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Analytics at the speed of thought

Nothing is more tedious than watching the hour glass turn. Ask and you shall receive, fast.

Imagine the possibilities:

IBM BLU Acceleration – a combination of innovations from IBM® Research and Development Labs – dramatically simplifies and speeds reporting and analytics. Ten IBM labs around the world have filed more than 25 patents over the years, developing these new technologies.

The result of these innovations is:

We’ve even seen examples of 1200x faster3 analytic query performance. DB2 with BLU Acceleration also complements in-memory Dynamic Cubes in IBM Cognos® Business Intelligence with 24 times faster query performance.4

Dynamic in-memory delivers the benefits of in-memory columnar processing without the limitations or cost of in-memory only systems. The patented encoding technology of actionable compression preserves the order of the data, enabling compressed data to be used without decompressing. BLU Acceleration automatically detects large sections of data that don’t qualify for a query – and skips the unnecessary processing of this irrelevant data.

Find out what speed of thought analytics can do for you with BLU Acceleration.

It was amazing to see the faster query times compared to the performance results with our row-organized tables. The performance of four of our queries improved by over 100-fold! The best outcome was a query that finished 137x faster by using BLU Acceleration.

Kent Collins, Database Solutions Architect, BNSF Railway


The fast lane to insight

Accelerating analytics from the department to the enterprise

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The fast lane to insight: Accelerating analytics from the department to the enterprise

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Accelerating analytics from the department to the enterprise