DB2 Express-C

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What is DB2 Express-C?

IBM DB2 Express-C is a no-charge community edition of the DB2 data server. It is ideal for small businesses and multi-branch companies, as well as developers and business partners who serve these clients. DB2 Express-C can be setup quickly, is easy-to-use, and includes self-managing capabilities. It also embodies all of the core features of the more scalable DB2 editions, including Data Studio, Time Travel Query, pureXML and Compression Backup.

DB2 Express-C is available for download and deployment at no charge. Optional yearly subscription is available for users who require technical support or additional functionality, such as High Availability, Row and Column Access Control and SQL Replication.

If you require higher scalability or other advanced features, DB2 Express-C can be seamlessly upgraded to the following DB2 Editions, without requiring modifications to your applications:

IBM Business Partners and Independent Solution Vendors (ISV)

IBM Business Partners and Independent Solution Vendors (ISV) who want to embed or include a free database as part of their solutions can distribute DB2 Express-C at no-charge upon registering with IBM. Many no-cost enablement, marketing, and sales benefits and flexible OEM options are available for partners who distribute or want to drive revenue with DB2 powered solutions.

Partnering with IBM and powering your solutions with DB2 Express-C can pay off. IBM offers a variety of benefits to help you meet client needs and shape a more profitable business with DB2.

  • List your DB2 powered solution in the DB2 Solution Portal
  • Self-validate your solution, and qualify to use the IBM Ready for DB2 data server software logo
  • Re-sell or OEM DB2 Express-C and improve your margins
  • No-cost technical, marketing, and sales benefits available
  • Seamlessly deploy your applications developed using DB2 Express-C with any other DB2 edition such as Enterprise.

Distributing DB2 Express-C with your products

You can easily embed or include DB2 Express-C with your solution without paying any fees or royalties to IBM. Please download and complete the DB2 Express-C and WAS CE Distribution Request form and return to us via eFAX to: 845-489-9554, attention: DB2 Express-C and WAS CE Distribution Request or email us at db2x@ca.ibm.com, subject: DB2 Express-C and WAS CE Distribution Request