution from IBM.

Last updated: 22 Jul 2011

Farmacéuticos Maypo gains real-time, accurate business information with SAP and IBM

Farmacéuticos Maypo selected SAP ERP, SAP ERP HCM, SAP SRM, SAP NetWeaver MDM, SAP NetWeaver BPM, SAP NetWeaver PI. The SAP applications run on leased IBM systems, including two IBM Power 570 servers and IBM BladeCenter JS43 Express, running IBM AIX and IBM DB2 database.

Last updated: 08 Jul 2011

New York State Tax ... Leadership Series: How predictive modeling improves tax revenues and citizen equity.

By integrating predictive analytics directly into its processing stream, NYS Tax is preemptively identifying questionable tax returns and optimizing its approach to collecting delinquent taxes.

Last updated: 08 Jul 2011

Koyou Lease Co., Ltd. ... This equipment leasing company implements an RFID tracking solution that enables it to configure new rental options and services demanded by its customers while improving revenue, reducing loss from theft and lowering safety-stock requirements

This Japanese equipment leasing company implements an RFID tracking solution that enables it to configure new rental options and services demanded by its customers while improving revenue, reducing loss from theft and lowering safety-stock requirements

Last updated: 30 Jun 2011

Institute For Applied Telemedicine (IFAT) ... Smarter Planet Video

Interview with Heinrich Koertke, Director, Institute For Applied Telemedicine (IFAT) Heart & Diabetes Centre NRW

Last updated: 31 May 2011

JSC Rietumu Banka ... Achieves faster database performance moving from Oracle and Sun to IBM DB2 on Power Systems

With its migration to IBM DB2 on IBM Power Systems, JSC Rietumu Banka reduced the total cost of ownership for its online banking infrastructure and dramatically improved query performance and data availability.

Last updated: 31 May 2011

PLANSEE boosts efficiency and compresses database costs with SAP on IBM DB2

Migrated a suite of SAP software to two IBM Power 780 systems with 12 POWER7 processors each. IBM System Storage DS8100 and TS1130 tape drives provide storage, managed by IBM Tivoli Storage Manager. Working with IBM Software Services, PLANSEE replaced its existing Oracle database with IBM DB2 and activated de...

Last updated: 20 May 2011

Visa Europe ... Processing payments with unprecedented agility and reliability

Visa Europe teamed with IBM to develop a high-performance clearing and settlement platform serving 4000 member institutions. To handle a wide variety of local conditions, the platform enables Visa business users to rapidly assess and adjust thousands of business rules governing operations.

Last updated: 06 Apr 2011

Parazelsus leverages DB2 High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR) for its SAP environment

Parazelsus decided to migrate its SAP ERP enterprise software from Oracle database to IBM DB2 database software and selected IBM Power 550 and Power 520 servers with POWER6 processors. The migration took two weeks, from planning to completion.

Last updated: 29 Mar 2011

RI-Solution boosts performance, cuts license fees and reduces storage costs with DB2 for SAP application

RI-Solution, responsible for server and applications hosting and management for the BayWa group, migrated from Oracle to IBM DB2 for Linux, Unix and Windows for all its SAP applications, and implemented DB2 9.5 Deep Compression for data.

Last updated: 04 Mar 2011

Knorr-Bremse puts the brake on costs using IBM DB2 for SAP Business Suite

Knorr-Bremse migrated 52 databases to IBM DB2 over a nine-month period. This allowed the company to avoid purchasing additional storage at an estimated cost of more than €200,000 in the first year. It reduced operational and maintenance costs by approximately 30 percent and cut database license fees by 15 per...

Last updated: 24 Jan 2011

Banco de Crédito del Peru vaults over the competition with help from IBM and SAP

Banco de Crédito del Peru implemented SAP ERP, SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse, SAP NetWeaver Portal, SAP Solution Manager and SAP BusinessObjects GRC.These applications are running on IBM BladeCenter JS43, IBM Power 595 and IBM Power 570 servers, all running the IBM AIX operating system landscape.

