DB2 database on the Cloud

Manage your data on the cloud with DB2

IBM® DB2® database provides capabilities for both public and private cloud environments. Public clouds allow clients to instantly provision, deploy and use DB2 instances without the costs and time delays associated with doing it in-house. Private clouds provide all of the benefits of cloud computing in an environment that you control, to ensure that security, service, and access requirements are maintained at predictable costs.

Access new markets

Application vendors know the problem. The client loves your application, but does not have the budget to buy the new machines and licenses needed to deploy it. Solutions delivered on DB2 on the Public Cloud provides a way for application vendors to deliver their solution on a time-and-use billing model, eliminating roadblocks for many clients to get started. Growth is supported by the cloud environment; so many clients may never need, or want, to move to on in-house deployment.

Alleviate Resource Constraints

Traditional 'one application stack' per-server deployment works well in some environments. But when you have unexpected workload increases the headroom to handle them is often lacking. Cloud Computing, both public and private, provides a more flexible and scalable environment where your existing resources can be made to go much further. IBM provides a ready-to-roll DB2 environment on both Public and Private Clouds.

Accelerate Development and Test Cycles

How do you test the next version of a mission critical application when you need to keep the current version running? Typical IT solutions to these sorts of business requirements are scheduled downtime, IT staff working weekends, and other less than optimal solutions. Cloud Computing delivers capacity on demand for critical development and testing, without forcing you to acquire additional hardware. IBM DB2 on the Cloud is ready to work when you are.

DB2 on Public Cloud

Do you have projects that require a database but lack the capacity to support them?

DB2 is optimized for cloud computing and has ready-to-deploy offerings available from several public cloud providers:

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise - an enterprise-class cloud computing platform which provides an agile, flexible environment that supports the most needed infrastructure for your enterprise.

DB2 on Amazon EC2 a flexible pay-as-you-go service for web-scale computing, which provides fast provisioning and deployment capabilities.

DB2 Express-C images 32-bit | 64-bit

DB2 on RightScale cloud management and automation platform for public and private clouds.

DB2 on Private Cloud

DB2 on Private Cloud delivers optimal utilization of resources and can dramatically reduce database administration costs.

IBM Database Patterns full stacks of IBM software integrated and configured to provide agility, efficiency, simplicity as well as lower overall costs for your business.

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