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Performance blueprints - by function

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Financial Management and Control

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Internal Controls Performance Blueprint
Developed with Deloitte for IBM Cognos 8 Controller, pre-identified control questions address the most common areas of financial controls and facilitate consolidation in the close, consolidate and report process.

XBRL Performance Blueprint
More and more regulatory bodies, including the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, are requiring that company financial reports be delivered in XBRL. With the XBRL Blueprint, your data, accounts and legal entities from IBM Cognos 8 Controller can be connected directly to a solution that delivers XBRL output and reports to meet legislative and regulatory requirements. On, you can find a page with information and installation documents.

Close, Consolidate and Report Performance Blueprint
Quickly address gaps and weaknesses in your financial close process, make focused investments by combining close process improvements and optimized technology to support fast close and internal control requirements (co-developed by Cognos and Deloitte).

Group Consolidation and Corporate Reporting Performance Blueprint
Keep reporting numbers for European IFRS in one place, in the same format, for faster, more reliable management and regulatory reporting.

Management and Financial Reporting Performance Blueprint
Increase efficiency in the financial consolidation process with timely distribution of performance reports to business managers, who often don't receive the performance information that is critical for decision-making.

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