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ISVs & Tool Vendors – InfoSphere Streams

Accion Labs, Inc.


Accion Labs provides big data solutions for capturing, storing, searching and analyzing structured and unstructured data from multiple sources. With strong domain expertise in retail, healthcare and telecom applications, combined with a team with skills in various big data technologies, Accion Labs is an ideal solution partner for developing custom built solutions or products that leverage big data technologies.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Accion Labs uses IBM’s platform for big data solutions and builds custom solutions. Accion Labs specializes in integrating multiple data sources including automatic parsing, content enhancement and semantic analysis so as to convert raw data into a search-friendly repository. Leveraging a message-based architecture, Accion Labs solutions deliver high throughput batch operations without compromising performance of user operations and queries on the repository.





Aqumin provides real time, fully interactive, big data visual interpretation solutions with a focus on areas of Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Real Time Alerting, Financial Services, Risk & Compliance, Trading, Regulatory & Surveillance, Investment Research, Investment Banking, and Wealth Management. Aqumin's AlphaVision™ software brings a larger field of vision and unique insight into real-time intraday activity and historical trends. By viewing data in an interactive 3d environment users can access more data than ever before, on one screen and in real time, to spot trends, patterns, outliers, and opportunities faster.

Aqumin integrates with BigInsights and Streams to provide the human interface to working with big data. Leveraging BigInsights allows Aqumin to tap into historical data of all formats for ad hoc analysis and discovery. By taking the data out of standard table format, Aqumin is able to highlight relationships among data points that were previously hidden. The Streams platform is the ideal vehicle to filter noise and serve up relevant data into Aqumin’s AlphaVision™ visual environment. Aqumin’s software bridges the human / data interface gap to give valuable context to real time alerts, risks, and opportunities. The user interface is easily customized to solve Line of Business specific data challenges by bringing relational patterns, trends, risks, and opportunities into an interactive visual environment, empowering clients with actionable insight.



CléMetric combines the power of stream computing, data management, machine learning and visualizations to develop advanced analytics software that deliver insightful information from large volume, high velocity and extensive variety of real-time streaming data, regardless of its source. Our current data analytics and visual discovery software is tailored for real-time patient monitoring and healthcare operations. We also develop customer-specific solutions for insurance, telco, retail, public sector, energy and technology.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

We integrate with IBM through InfoSphere Streams, BigInsights, and machine learning modules using SPSS, Mahout, R, Java, C++, and Python. We provide products and services to solve customer specific analytics, data management and the visualization problems to deliver intelligence from structured and unstructured data.

"Data Analytics, Consulting & Research"

Download data sheet (PDF, 442KB)

cVidya Networks


cVidya is a global leader and innovative provider of Revenue Intelligence solutions for Telecom, Media and Entertainment service providers.

cVidya's Integrated Revenue Intelligence Solutions (IRIS™) product portfolio helps operators maximize their margins, improve their customer experience and optimize eco-system relationships.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

cVidya brings the power of big data to its pricing analytics application for Next-Best-Offer recommendation. OfferAdvisor enables marketing managers and retention teams to offer the optimal offer or price plan to help decrease the retention costs of existing subscribers as well as identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. cVidya's OfferAdvisor is a unique Next-Best-Offer application that analyzes structured data (such as actual subscriber usage) and unstructured or semi-structured data types (such as log files, clickstreams and text from e-mails) with new data sources. Consequently, OfferAdvisor has an even more powerful and accurate recommendation engine, taking into account churn risk, ability to match price plans, and add-ons based on customer preferences and behavior (e.g. sport add-on for sports fans and one month of free audio books for commuters).

With cVidya's new big data capabilities, CSPs can analyze massive amounts of data coming from both traditional and new data sources. This allows service providers to increase revenue and improve margins by deriving better and more accurate insight from their fraud management, revenue assurance and pricing analytics solutions.

IBM big data enterprise engine with its streaming analytics and internet scale analytics, proprietary and open source technologies such as Hadoop, are new data sources that can enhance the benefits CSP can get from their OfferAdvisor deployments.

"cVidya's applications regularly monitor and analyze billions of events and petabytes of data coming from multiple data sources deployed both on premises or over public or private cloud environments. By linking new data sources with traditional data, and by leveraging proprietary and open source Big Data technologies for distributed architecture for parallel processing, cVidya is ideally positioned to leverage this big data wave for the benefit of its customers."

