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Operations Analysis

What is the Operations Analysis big data use case?

Operations Analysis focuses on analyzing machine data, which can include anything from IT machines to sensors, meters and GPS devices. It’s growing at exponential rates and comes in large volumes and a variety of formats, including in-motion, or streaming data. Leveraging machine data requires complex analysis and correlation across different types of data sets. By using big data for operations analysis, organizations can gain real-time visibility into operations, customer experience, transactions and behavior.

Ask yourself:

checkmark Do you have real-time visibility into your business operations including customer experience and behavior?

checkmark Are you able to analyze all your machine data and combine it with enterprise data to provide a full view of business operations?

checkmark Are you proactively monitoring end-to-end infrastructure to avoid problems?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, the Operations Analysis use case is the best starting point for your big data journey.

Through Operations Analysis, organizations can:

Operations Analysis Use Case

  • Operations analysis is about using big data technologies to enable a new generation of applications that analyze large volumes of multi-structured, often in-motion machine data. Read this paper to learn how you can gain real-time insights, become more proactive, identify and investigate anomalies and monitor end-to-end infrastructure.

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The rise of the machine data: Are you prepared?

  • machine data

    The amount of machine data available requires complex analysis and correlation across different types of data sets. Companies that can perform this analysis stand to reap the rewards.

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Big Data Use Case - Operations Analysis

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    Watch as Vijay Ramaiah, Product Manager IBM Big Data, he discusses the new class of big data applications that are delivering new operational insights by analyzing huge volumes of machine data.

Key Benefits and Uses of Operations Analysis

Case Study

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    Learn how Vestas implemented IBM’s big data solution to help predict weather patterns to increase turbine energy production.

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