Last updated: 20 Jan 2011

Berliner Wasserbetriebe: flexible electronic access to all files ... IBM Content Manager provides a digital archiving and information system

BWB worked closely with startext to develop and implement a content management system (CMS) based on IBM Content Manager and IBM WebSphere Application Server. Consultants from startext helped to integrate the solution with the SAP R/3 PM module, and now provide on-site support to help BWB develop the solution...

Last updated: 14 Jan 2011

McCormick tastes success with SAP applications with IBM DB2 on IBM Power

McCormick is upgrading its production SAP environment to IBM DB2 9.7 and replacing older servers with new IBM POWER7 processor-based machines. The company is using advanced features of DB2 such as compression, self-tuning memory management (STMM) and online reorgs to minimize downtime, reduce costs and boost ...

Last updated: 12 Jan 2011

Egyptian Ministry of Interior halves cost of apps with EGL

As antiterrorism laws tightened, the Ministry of Interior of Egypt had to improve the information collection process and enhance responsiveness. By using Enterprise Generation Language (EGL), IBM Informix and other IBM middleware products, the team converted its legacy system to a Java and web-based solution ...

Last updated: 27 Dec 2010

ConvaTec beats business deadlines with help from SAP and IBM Global Business Services

ConvaTec engaged IBM Global Business Services to implement the IBM Life Sciences Express solution, a qualified SAP Business All-in-One solution, featuring core SAP ERP components that enable rapid deployment using templates and pre-configuration to accelerate time-to-value.

Last updated: 22 Dec 2010

United States Senate ... Reduces application response time from 30 seconds to less than two seconds with database query tuning

US Senate database administrators and software specialists reduce query response time from 20 to 30 seconds to less than two seconds when they implement IBM InfoSphere Optim Query Workload Tuner for database tuning.

Last updated: 22 Dec 2010

Voith increases performance and saves license and maintenance costs by introducing IBM DB2 for SAP applications

This technical paper explores how Voith IT Solutions has cut costs and improved system performance by migrating its SAP applications to IBM DB2 on the IBM Power platform. With support from SAP, IBM and IBM Premier Business Partner SVA, Voith has cut total data storage volumes through the use of IBM DB2 Deep C...

Last updated: 22 Dec 2010

Netcare keeps its finger on the pulse with rapid reporting from IBM and SAP

Netcare worked with T-Systems to migrate its SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse environment to IBM DB2 in just eight days, as a few weeks of meticulous planning were done in preparation. During the data migration, T-Systems introduced IBM DB2 Deep Row Compression to help reduce database sizes and increase perfo...

Last updated: 02 Dec 2010

Taikang Life Insurance Co Ltd. (Taikang)

Taikang needed to improve employee productivity and enhance customer service and business development opportunities by viewing all its customer and corporate information together regardless of what department it came from. The company used IBM InfoSphere Federation Server to enable a single central view of in...

Last updated: 30 Nov 2010

Taikang Life Insurance Co Ltd. (Taikang)

Taikang needed to improve employee productivity and enhance customer service and business development opportunities by viewing all its customer and corporate information together regardless of what department it came from. The company used IBM InfoSphere Federation Server to enable a single central view of in...

Last updated: 30 Nov 2010

Group Mannheimer Versicherungen reduces operational costs by 30 percent with SAP and IBM

Migrated from HP servers running SAP applications and Oracle databases in the Microsoft Windows Server environment to IBM infrastructure. SAP ERP applications, DB2 and other in-house and business intelligence applications run in multiple virtual servers on IBM Power 570 servers running AIX and the Unicode sta...

Last updated: 15 Nov 2010

SKH Metals Limited ... Facilitating two-hour just-in-time manufacturing

SKH Metals selected SAP ERP applications, including financials, controlling, materials management, sales and distribution, production planning, warehouse management, quality management and materials requirements planning, supported by IBM DB2® information management software.

Last updated: 12 Oct 2010

University of California – Office of the President ... Reducing risk and lowering costs with integrated data management

The University of California needed a proper framework for its enterprise risk management. UC engaged IBM to implement an Enterprise Risk Management Information System (ERMIS).

