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Accion Labs provides big data solutions for capturing, storing, searching and analyzing structured and unstructured data from multiple sources. With strong domain expertise in retail, healthcare and telecom applications, combined with a team with skills in various big data technologies, Accion Labs is an ideal solution partner for developing custom built solutions or products that leverage big data technologies.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Accion Labs uses IBM’s platform for big data solutions and builds custom solutions. Accion Labs specializes in integrating multiple data sources including automatic parsing, content enhancement and semantic analysis so as to convert raw data into a search-friendly repository. Leveraging a message-based architecture, Accion Labs solutions deliver high throughput batch operations without compromising performance of user operations and queries on the repository.


Actuate, The BIRT Company, provides software to more than 3.5 million BIRT developers and OEMs who build scalable, secure solutions to deliver personalized analytics and insights to more than 200 million users. Actuate founded and supports BIRT, an open source IDE, and develops BIRT iHub, a world-class deployment platform that improves productivity for developers creating customer-facing applications. Actuate's BIRT Analytics delivers self-service predictive analytics, and the Actuate Customer Communications Suite empowers organizations to transform, process, personalize, archive and deliver high volume content and correspondence.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Integrating IBM BigInsights into data-driven applications is straightforward with BIRT: Using IBM-provided Hive drivers and BIRT’s built-in support for Hive, BIRT developers simply point to the BigInsights IP address and enter a password. Once connected to BIRT, BigInsights data can be joined with other enterprise data sources – including SQL, Big Data and legacy sources – to create compact, efficient BIRT Data Objects tailored to the needs of web-based applications or reports. Used together, IBM BigInsights and BIRT enable everyday business users to quickly visualize, interact with and derive value from enterprise data without coding or hands-on IT support. And like IBM BigInsights, Actuate’s server product, BIRT iHub is built for scalable enterprise use, with easy installation on IBM BigInsight’s VM.

“Actuate is pleased to be certified as compatible with IBM BigInsights. Integrating Actuate BIRT with BigInsights is easy, and BIRT’s ability to bring together BigInsights and other data sources makes BIRT the tool of choice for creating enterprise-scale data-driven applications that anyone can use.” – Nobby Akiha, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Actuate.

先进数通 Advanced Digital Technology

Advanced Digital Technology’s ADAM data management service products are based on Hadoop computing platform, support massive data archive and storage, information search, on-line data processing, report statistics and other functions.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Advanced Digital Technology’s ADAM data management service product integrated with IBM’s InfoSphere BigInsight, with BigInsight’s high efficiency in massive data processing and the adaptability to different types of data format, ADAM platform can fully support massive relational and non-relational archived data analysis. By full integration with InfoSphere BigInsight , ADAM products build a full-featured data management platform with comprehensive data analysis capabilities and excellent performance.


We specialize in enterprise data management solutions to transform raw data into meaningful insights. Whether it is implementing enterprise Data governance, Data Quality programs, Big Data solutions, or implementing a data warehouse and Business Intelligence reporting solutions, we can help.

Our clients include Federal and fortune 100 commercial entities. Aikya brings years of technical expertise and as a minority owned firm, also helps you meet your diversity goals.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

We bring IBM certified sales and reseller partners for IBM Big Data, PureData System for Analytics (Netezza), SPSS, Informix and related business analytics products. Our qualified and certified members in IBM Watson Explorer and BigInsights bring you the expertise necessary to implement your Big Data solutions.

Take advantage of our 15+ years in enterprise data management solutions in the areas of Data Governance, Data Quality, Big Data Solutions, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence.



Alacer. Our company name is derived from a Latin word meaning eager, quick, adaptive, and courageous. Our mission: resolve client needs with positive outcomes, quickly and smartly.

Delivery. We walk the talk, with integrity, ability and enthusiasm.

Satisfaction. We share your aspirations, put your needs first, and exceed expectations.

Value. Fast and smart, direct to the bottom line.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Alacer's team brings critical business expertise and specialized data science resources to meet dynamic business, budget, and technical requirements. With analysis of the right data, we guide investment, validate change, fuel growth, and create results.

We specialize in providing solutions built on IBM's Big Data stack, from Big Insights, Infosphere Streams, SPSS, Big Sheets, and Netezza. Industry expertise increases the strategic impact of our solutions especially in Financials and Health Care.

Succeed. Transform. Compute. Perform.


Alpine Data Labs

Alpine Data Labs provides the most Comprehensive Advanced Analytics Platform for Big Data. It is a predictive analytics tool designed for data scientists and business analysts driving business value from Big Data investment faster.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Alpine Data Labs is one of the first Analytics platform to be certified on Spark, a core technology and certified on IBM Open platform for Apache Hadoop. This enables Alpine to deliver scalable, optimized predictive analytics that is 100% visual, web-based and collaborative.