Alon Aginsky, president & CEO of cVidya Networks

Darwin Ecosystem LLC


Our mission is to reveal the movement of information to improve human awareness and discovery.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Our core technology aggregates and correlates information that is representative of the current and evolving trends being expressed through sources of streaming information. Until recently this process was very resource-intensive, and offering an API was cost-prohibitive. Thanks to the recent advancement made by IBM in Big Data streaming processing and computing, we are integrated with IBM’s InfoSphere Streams to power our clients streaming computing needs.



DataCrunchers is the leading Big Data Consultancy Agency in Belgium. We enable our customers by helping them to define and implement a big data strategy.

We are a strategic one stop partner for big data consultancy services: installation, training, coaching, data mining, visualization, building data processing applications and data repositories & application monitoring.

We specialize in the Hadoop ecosystem and other Big Data related technologies.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

We have a proven track record working as Business Partner for IBM as education and services partner.

We look forward to use BigInsights and Streams to build custom Big Data solutions for our customers.

Datawatch Corporation


Datawatch Corporation provides visual data discovery software that optimizes any data, regardless of its variety, volume, or velocity – delivering next generation analytics to reveal valuable insights for improving business. Datawatch’s unique ability to integrate structured, unstructured, and semi-structured sources like reports, PDF files and EDI streams with real-time streaming data into visually rich analytic applications, allows users to dynamically discover key factors that impact any operational aspect of their business. This ability to perform visual discovery against any data sets Datawatch apart in the big data and visualization markets.

Datawatch provides real time Visual Analytics for IBM’s Big Data environment. Datawatch leverages streaming message bus interfaces and web based REST APIs to IBM Streams “data in motion” and direct connectivity to big data sources (Netezza, DB2 Blue). Datawatch allows analysts to build and deploy interactive, action oriented visual dashboards. Critical applications requiring streaming visualizations include:

Electrical Grid Monitoring Ltd.

EGM. Eyes on The grid.

Management System application for monitoring and analyzing the electrical grid, by using IBM Streams

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

EGM develops the Meta-Alert™ Management System application for monitoring and analyzing the electrical grid. As part of the solution, EGM integrates the following IBM's modules:

EGM's application uses those IBM modules along with its self-developed algorithms and sophisticated software that collect, store, analyze and predict all required to monitor, maintain and manage the large electrical grid as well as supply digested information to higher hierarchy management systems.

GlassHouse Systems Inc.

GlassHouse Systems Inc.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Professional Services (pre/post sale)

Global Consulting Solutions LLC

GCS. Global Consulting Solutions LLC

Global Consulting Solutions provides products, services, and thought leadership which elevate our customers' abilities to secure, manage, and more effectively utilize their data across and beyond their organizations.

GCS leverages the entire IBM Information Management portfolio to implement mission critical solutions for data archiving, management, security, movement, and analysis. Our customers depend on our industry and technical expertise and ability to help them reach their goals and improve their internal information management and analytical capabilities.

In addition to IM project management and execution, we provide development of point solutions such as our Enterprise Archive Search tool. This cutting edge solution provides ad hoc query capability to bring together data from IBM InfoSphere Optim archives, live enterprise data, and other structured and unstructured data sources, giving organizations a useful big data management tool.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

We work with our customers to build solutions based on the IBM big data platform, with our Enterprise Archive Search as our initial offering in the big data space.

Infomotion – Your Business Intelligence Experts. We generate business crucial information for the right management decisions.

Infomotion is the leading IT consulting firms for business intelligence, customized data warehouse solutions, enterprise reporting, BI platforms and corporate performance management. We provide support throughout the entire project cycle, from strategic IT planning to IT consulting and application support.

Data warehousing and business analytics is our business. With over 150 BI consultants we have realized customized analytical solutions for more than 200 referenceable customers throughout all branches and industries. To gain maximum return on investments in big data initiatives, it is key to integrate big data solutions into the existing BI strategy.

"We are about to launch a new website!"

Gnip, Inc.

Gnip, Inc.

