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If you will be installing DB2 Express-C server on Linux and wish to use languages other than English, download and install the DB2 National Language Package.

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Optional low-cost yearly subscription license (also known as Fixed Term License or FTL) is available for DB2 Express-C users who require peace of mind or additional features. This requires the installation of DB2 Express.

The subscription comes with:

Get DB2 development and administration tools

DB2 Express-C integrates with IBM Data Studio, a full function Integrated Development Environment based on Eclipse. Additional administrative functionality is also available in IBM Data Studio, which replaces the earlier Control Center. If you plan to build SQL scripts, stored procedures, user defined functions or XML Queries, download IBM Data Studio.

Applications developed for DB2 often need to be deployed to client workstations or application servers. To enable these client workstations and applications servers to connect to your DB2 Express-C server you will need to install various drivers on these workstations and application servers. These are available on the additional downloads page.

If your application is developed using Java you can download the IBM Data Server Driver for JDBC and SQLJ. Or if your application is developed using C or C++ and the ODBC interface, download and install the IBM Data Server Driver for ODBC and CLI. For applications developed using other programming languages or APIs, download and install the IBM Data Server Runtime Client. Or if you want to have a full-function client workstation with Command Line Processor and database administration tools, download IBM Data Server Client.

Get DB2 optional server components

DB2 Express-C data server's functionality can be extended to provide very fast searches of the text information stored in DB2 by using DB2 Text Search (OmniFind) on top of DB2 Express-C. Text Search is included as a core component in DB2 Express-C.

DB2 Express-C provides full enablement for industry standard web services based on SOAP and XML. This allows you to access data stored in the DB2 Express-C server as a web service. DB2 web services require an application server for deployment. This application server can be installed on the same server as the DB2 Express-C server or on a separate server. You can use IBM WebSphere or Apache Tomcat to deploy these services. WebSphere Application Server Community Edition (WASCE) is available for free download.

The DB2 Spatial Extender allows you to store spatial point, line and polygon values in a DB2 table column and perform spatial queries using standard SQL. DB2 Spatial Extender is supported by applications from ESRI and MapInfo as well as open source projects GeoTools, GeoServer and uDig.

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