Big Data Exploration

What is the Big Data Exploration use case?

Big data exploration addresses the challenge faced by every large organization: business information is spread across multiple systems and silos and people need access to that data to meet their job requirements and make important decisions. Big Data Exploration enables you to explore and mine big data to find, visualize, and understand all your data to improve decision making. By creating a unified view of information across all data sources - both inside and outside of your organization - you gain enhanced value and new insights.

Ask yourself:

checkmark Are you struggling to manage and extract value from the growing volume and variety of data and need to unify information across federated sources?

checkmark Are you unable to relate “raw” data collected from system logs, sensors, or click streams with customer and line-of-business data managed in your enterprise systems?

checkmark Do you risk exposing unsecure personal information and/or privileged data due to lack of information awareness?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, the big data exploration use case is the best starting point for your big data journey.

  • Big Data Use Case - Exploration

    Watch as Stacy Leidwinger, Product Manager IBM Big Data, discusses the Big Data Exploration use case, one of the most popular starting points for organizations embarking on their first Big Data project.

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