Gnip is the world's largest and most trusted provider of social data. Gnip was the first to partner with Twitter to make their social data available, and since then have been the first to work with Tumblr, Foursquare, WordPress, Disqus, StockTwits and more. Gnip delivers more than 4 billion social data activities each day, to customers in more than 40 countries, and Gnip's customers deliver social media analytics to more than 95% of the Fortune 500.

Gnip is headquartered in Boulder, Colo., and has offices in San Francisco, New York and Washington D.C. For more information, please visit

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Gnip's integration with IBM BigInsights and Streams allows customers unprecedented access to complete coverage of social media data, ensuring they are accessing accurate, sustainable and reliable data streams within their IBM solution.



Complex Hosting Made Easy with Big Data
GoGrid and IBM partner to provide solutions to ISVs who want to Cloud Enable their software.

Goldbot Consulting

GoldBot Consulting

GoldBot Consulting helps to solve the big data dilemma by providing the custom solutions you need for more effective and efficient geospatial data mining.

We provide a number of different services including Predictive Geospatial Intelligence that can be used in a variety of ways for both commercial and government needs.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

We are looking to work with BigInsights and Streams with our custom solutions. Our value brings geospatial data mining on a large scale.



We are a leader in developing solutions to provide "Situational Awareness" for large organizations ranging from large financial intuitions to the DOD including the Air Force. Many of our clients use IBM Tivoli Netcool to analyze large streams of machine data (Logfiles, SNMP, etc.) to ensure the availability and performance of their services, networks, applications, and devices.

Today many organizations, including the Air Force, are looking to improve their "Situational Awareness" capabilities to predict outages and detect cyber attacks.

We have developed a Big Data solution, called datos that bolts onto IBM Tivoli Netcool; this solution can predict potential future outages, failures, and detect cyber and physical attacks.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

To learn more about datos and the IBM technology that powers this solution please contact Kevin Kulsavage via email or 303 887 1720

To learn more about datos and the IBM technology that powers this solution please contact Kevin Kulsavage via email or 303 887 1720

See this page:

Hexaware Technologies Inc

Hexaware Technologies. Your success is our focus.

Hexaware Technologies is a leading global provider of IT & BPO services and consulting. Founded in 1990, the company has grown to over 8300+ employees worldwide. It's driving philosophy of "YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR FOCUS" helping clients achieve competitive advantage by combining their IT staff with offshore resources and co-developing innovative IT capabilities. Having achieved the rare distinction of SEI CMMI Level 5, ISO 9001 and SAS 70 Type I certifications, the company's core expertise spans development support, integration, implementation and testing services across major enterprise software systems. With development centers and sales offices across the globe, Hexaware is headquartered in Mumbai, with Chennai, Bangalore, Pune & Nagpur as its major centers and New Jersey, London, Singapore and Mexico as its regional headquarters.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Given Hexaware' s core focus in the analytics domain coupled with the experience in delivering complex business intelligence projects globally, venturing into big data was a natural progression to add more value to end customers. Foreseeing the huge need for such solutions, Hexaware has been investing substantially in research and development around big data. In this regard, Hexaware works closely with its strategic alliance partners such as IBM to provide customers maximum value.

Through in-house big data COE, Hexaware has developed many proofs of concept and solutions for diverse industries that combine structured and unstructured data for analytics. These path-breaking solutions help organizations adopt big data effectively and realize significant business benefits. Hexaware's advanced analytics solution offerings involving predictive and text analytics have accelerated the adoption of advanced technologies to address major customer challenges. This wealth of knowledge around structured and unstructured data analysis helps customers discover unknown patterns in their data and take corrective measures at the right time, using platforms such as IBM InfoSphere BigInsights and IBM InfoSphere Streams. Be it a financial institution which is seeking to remediate risks by analyzing its transactions in real time, or an airline seeking to cut cost by analyzing its operations, these solutions offered by Hexaware would help the process significantly.

"IBM's big data platform provides us multiple possibilities to address the challenges posed by big data, such as dealing with different forms of data (such as structured and unstructured), and performing advanced analytics on such data (including text analytics, sentiment analysis, predictive analytics, etc.), which we plan to leverage for providing solutions to our customer-base across banking/financial services, transportation/logistics, healthcare & life sciences and others."