Last updated: 07 Oct 2010

Sharp Corporation creates information agility with SAP and IBM

Sharp deployed IBM Power Systems p595 servers running IBM AIX®, IBM DB2®, IBM WebSphere® Application Server, IBM WebSphere MQ, IBM WebSphere Message Broker, IBM Tivoli® OMEGAMON®, IBM Global Integrated View (GIView) Planner, IBM Global Integrated View (GIView) Enterprise MES.

Last updated: 06 Oct 2010

Fukuoka District Waterworks Agency ... Keeps the water running with automated asset management

Fukuoka District Water works Agency needed to develop water supply asset management system in a short term, and IBM Maximo which can improve facility/asset management and maintenance management was adopted to build this system

Last updated: 27 Sep 2010

Delivering a customized technical support experience ... IBM creates an online portal for comprehensive support

IBM delivers a customized technical support experience with a unified, customizable global support portal for all IBM systems, software and services based on IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM Rational software

Last updated: 16 Sep 2010

IBM Informix reliability supports leading auto dealerships in Brazil

Dia System delivers reliable ERP and CRM systems for leading automotive dealerships in Brazil using IBM Informix and development tools from IBM Business Partner GeneXus.

Last updated: 31 Aug 2010

Grandi Navi Veloci ... Real-time pricing updates create a smarter passenger pricing system

A large Italian ferry company maximizes passenger revenue and optimizes garage space allocation of its ferry runs using a real-time forecasting and pricing application implemented by IBM Global Business Services

Last updated: 30 Aug 2010

Precedence Health Care ... Developing a care management system to effectively manage treatment of patients with chronic disease

Precedence Health Care worked with IBM to develop the Chronic Disease Management Network (CDM-Net), which allows all caregivers to track and share information, helping ensure the effective delivery of a collaborative treatment plan and, more importantly, a better quality of life for patients.

Last updated: 03 Aug 2010

SKH Metals switches to two-hour just-in-time manufacturing with SAP ERP applications and IBM DB2

SKH Metals selected SAP ERP applications, including financials, controlling, materials management, sales and distribution, production planning, warehouse management, quality management, materials requirements planning, based on IBM DB2 information management.

Last updated: 25 Jun 2010

Famous Smoke Shop increases online presence and enhances security with IBM Informix

An IBM Informix user since 1994, Famous Smoke Shop upgraded to Informix 11.5 to gain the scalability and security necessary to support its 10 percent year-over-year growth in online sales since 2000 and to help staff protect customers’ credit card information.

Last updated: 30 Apr 2010

Hildebrand solves a key problem in smart metering research ... With IBM Informix technologies for time-series data management

Working with the software laboratory at IBM Hursley, Hildebrand ran several proofs-of-concept and created a solution based on IBM Informix technologies that has the potential to collect, store and analyse detailed energy usage information from millions of homes in real time.

Last updated: 29 Apr 2010

International construction company MEVA builds a super-efficient business with SAP and IBM

MEVA worked with IBM Global Business Services to create a single, centralized solution based on SAP ERP applications. The software runs on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on IBM System x servers, supported by an IBM DB2 database. VMware ESX allows MEVA to run multiple virtual servers on each physical machine.

Last updated: 26 Apr 2010

Sabó drives database costs down by migrating SAP applications to IBM DB2

Sabó achieved a successful migration of its SAP database to IBM DB2 in only three months. Using IBM DB2 Deep Compression technology, Sabó were able to decrease database size by more than 50 percent from 1.4TB to 560GB.

Last updated: 29 Mar 2010

Lextron feeds rapid, acquisitive growth with SAP and IBM

Working with iTelligence, an SAP Gold Partner and Global Services Partner, Lextron implemented SAP ERP solutions as a single, centralized instance for all its divisions, with an IBM DB2 database. Lextron is taking advantage of DB2 Deep Compression technology, saving a total of some 175GB across the whole syst...

Last updated: 11 Mar 2010

Rasselstein: migration to IBM DB2 helps to cut costs and improve performance for business-critical SAP applications

Implemented IBM DB2 9.5 for Linux, Unix and Windows Enterprise Server Edition with Storage Optimization feature, managed by IBM Information Management Software Services; completed the database and Unicode conversion processes in a single step.

