BLU Acceleration

Speed. Simplicity. Affordability.

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Don’t wait until tomorrow to get to know your customers;
get to know them right now.

The more you know the more you want to know. The era of big data enables businesses to capture and analyze more data than ever. However, managing and analyzing all this data can place tremendous strains on systems. IBM BLU Acceleration speeds analytics and reporting so that you can analyze customer data in memory.

BLU Acceleration:

BLU Acceleration speeds analytics and reporting through dynamic in-memory columnar processing. This new technology from IBM Research and Development labs provides an extremely efficient way to find relevant data. Other innovations such as parallel vector processing, data skipping and actionable compression, set BLU Acceleration apart, and make it easy for you to connect with the information you need at breakthrough speed.

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    Speed, simplicity and affordability

    Three must-have capabilities for today's warehouse environment

Two ways to test drive DB2 with BLU Acceleration

See BLU Acceleration in-memory computing in action on the cloud or download free trial software.

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