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IBM big data and information management

IBM Next Generation Architecture for Big Data and Analytics

Is your architecture big data ready?

IBM solves this challenge with a zone architecture optimized for big data. The next generation architecture for big data and analytics delivers new business insights while significantly reducing storage and maintenance costs.

The information management big data and analytics capabilities include :

Gain a strategic advantage over your competition, with IBM’s platform for big data and analytics.

“IBM has clearly made a big investment in building out a powerful Big Data platform."

IBM's Big Data Platform and Decision Management
Decision Management Solutions, James Taylor, May 2011

Understanding big data

Gain insight into IBM’s unique in-motion and at-rest big data analytics platform.

The FOUR V’s of Big Data.

The FOUR V’s of Big Data

IBM data scientists break big data into four dimensions: volume, variety, velocity and veracity. This infographic explains and gives examples of each.

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Learn how Vestas Wind Systems use IBM big data analytics software and powerful IBM systems to improve wind turbine placement for optimal energy output.

IBM Big Data Services

Accelerate your time to value with big data and analytics

6 Steps to Start Your Big Data Journey

Move beyond the buzzwords and cross the start line on your big data journey. Sushil Pramanick offers 6 crucial steps for answering the "what, where and how do I start" questions.


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