SundarVaradarajan - Senior Vice President, Practice Head, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Hexaware Technologies Ltd

Infomotion GmbH


Infomotion – Your Business Intelligence Experts. We generate business crucial information for the right management decisions.

Infomotion is the leading IT consulting firms for business intelligence, customized data warehouse solutions, enterprise reporting, BI platforms and corporate performance management. We provide support throughout the entire project cycle, from strategic IT planning to IT consulting and application support.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Data warehousing and business analytics is our business. With over 150 BI consultants we have realized customized analytical solutions for more than 200 referenceable customers throughout all branches and industries. To gain maximum return on investments in BigData initiatives, it is key to integrate BigData solutions into the existing BI strategy.

Integral Analytics

IA. Integral analytics

Integral Analytics (IA) uses sophisticated models to develop powerful software tools that reach every aspect of the energy industry. Our tools provide our clients with precise valuations and forecasts, faster and more cost effectively. IA's analytic models are currently used to:

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

IA's patented IDROP (IntegratingDispatchable Resources into an Optimization Portfolio), uses end-use level forecasting and mathematical optimizations on data collected through the smart grid to dispatch appliances, electric vehicles, photovoltaic generation, wind generation, and distributed storage units in near real-time. In order to manage this massive amount of data efficiently and rapidly, IDROP uses:

"IDROP the forgotten engine for next-generation demand response"
Jesse Berst,, January 4, 2011.

Intelligent Communication (Intelcom)


How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Intelligent Communication AS (Intelcom) is an IBM Premier Business Partner, focused on delivering Business Analytics and Information Management solutions based on IBM software. We have offices in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Our subsidiary Stream-Intelcom, headquartered in Amsterdam, covers the other EU countries.

We see big data as a natural extension of our BA practice, extending the sources to be analysed to sources like log files and clickstreams. A decade of experience with business intelligence coupled with state of the art software from IBM enables us to help our customers turn vast amounts of unmanageable information into actionable insight.

Complementing our skills in Business Analytics, we have extensive expertise in Information Management, within the fields of Enterprise Data Integration, Information Governance, Information Quality, and Master Data Management. This helps us ensure that the information being mined from the big data sources ends up with the right quality, in the correct form, and in the correct place, whether it be a data warehouse, an application or a dashboard.

iSoftStone Information Technology(Group) Co., Ltd

iSoftStone 软通动力

iSoftStone (NYSE: ISS) is a leading China-based IT services provider, serving both Greater China and Global clients. iSoftStone provides an integrated suite of IT services and solutions including Consulting & Solutions, IT Services and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services. Its comprehensive end-to-end service offerings support expansion in scope and scale of client engagements. iSoftStone focuses on key client industry verticals including technology; communications; banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI); healthcare; energy, transportation and public sector (ETP).

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Global coverage, regional focus, and vertical industry expertise: We have offices in more than 15 cities across China, four offices in Japan, and five offices in US and Canada, with more than 800 technical and consulting staff focusing on information management and business analytics. Our vertical focuses include banking, insurance, securities, CPG, retail, manufacturing, utilities, energy and power, and government etc.

To Grow New Business Together: In the last two years, we have been working closely with IBM on new business initiatives such as Smarter Cities by leveraging our skill in Cloud Computing, Business Intelligence, Mobile Internet, and Internet of Things. We have successfully deployed Smarter Cities solutions in China. With many years' experience in data integration, analytics, visualization and management, iSoftstone leverages IBM Big Data technologies to provide advanced big data analytics solutions for our clients. With IBM Infosphere BigInsights and InfoSphere Streams, iSoftStone's banking and big data solutions bring higher ROI of big data application and shorten the time from the start of the project to making profit for the client. In addition, we offer vertical big data solutions for the Smarter Cities initiatives in industries such as housing, urban-rural development, traffic and healthcare

Sample big data solutions we have already developed include: big data warehouse solutions integrated with IBM Infosphere BigInsights, and Digital Marketing solutions integrated with IBM Infosphere Streams.

Knowesis Technology

Knowesis Technology

Knowesis is a consulting service provider experienced in executing turnkey system integration projects focused on the telecommunications industry. Knowesis specializes in the area of enterprise marketing management, enterprise application integration and big data solutions and has created and been deploying a leading edge solution for real time contextual marketing leveraging IBM's Unica, InfoSphere Streams and WebSphere technologies.

