DB2 database on the Cloud

Manage your data on the cloud with DB2

IBM Database Patterns are full stacks of IBM software integrated and configured to provide agility, efficiency, simplicity as well as lower overall costs for your business.

Based on decades of client and partner engagements and proven best practices, data management expertise has been captured, tested and optimized into a dynamic, reusable format saving clients weeks and sometimes months of configuration, tuning and management effort. Through the use of IBM Database Patterns, IT organizations can now deploy production-ready, standardized database environments in minutes with minimal effort and risk, greatly accelerating time to value.

With IBM DB2 database software at its core, IBM Database Patterns currently have two offerings optimized for specific workloads. IBM Transactional Database Patterns provide transactional database capability while IBM Data Mart Patterns provide data mart capability. For increased ease of deployment, you can deploy the IBM Database Patterns on either private or public cloud environment.

IBM Database Patterns offer DB2 SQL compatibility. This greatly facilitates server consolidation projects and enables your IT staff to leverage their existing skill set.

Deploy on either private or public cloud environment

On a private cloud environment IBM Database Patterns are available with:

IBM Workload Deployer appliance, a hardware appliance that provides access to IBM middleware virtual images and patterns to easily, quickly and repeatedly create application environments that can be securely deployed and managed in a private cloud.

IBM PureApplication System, designed and tuned specifically for transactional web and database applications. IBM Database Patterns are pre-installed on the system for both transactional and data mart workloads. With the use of IBM Database patterns, the IBM PureApplication System can automatically build and tailor the underlying database based user requirements.

On a public cloud environment IBM Database Patterns are available with:

IBM SmartCloud Application Services, which deliver a secure, collaborative cloud-based environment that supports a full lifecycle of accelerated application development, deployment and delivery. IBM Database Patterns can be hosted on the IBM SmartCloud Application Services to provide a ready-to-run environment that accelerates deployment.

IBM Database Patterns now support deployment on both AIX and Linux environments. Affordable licensing for non-production use is also available.

IBM Transactional Database Pattern

The IBM Transactional Database Pattern provides a transactional database framework for departmental OLTP (online transaction processing) applications that do not require very high levels of database customization. The built-in expertise of IBM Transactional Database Pattern makes it possible to create and deploy workload-optimized databases for both test as well as production environments in minutes, thus providing your business with greater agility, flexibility and simplicity while lowering costs and risks.

IBM Transactional Database Pattern is ideal for IT organizations trying to minimize:
  • Risks incurred by unmanaged departmental database solutions without data backup or security plans.
  • Opportunity costs and other inefficiencies in waiting for the operations group to provision hardware, software, and database infrastructure for the various application teams.

IBM Data Mart Pattern

The IBM Data Mart Pattern provides a data mart infrastructure for data-centric applications. Tuned for the unique I/O throughput required of data mart workloads, the IBM Data Mart Pattern includes data compression capabilities and data movement tools--all designed to help move the business forward with the needed information without delay.

Rather than using unmanaged spreadsheet solutions without data backup and security plans, the IBM Data Mart Pattern enables IT to address operational demands stemming from ad-hoc business analysis by quickly provisioning a data mart environment geared for intensive query requirements with appropriate support.

IBM Database Patterns for cloud computing brochure

IBM Database Patterns for cloud computing brochure

Streamline deployment and management of database environments in the private cloud

Database Patterns resources

Database Patterns resources