Last updated: 11 Mar 2010

FOX Broadcasting: Making room for HD with an IBM digital archive solution

FOX teamed with IBM to create a first-of-its-kind, direct-to-digital storage solution for HD video that eliminates the need for costly videotape recorders and media.

Last updated: 28 Feb 2010

SuperPharm transforms the pharmacy business in Trinidad with help from an ERP/POS solution from VAI and IBM

VAI and IBM solution helped SuperPharm transform the pharmacy business in Trinidad, providing customers with the first ‘superstore’ shopping environment and SuperPharm with one of the first secure, centralized, continuously available retail management systems on the island.

Last updated: 28 Jan 2010

NetworkIP supports expansion with IBM Informix and System x

IBM Informix Dynamic Server 10 and 11.5 upgrade and migration to IBM System x hardware enabled increased efficiency, security, safety and cost savings

Last updated: 23 Dec 2009

IDS Scheer shows how virtualization dramatically simplifies a complex IT infrastructure

This paper describes how IDS Scheer has successfully deployed both server and storage virtualization technologies, achieving remarkable results in terms of increased performance and reduced total cost of ownership.

Last updated: 21 Dec 2009

Uratex drives profitability with SAP Business All-in-One on IBM technology

Worked with SAP Value Added Reseller BayanTrade to implement an SAP Business All-in-One solution, initially at two sites and ultimately across the group, based on an IBM System x server, IBM System Storage and IBM DB2.

Last updated: 03 Dec 2009

Kyocera Mita Europe performs a successful SAP upgrade with IBM Global Business Services

IBM Global Business Services helped Kyocera Mita Europe plan and execute an upgrade to SAP ERP 6.0 and IBM DB2 9.1, using the Combined Upgrade and Unicode Conversion (CU&UC) methodology. To avoid business disruption, IBM helped the company run both the new and the old environments in parallel.

Last updated: 10 Sep 2009

SBI Sumishin Net Bank: A full-banking service, Internet-only bank

SBI Sumishin Net Bank asked IBM Japan to develop a totally new Internet banking platform—not to construct one based on existing assets.

Last updated: 31 Aug 2009

SK Energy improves resilience and boosts performance with SAP ERP on IBM Power Systems

SK Energy migrated to SAP ERP 6.0 and IBM DB2 9 running under IBM AIX on IBM Power Systems servers, and implemented a disaster recovery solution based on IBM System Storage DS8000 platform, using IBM FlashCopy to mirror data between two data centers.

Last updated: 30 Jul 2009

eterna Mode enjoys lower administrative costs with Informix Dynamic Server 11

eterna Mode GmbH wanted to optimize both its internal and external processes--from design to production to delivery. eterna Mode decided on the ERP system AVM CLIENT-ORGA from IBM Business Partner AVM GmbH & Co. Softbase KG. The system is based on the IBM Informix Dynamic Server V11.10 (IDS) database softwar...

Last updated: 30 Jun 2009

ESK cuts SAP application operating costs with IBM System x and VMware

ESK worked with IBM to replace its existing servers with 5 IBM System x3650 servers with quad-core Intel® Xeon® X5450 processors, running VMware Infrastructure Enterprise to enable server virtualization. 2 of the x3650s now run virtual servers for all 7 SAP application environments including the supporting IB...

Last updated: 19 Jun 2009

Agrofert implements group-wide shared services with IBM DB2 and SAP

Agrofert implemented SAP ERP applications as a shared service for some of its subsidiaries, aiming to make these available subsequently throughout the enterprise, hosted at two locations on IBM Power Systems servers.

Last updated: 11 Jun 2009

SAP Mass Billing Solution for Telecommunications

IBM and SAP investigate the new challenges brought on by business process evolution in the telecommunications industry and demonstrate the viability of a new cross-industry high-volume Consume-to-Cash architecture and solution for meeting these challenges.

Last updated: 27 May 2009

Data sheets 

IBM DB2 10.5 with BLU Acceleration - multi-workload database software for the big data era

DB2 is designed to help ensure that your data systems are fast, always available, scalable and flexible—while also supporting a wide variety of new mobile, social and analytical applications.