Knowesis has focused on developing products that act as solution accelerators on top of IBM's software platforms. This helps clients minimize implementation risk and realize faster business benefits.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Knowesis works closely with IBM Software Group and IBM Global Business Services in using IBM technologies to deliver leading edge solutions for Customers in Telecom Industry.

To Be Launched Soon.

Mainline Information Systems

Mainline Information Systems

Having the right software application is only half the solution. You also need the right business partner to work with you throughout implementation. Mainline Information Systems has the expertise to provide complete IBM solutions that will meet your business needs.

IBM recognizes partners that have invested in the necessary skills to architect, implement and support IBM software products, and many IBM software products can be purchased only through authorized business partners that have achieved the IBM Software Value Plus designation. Mainline is one of these elite partners. Along with our Software Value Plus designation, we are also an IBM Software ValueNet Partner. IBM's ValueNet partnership is designated for those partners that have expertise in and have created solutions that leverage the IBM suite of products in order to solve industry business problems, decrease time to market, mitigate risks and improve return on investment. Mainline's ValueNet partnership provides industry leading solutions from Cognos, InfoSphere and Optim.

Mainline is the first IBM business partner in the U.S. to receive the IBM Gold Accreditation for IBM Cognos Business Intelligence. Mainline has more than 160 IBM certifications for business analytics and information management.

Mainline has also received sales certification for IBM Healthcare Provider Data Model (HCPDM). IBM HCPDM is a robust set of business and technical data models that are extensible and scalable to fit the unique complexities of the healthcare provider environment. We are now one of two IBM business partners certified to sell and deploy HCPDM.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Mainline's Innovation Center is a state-of-the-art facility where you can experience technology first hand through demonstrations, live testing and custom demos. The Mainline Innovation Center features products and solutions from a variety of providers who are market leaders in data, collaboration and smarter computing. Our Innovation Center can also accommodate custom software demo scenarios. We support all IBM Business Analytics, Information Management, and Big Data software solutions.

Commonly requested products include:

New capabilities and demos are being added to our innovation center on a regular basis. Most custom software demonstrations can be configured for you as long as we have a business use case, clear requirements and deliverables. To schedule an in-person or remote demo, please contact your Mainline account executive. Mainline can also be reached at 866.490.MAIN (6246) or



nfrastructure helps large enterprises design, build and operate mission-critical technology infrastructure. Combining proven methods and tools, world-class engineering talent, on-site technical service in every major North American market, and tightly integrated low-cost remote support, nfrastructure collaborates with customers to deliver sustainable disruptive value. With industry practices in public sector, financial services, retail, healthcare, technology, communications, public safety, higher education and energy, nfrastructure works with leading technology hardware and software vendors to provide comprehensive data center, network, security, unified communications, end-point, structured cabling, staffing and outsourcing solutions.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

nfrastructure provides organizations with the resources/knowledge to organize and integrate systems and data allowing effective enterprise-wide reporting capabilities and data driven decision. Our integration with IBM Big Data solutions enables us to broaden our offering with the ability to provide Big Data services to our customers and/or Big Data as a Service. The value realized through our IBM integration includes:

Nominum Inc.


Nominum provides industry-leading software that enables the world's largest network operators to deliver reliable and insightful network services every day. Our innovative DNS and DHCP software solutions help power the Internet and Fortune 100 companies around the world. Nominum delivers secure, scalable and agile network solutions to our customers who support hundreds of millions of consumers in the global market every day.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Nominum's three-tier architecture provides highly available core protocol engines that support scalable analytics platforms on which valuable applications are built. In the realm of IBM big data, Nominum's engines allows ubiquitous access to interesting user and application traffic that can be delivered real-time into IBM Infosphere Streams and InfoSphere BigInsights.

Nominum provides unique visibility to data and usage patterns which allow us to deliver valuable solutions for botnet & malware mitigation, SPAM blocking, subscriber analytics, consumer insight, device provisioning, mobile spectrum efficiency, end user policies and many more areas.

PROTEUS Technologies

PROTEUS Technologies. Outsmart.

