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Generating big value from big data in energy and utilities.

Big data is a critical element to solving key business problems for utility companies. It can turn the information from smart meter and smart grid projects into meaningful operational insights and insights about their customer’s behavior.

Big data can also be the key to actually deploying condition-based maintenance programs and improve forecasting and scheduling of assets, especially with the inclusion of distributed, renewable generation assets.

IBM’s big data and analytics platform is a comprehensive, integrated and industrial strength set of solutions that allows you to address the full spectrum of big data business challenges. For utilities, this spans from meter data management, large-scale predictive analytics of data at rest and in motion, handling all forms of structured and unstructured data; all underpinned by the essential security and governance mechanisms.

IBM is focused on supporting three major transformational initiatives in the utilities industry:

Transform the utility network

One of the key big data challenges comes with managing data generated by smart meters and smart grids. Once the basic meter to cash issues have been solved, utility companies are realizing that the same data can be analyzed in ways that generate real insights into the operation of the network. Issues such as understanding which components of the network are being stressed, determining where future investments can be best made, and identifying which conditions are indicative of future outages can now be addressed.

If you are faced with this challenge, IBM’s big data and analytics platform can help transform the grid from a rigid analog system to a smart, dynamic, digital and automated energy delivery system.

Pacific Northwest SMART GRID

Battelle uses IBM technologies to process significant amounts of data to gain insight into price fluctuations, energy consumption profiles, risk, fraud detection and grid health to support its smart grid demonstration project.

Smart Grid Analytics: IBM and eMeter

eMeter, a Siemens business, and IBM are partnering to help utilities improve distribution planning, prevent outages, engage consumers and increase profitability.

Improve generation performance

By collecting and analyzing key performance and sensor data, it is possible to understand patterns that lead to equipment failure. This can lead to very advanced Condition Based Maintenance schemes that allow maintenance activities to be focused on those tasks that yield the greatest return.

Big data analytics supports the change to renewables and micro-generation while providing the necessary mechanism to optimize generation and introduce the necessary demand response capabilities.

IBM Big Data Technologies: Helps Vestas Turn Climate Big Data Into Capital

Vestas uses one of the largest supercomputers worldwide along with a new big data modeling solution to slice weeks from data processing times and support 10 times the amount of data for more accurate turbine placement decisions.

Transform customer operations

IBM’s big data and analytics platform empowers consumers by providing them with near real-time, detailed information about their energy usage combined with improved customer service capabilities exploiting multi-channel delivery and social media. In deregulated/competitive markets, this includes advanced customer marketing techniques.

Utility companies are eager to better understand individual customers so they can do a better job of customer segmentation and create effective offerings for individual customers. By understanding how individual customers respond to requests to reduce consumption, you can understand which customers are going to be responsive. Also, it is possible to use real-time meter information to discover areas where there is unaccounted for consumption that happens when energy is being diverted and stolen.

Webinar: Understanding Your Energy Consumers

Discover how Westar is leveraging eMeter and IBM technology to understand their customers in new and profound ways, and how they plan to use Smart Metering to transform their business.

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