Last updated: 29 Apr 2013

DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition

Streamlined packaging delivers enhanced value without adding complexity

Last updated: 07 Dec 2012


Discover DB2!

Now there is a way to meet the challenge of managing massive data with reduced expense and complexity. IBM DB2 can help you free your business from database constraints and reach new heights of business efficiency, while keeping costs to a minimum.

Last updated: 11 Dec 2013

IBM DB2 10.5 w/ BLU Acceleration and Cognos Dynamic Cubes

The capabilities that are highlighted in this demo are: integration with TM1and ICM, integration with BI, ease of updating/importing data, narrative reporting, different output options, collaboration, workflow and approvals as well as the ability to research public filing from within CDM.

Last updated: 11 Dec 2013

DB2 Storage Optimization: Do more with less

Learn more from this short flash video!

Last updated: 02 Apr 2013

Database Management Solutions for IBM DB2

Learn how to manage data growth, deploy applications quickly and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Last updated: 09 Oct 2012

Simplify the move to DB2

IBM DB2 SQL compatibility feature enables customers to migrate more easily from Oracle. DB2 has slashed the time and effort needed to move applications from one database to another.

Last updated: 14 Sep 2012

Which edition of DB2 is right for you?

Take this online, interactive demo to gauge the best edition of DB2 for your business needs. It will help you determine the right edition of DB2.

Last updated: 23 Apr 2012

Information centers 

IBM DB2 10.5 Information Center for Linux, UNIX and Windows

Here you can find information describing how to use the DB2 10.5 family of products and features.

Last updated: 11 Dec 2013

IBM DB2 10 Information Center for Linux, UNIX and Windows

Here you can find information describing how to use the DB2 10 family of products and features.

Last updated: 14 Dec 2012

IBM DB2 9.7 Information Center for Linux, UNIX and Windows

Here you can find information describing how to use the DB2 9.7 family of products and features.

Last updated: 13 Dec 2012


What is BLU Acceleration and Why is it Cool?

Learn about DB2 with BLU Acceleration, why IBM developed it, and how companies are using it.

Last updated: 11 Dec 2013

Product documentation 

DB2 features and functions by edition

The table indicates which functionality is included in a DB2 product edition. If the functionality is not included but it is available in a DB2 feature, the name of the feature is specified. You must obtain a license for that DB2 feature as well as for the DB2 database product edition.

Last updated: 20 Aug 2012

DB2 Product Documentation

Version 10.5 Version 10.1 Version 9.8 Version 9.7 Version 9.5 or earlier

Last updated: 17 Aug 2012

Solution sheets 

DB2 Advanced Recovery Solutions for Linux, UNIX and Windows

Protect data and help accelerate recovery while minimizing the cost of downtime

Last updated: 12 Nov 2012

Performance management and optimization solutions for IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows

Manage and optimize your database environment before poor performance affects your business

Last updated: 01 Sep 2012


Changing the Game with IBM BLU Acceleration - Video Series

Learn more about IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration with the help of this series of videos.

Last updated: 12 Dec 2013

Client praise for IBM DB2 BLU Acceleration - Speed, Access, Data Compression

IBM's Big Data platform is leading clients into a new era of computing by making data exploration and analysis simple, fast and economical. Watch clients discuss the power and simplicity of IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration and the value it brings to their businesses.

Last updated: 12 Dec 2013

What can BLU do for you?

What can BLU do for you?

Last updated: 12 Dec 2013

BLU Acceleration helps Intel boost performance at lower cost

IBM and Intel collaboration on Big Data solutions is transforming businesses by allowing them to do significantly more data faster and at a lower cost.

Last updated: 07 Nov 2013

DB2 enables always available transactions

IBM DB2 enables always available transactions which helps you keep your business up and running.

Last updated: 23 May 2013

BLU Acceleration in DB2

Business analytics create true competitive differentiation

Last updated: 03 Apr 2013

For analytics at the speed of business, IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration

Learn about how IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration provides a smarter approach to processing and analyzing data, to unlock its value at the Speed of Business.

