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Consumerizing Big Data
Discover three ways in which Hadoop implementations can be easily leveraged in enterprises

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Acquire, Grow, Retain: Enhancing the 360 View of the Customer
IBM Big Data Evangelist, James Kobielus, and IBM Strategic Messaging Director for Big Data Marketing, Graeme Noseworthy, discuss how the IBM PureData System for Analytics can help organizations understand their customers in real-time.

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    How Open Source is Changing Business

    Open-source software has arguably had the largest impact on the big data movement, and at the forefront of that is Hadoop and R. Our expert panelists discuss the effect that open source software is having in the business world.

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  • Are You Confident in Your Data?

    Meet Mr. Confident and Mr. Not-So-Sure. Both are living in a big data world, but only Mr. Confident is succeeding. Mr. Not-So-Sure struggles with understanding the context, completeness and risk associated with data.

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Big Data in Healthcare: Tapping New Insight to Save Lives (link resides outside of

Healthcare is challenged by large amounts of data in motion that is diverse, unstructured and growing exponentially. Data constantly streams in through interconnected sensors, monitors and instruments in real-time faster than a physician or nurse can keep up.

Tuning Into Big Data as the Buzz Gets Louder

Taming Big Data: Small Data vs. Big Data (link resides outside of

Certain things cannot be overlooked when dealing with data. Best practices must be instituted for the care of big data just as they have long been in small data. Before enjoying big data's amazing analytical feats, you must first get it under control - with tools that are up to the challenge of implementing best practices in a big data world.

IBM big data plataform

Harness the Power of Big Data for a New Economy (link resides outside of

Infographic shows how leading organizations are leveraging an analytics-driven approach—fueled by data—to achieve sustainable marketplace advantage and create entirely new business models.

Tuning Into Big Data as the Buzz Gets Louder (link resides outside of

Tuning Into Big Data as the Buzz Gets Louder(link resides outside of

The data on big data is... well.. big.  Here are some examples of the kind of noise you'd encounter while gathering data about big data.

The Flood of Big Data

The Flood of Big Data(link resides outside of

Today’s rapidly growing flood of big data represents immense opportunity for forward-thinking marketers. But to fully leverage the potential that exists within massive streams of structured and unstructured data, organizations must quickly optimize ad delivery, evaluate campaign results, improve site selection and retarget ads. This is where the IBM Netezza® Factor comes in play, enabling a fluid analysis of complex data capable of unleashing a torrent of innovative, next-level ideas and results.

Big Data: The New Natural Resource. Big data is growing fast.

Big Data: The New Natural Resource(link resides outside of

Big data is the digital convergence of structured data found inside databases, and unstructured data flowing from new sources like social networks, mobile devices, sensors, RFID, smart meters and financial systems. Today, organizations can capture and analyze any data, regardless of what type, how much, or how fast it is moving, and make more informed decisions based on that information.

TDWI. Big Data Maturity Model Sponsor.

TDWI Big Data Maturity Model and Assessment Tool

Sponsored by IBM, this big data maturity online assessment tool enables organizations to objectively measure the maturity of an enterprise’s big data analytics program across five dimensions that are key to deriving value from big data analytics: organization, infrastructure, data management, analytics, and governance.


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