DB2 database on the Cloud

Manage your data on the cloud with DB2

Hypervisor images enable the simulation of an application environment virtually. DB2 provides hypervisor images that contain DB2 database management software that can run in a virtual environment in both the private and public cloud environments.

In a private cloud environment DB2 Hypervisor images are compatible with:

IBM Workload Deployer

IBM Workload Deployer is a hardware appliance that provides access to IBM middleware virtual images and patterns. It helps create application environments easily, quickly and repeatedly to be securely deployed and managed in a private cloud. These images help quickly create your own virtual system topology patterns for deployment on your private clouds.

There are two primary deployment patterns for DB2 that can be deployed from IBM Workload Deployer, Topology Patterns and Workload Patterns.

Topology Patterns are used to quickly and easily deploy database clusters. Using topology patterns, administrators can create database clusters in minutes, eliminating the time, effort and expertise required to do so manually. Workload patterns are used to quickly and easily deploy an application. An evolution of the topology patterns, workload patterns raise the level of abstraction one step higher.

Topology Patterns consist of parts from hypervisor images. When deployed, they form a virtual system.

IBM PureApplication System

IBM PureApplication System is a platform system specifically designed and tuned for transactional Web and database applications. Solutions and patterns enabled for the PureApplication System are fully virtualized for easy deployment to a cloud environment. Both DB2 Topology and Workload Patterns can be run on an IBM PureApplication System.

In a public cloud environment DB2 Hypervisor images are compatible with IBM SmartCloud Application Services, IBM’s public-cloud platform-as-a-service (PaaS).

IBM SmartCloud Application Services, runs on IBM SmartCloud Enterprise (IaaS), delivering a secure, collaborative cloud-based environment that supports a full lifecycle of accelerated cloud application development, deployment and delivery.