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DB2 Autonomics

The cost of database administration can greatly exceed the cost of the database software and hardware. It is critical that your database administrator’s time is used effectively and efficiently.

DB2® helps lower the cost of managing data by automating administration, increasing storage efficiency, improving performance and simplifying the deployment of virtual appliances. By automating tasks such as memory allocation, storage management and business policy maintenance, DB2 is able to perform many management tasks itself, freeing up DBAs to focus on new projects.

Automatic Maintenance feature simplifies storage management by performing database backups, keeping statistics current, and reorganizing tables and indexes as necessary. Well-organized table and index data is critical to efficient data access and optimal workload performance.

Automatic storage feature simplifies storage management where DB2 determines storage characteristics for table spaces including the location of containers, as well as monitoring container growth. This allows for flexibility and leads to better performance.

Self Tuning Memory feature responds to significant changes in workload by dynamically distributing available memory resources among several memory consumers for the database. DB2’s self-tuning memory manager (STMM) can help you avoid critical impact to database response times that threaten your service level agreements.

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DB2 Autonomics for lower administration costs

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Health Monitoring feature proactively monitors situations or changes in your database environment that could result in performance degradation or potential outages. It allows you to set up thresholds for warnings and alarms, and can recommend a course of action to resolve problems, helping to prevent problems before they happen!

Self-Configuration feature automatically configures memory, storage, and maintenance operations in DB2 databases. This allows users to be confident DB2 databases and instances are configured correctly, enabling better out-of-the-box operation.

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