BLU Acceleration

Fast. Simple. Agile.

What could your business do if it could answer questions 25x faster?

Your CFO wants to accelerate the analysis of financial performance data and your CMO is pushing for faster market and customer analysis. You realize that in-memory computing is the way forward for your enterprise. In-memory computing can help speed up analysis of the ever-growing enterprise data enabling you to uncover insights for growing revenue, reducing cost, and lowering risk in vastly improved timeframes.

However, your CIO expects you to deliver faster analytic performance while reducing labor, storage and system resources. You have heard that in-memory solutions require that the entire data set being analyzed fit into memory, which is a costly proposition especially when the data is large. Moreover, you are concerned about the complexity of making the move to in-memory architecture.

This is where BLU Acceleration comes into the picture.

What is BLU Acceleration?

BLU Acceleration is the next generation database technology that changes the game for in-memory computing. Delivering a combination of innovations from IBM Research & Development labs, BLU Acceleration provides breakthrough performance enabling speed of thought analytics without the constraints of other in-memory solutions and with the simplicity of “load and go” setup.

BLU Acceleration offers true business agility enabling faster time-to-value through a choice of deployment models of on-premise or via the cloud.




What could your business do if it could get answers faster? What could your business do with the extra time it would save with BLU? Where could you invest the savings to drive more business value?

1 Based on internal IBM testing of sample analytic workloads comparing queries accessing row-based tables on DB2 10.1 vs. columnar tables on DB2 10.5 with BLU Acceleration. Performance improvement figures are cumulative of all queries in the workload. Individual results will vary depending on individual workloads, configurations and conditions.

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