PROTEUS Technologies is an innovative, leading-edge software and systems engineering solutions provider serving the Intelligence Community, Federal Executive Departments, and commercial industries. Akin to our namesake, we transform as necessary — our approach, processes and technology — to achieve the agility and adaptability inherent in fast, flexible, forward thinking solutions.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

At PROTEUS, we work hard to Outsmart our Nation's adversaries. Top talent begets top performance – and top performance begets innovative solutions to tough problems. With IBM, we bring innovative solutions to bear to solve the toughest challenges for a Smarter and Safer Planet.

Our clients derive confidence from partnering with an established company that has built its stalwart reputation on designing and developing agile and scalable solutions – solutions that drive the mission and evolve with ever changing needs. As the pace of information technology transformation skyrockets, the importance of designing software solutions that meet today's and tomorrow's requirements has never been more critical. To stay abreast of today's threats and ahead of tomorrow's, PROTEUS has partnered with IBM to leverage the unmatched capabilities offered by its Big Data platform. With IBM, PROTEUS delivers fast and flexible solutions to threats in real-time while simultaneously monitoring the horizon to intercept and eliminate future threats before they are initiated.

PROTEUS and IBM work with clients to determine critical needs and develop Agile solutions. That's why defense agencies have partnered with PROTEUS for over a decade and continue to request an ever-growing array of expertise and capabilities. With IBM's Big Data components like InfoSphere Streams, PROTEUS successfully conquers complex, real-time analytic demands and delivers consistent and effective answers to some of the nation's toughest challenges. Guided by an experienced and highly technical management team and coupled with IBM's Big Data platform, PROTEUS delivers the smartest computing solutions and the highest engineering standards in the federal national security space.

"Proteus delivers 110% to the customer. Their ability to provide agile, top-notch software engineering for our dynamically changing needs and requirements is unmatched. Company and contract representatives are absolutely the best that I've dealt with over the years."

- Client Division Chief



RES is comprised of a professional team with over 25 years of experience in the enterprise I.T. market, bringing a superior competence in processes and technologies and a strong world-wide presence. Additionally, RES has a highly qualified proficiency center making them an ideal, qualified and reliable business partner for every kind of client including; banks, insurance, finance, government, telecommunication, manufacturing, utilities …
Our mission has always been to help organizations maximize their efficiency and quality in the management of their information systems environments. Having a leading edge technology is the core fundamental and essential aspect that makes it possible for RES to be a world leader in competence and reliability, all the while focusing on innovation through a continuous improvement of their tools, architectures and platforms, whose state of the art technology is guaranteed by continuous significant and effectual investments, research and development actions from their internal, dedicated Competence Centers.
The constant internal mapping and interpretation of the business processes within the client’s IT systems, make it possible for RES to continuously evolve its products and services in adherence to the ongoing changes in a highly the competitive market in which the client is operating (its business).

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

RES integrates with IBM to complete the IBM offering which brings added value to the clients.
IBM InfoSphere BigInsights and InfoSphere Streams business analytics are made even more powerful by the RES products via their Data Quality and Data Governance.
The RES Suite platform, the RES personnel’s flexible approach supported by an enterprise-level (legacy and LUW) wide-purpose SW tools portfolio, enhances the IBM’s Big Data offering by providing quantifiable operational cost savings and increased efficiency in both the technical and user environments where the solutions are installed and used.

An IBM survey found that more than half of business IT leaders realized that in order to compete in a globally-integrated economy, today’s organizations need a comprehensive understanding of markets, customers, products, regulations, competitors, suppliers, employees and more. This understanding demands the effective use of information and analytics.

Big Data for the analysis of static data and data in motion now makes it possible to immediately exploit large volumes of structured data available in their original form, but also semi-structured and unstructured data available in a wide variety of sources when it is necessary to analyze all the data and when processing of a sample is not significant and thus does not provide effective results.

Virtually all companies have a large number of logs that contain information with high potential value, but they must be extracted and exploited. RES, by using the IBM Big Data platform, offers its clients the tools for the development, customization, management and visualization, via an Hadoop platform enriched with features that have improved system management and performances.

The difference between the IBM solution and those based exclusively on open source modules is the ability to deal with issues that are critical for an enterprise-wide solution.