Last updated: 03 Apr 2013

IBM DB2: Free your business from database constraints

Reach new heights of business efficiency while keeping costs to a minimum.

Last updated: 04 Mar 2013


DB2 Tech Talk: Leverage InfoSphere Optim Workload Replay for Database Environment Changes

In this session, we will examine the use of InfoSphere Workload Replay to facilitate database testing in efforts to validate version, platform or infrastructure changes.

Last updated: 23 Jan 2014

BI Just Got Faster with BLU Acceleration from IBM

Learn how the combination of IBM's new DB2 with BLU Acceleration and IBM's latest release of Cognos BI work together to deliver blazing fast business analytics.

Last updated: 12 Dec 2013

DB2 Tech Bit: JSON Technology Brief

Get a brief of JSON technology overview.

Last updated: 12 Dec 2013

DB2 Tech Talk: DB2 pureScale + HADR for Always Available Transactions

Join IBM experts who discuss enhancements in DB2 10.5 that help ensure always available transcations.

Last updated: 12 Dec 2013

DB2 Tech Talk: DB2 with BLU Acceleration Competitive Advantages

Learn the advantages of BLU Acceleration compared to other vendor offerings in the market.

Last updated: 12 Dec 2013

Gain 10X Faster Performance for SAP Workloads using BLU Acceleration on Power Systems

Learn the advantages of running SAP workloads using BLU Acceleration on Power Systems.

Last updated: 12 Dec 2013

DB2 Tech Talk Adopt BLU Acceleration the Faster Easier Way

Learn now DB2 tooling speeds the adoption of BLU Acceleration for In-memory computing.

Last updated: 25 Jul 2013

DB2 Tech Talk Build and Deploy DB2 Stored Procedures with IBM Data Studio

Stored Procedures and UDF's are a great way to consolidate database logic and improve database performance, code re-use, security and integrity. This session looks at the development and debugging process to help accelerate your DB2 SQL Stored Procedures using IBM Data Studio.

Last updated: 25 Jul 2013

DB2 Tech Talk: Deep Dive on BLU Acceleration in DB2 10.5

Learn about technical features of DB2 10.5 BLU Acceleration, such as Dynamic in-memory analytics, Parallel vector processing, Enhanced columnar storage techniques, Actionable compression and more.

Last updated: 30 May 2013

DB2 Tech Talk Technical Tour of DB2 10.5 with BLU Acceleration

Join DB2 expert and IBM Distinguished Engineer Berni Schiefer for a technical introduction to the all new DB2 10.5 with BLU Acceleration product. Learn about the precision that BLU Acceleration provides for analyzing data intensive workloads that is termed "speed of thought" analytics.

Last updated: 08 May 2013

DB2 Tech Talk: Real-World Warehousing for Technical Pros: What's Current and Where is it Going?

Data warehousing is a rapidly growing and exciting area of technology because warehouse applications provide insightful information. While keeping OLTP systems in top condition is often a focus, warehousing has become a must-have skill. This technical webcast quickly expands your data warehousing skills.

Last updated: 28 Mar 2013

White papers 

BLU Acceleration Changes the Game

Learn more about BLU Acceleration technology which is a leap forward in database technology that raises the bar for performance and value.

Last updated: 12 Dec 2013

Super Analytics, Super Easy - Introducing IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration

By Sam Lightstone, Guy Lohman and Berni Schiefer 

Last updated: 12 Dec 2013

Transparent Application Scaling with IBM DB2

DB2 pureScale is designed to address your current and future business needs for continuous availability with a system that combines high availability with truly transparent application scaling.

Last updated: 01 Aug 2013

The fast lane to insight: Accelerating analytics from the department to the enterprise

IBM DB2 delivers data warehousing capabilities that help organizations extract insight from all types of data, delivering the information on time and in context so that business leaders can

Last updated: 03 Apr 2013

Gathering momentum for data in the cloud: Once a trend, now a revolution with real business benefits

This white paper explores approaches to cloud computing and the steps required to make the cloud a viable, vital part of your IT organization.

Last updated: 23 Apr 2012