RES helps organizations collect and analyze big data, with the aim of generating new insights resulting in a better understanding of their customers as individuals; deliver rich, personalized experiences that reinforce company brands, and maximize the value of every customer interaction.
The RES staff is made up of more than 100 professionals in Italy. Furthermore, RES has an office based in the United States and is active worldwide thanks to our strong partner network.
Finally, experience and qualifications make RES the ideal partner, able to provide corporations and organizations with high quality and added value offerings for the I.T. environment.



SciSpike focuses on providing clients with expert solutions through consulting, custom development or training. We can provide the highest value to our clients by using experts who guide clients in all areas of implementing new technology.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Besides IBM Big Data tooling, SciSpike brings experience with a variety of Big Data platforms, different flavors of Hadoop and NoSQL data stores. This enables us to provide expert guidance on use and integration of IBMs Big Data technologies in heterogeneous environments.

Our consulting and training can be customized to provide the most efficient solution for clients needs. Our development services span various technologies, tooling, and approaches to rapidly deliver systems.

SEMA Sistemas

Sema sistemas

"We bridge the gap between the speeds and volumes of the Stream Computing world and traditional OLAP world, providing a new advanced data management architecture that allows historical data to be processed alongside and complementing stream data "

SoftSol Inc.


SoftSol is a leader in providing information technology business solutions to companies, leveraging our skills in cutting-edge technologies, products, IPs, plus extensive experience (17+ years) across multiple industries. Our customers utilize our unique solutions to gain competitive advantage and business growth. Headquartered Silicon Valley (California), SoftSol's customers include leaders in Public Sector (State/ Local government Federal, and Defense), Media, Life Sciences, and High Tech.

SoftSol helps its clients to analyze their business critical data and make wise decisions for better business outcomes by providing client-specific custom big data solutions. We use the following approach to overcome business challenges faced by our customers, using big data:

SoftSol specializes in various big data technologies like Hadoop, HBase, Hive, MapReduce, Pig, No-SQL, CouchBase, and more to implement the big data solutions.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

SoftSol provides solutions based on IBM's InfoSphere BigInsights and InfoSphere Streams platforms for enterprise-specific real-time data analytics, data management and reporting. With specialization in providing solutions across industries (Public Sector, Media, Hi-Tech, Life Sciences, and BFSI), our Big data services to clients is based on:

"IBM InfoSphere BigInsights and InfoSphere Streams help us in providing effective end-to-end business solutions to our customers on a single unified platform. We are delighted to be part of this ecosystem." – Suresh Babu, SoftSol CEO

Voci Technologies Incorporated

Voci. Voci Technologies Incorporated.

VociTM Technologies Incorporated, (, is the world leader in accelerated human language solutions. Based on over a decade of research funded by NSF and DARPA at world renowned Carnegie Mellon University, the company has enhanced and extended the original research concepts to address enterprise demands for voice intelligence. Collaboration with experts at Carnegie Mellon ensures that Voci continues to provide the best human language technology solutions available in the market. The VBlaze™ speech appliance is the Voci large vocabulary continuous speech recognizer designed for small to large enterprises that seek to convert large volumes of speech-to-text. The V-Blaze system is integrated with a variety of IBM analytic tools including IBM's Streams and IBM's Content Analytics (ICA) to radically extend the state of the art in big data processing. The result is a high performance computing platform that allows speech and other data from thousands of real-time sources to be rapidly ingested, analyzed, and correlated to create actionable intelligence.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Interface directly with VOIP network through the PBX. V-Blaze delivers resulting conversation in textual form through a seamless interface with IBM Streams to enable real-time analysis of voice streams.

"Once we saw the speed and accuracy of Voci, there was no question that Voci offered the best way … to integrate speech into our analytics solution." Kurt Williams, Mindshare, CTO (


WISE MEN. Integrate. Analyze. Prosper.

For over 15 years, Wise Men Solutions a Houston TX HQ based company has orchestrated the seamless functioning of clients' IT infrastructures. Focused on client business pains, Wise Men utilizes pioneering technology tools and acute business strategies, coupled with its Managed Services, BigData Analytics, Smart Grid Services and Consulting offerings to resolve them. Wise Men Solutions enables customers to achieve peak operational efficiency while Delivering maximum value.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

IBM Business Partner and Vendor focused on big data analytics for In Motion data analytics and traditional data at rest analytics.