The amplab team makes sense of the world around them by turning data into information. For years, research in fields such as machine learning (ML), data mining, databases, information retrieval, natural language processing, and speech recognition have steadily improved their techniques for revealing the information lying within otherwise opaque datasets. But computer science is now on the verge of a new era in data analysis because of several recent developments, including: the rise of the warehouse-scale computer (WSC), the massive explosion in online data, the increasing diversity and time-sensitivity of queries, and the advent of crowdsourcing.



Apervi provides Big Data Integration products and solutions for the data driven and data intensive enterprises of today. Apervi offers Conflux Director, a unified orchestration platform supporting multiple big data technologies including Hadoop and Spark, making it easy and intuitive for its customers to leverage the power of these big data technologies from a common interface. Conflux makes Big Data Application development simple, secure and swift. Apervi's team consists of technology and data experts with years of experience in enterprise software, data management and analytics.
To learn more about Apervi please visit

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Marching along with the mantra of making it easy to use big data technologies the Conflux Director from Apervi continues to provide broad support for different flavors of Hadoop and stream processing systems. Apervi considers the support for InfoSphere Biginsights platform and InfoSphere Streams from IBM to be a crucial component of making it easy for customers to have the flexibility and freedom to choose the underlying big data platform that is right for them while maintaining control on how to intuitively create their big data workflows from a common interface in a code free fashion.

Conflux Director provides a layer of abstraction from the inner workings of Hadoop for users, making it simple enough for them to benefit from the technology without being bogged down by the underlying complexity thus speeding up the what to do with big data technology versus how to take advantage of big data technologies.

Customers can work with structured, semi-structured or unstructured data in a breeze by taking advantage of the powerful Conflux Designer transformations to intuitively apply processing logic by merely configuring and adding necessary operations in a workflow diagram again focusing on what to build versus wrestle with how to build.

“Conflux Director is the simplest and the easiest tool available when it comes to working with big data assets and technologies to build your next big data application” – Siddu Tummala CEO Apervi Inc.



Aqumin provides real time, fully interactive, big data visual interpretation solutions with a focus on areas of Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Real Time Alerting, Financial Services, Risk & Compliance, Trading, Regulatory & Surveillance, Investment Research, Investment Banking, and Wealth Management. Aqumin's AlphaVision™ software brings a larger field of vision and unique insight into real-time intraday activity and historical trends. By viewing data in an interactive 3d environment users can access more data than ever before, on one screen and in real time, to spot trends, patterns, outliers, and opportunities faster.

Aqumin integrates with BigInsights and Streams to provide the human interface to working with big data. Leveraging BigInsights allows Aqumin to tap into historical data of all formats for ad hoc analysis and discovery. By taking the data out of standard table format, Aqumin is able to highlight relationships among data points that were previously hidden. The Streams platform is the ideal vehicle to filter noise and serve up relevant data into Aqumin’s AlphaVision™ visual environment. Aqumin’s software bridges the human / data interface gap to give valuable context to real time alerts, risks, and opportunities. The user interface is easily customized to solve Line of Business specific data challenges by bringing relational patterns, trends, risks, and opportunities into an interactive visual environment, empowering clients with actionable insight.


Arcadia Data

We are a stellar team with deep roots in large scale data analytics. Prior to founding Arcadia Data, we were members of founding and core engineering teams at 3PAR, Aster Data, IBM DB2 and Teradata.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Arcadia has certified their revolutionary analytics platform with IBM BigInsights, and continues to collaborate on Hadoop and spark projects with IBM.




Attivio's Unified Information Access (UIA) platform, the Active Intelligence Engine™ (AIE), redefines the business impact of our customers' information assets. Attivio correlates disparate silos of structured data and unstructured content in ways never before possible. Offering both intuitive search capabilities and the power of SQL, AIE seamlessly integrates with existing BI and big data tools to reveal insight that matters, through the access method that best suits each user's technical skills and priorities.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Attivio's Active Intelligence Engine (AIE) works tightly with the IBM Netezza and the IBM BigInsights platforms to provide a unified information access layer that offers Business Intelligence (IBM Netezza and Cognos), Content Intelligence (Attivio AIE), Continuous Intelligence (IBM Streams) and Analytics Intelligence (IBM BigInsights) across all information sources including structured data and unstructured data and content. AIE's service oriented architecture, agile universal index, rich query APIs, JDBC and ODBC drivers and connector framework enable access to information inside and outside of the IBM technology stack to enable users to access all information in the way that best suits their technical skills, whether that is search, SQL, MapReduce or BI.

"Attivio enhances IBM business intelligence and Big Data technologies by unifying information across these analytics engines with internal and external sources, structured and unstructured; making all information, accessible to all enterprise users. This powerful combination provides customers with a complete platform for mastering extremely demanding and rapidly evolving information landscapes."


Axeor Solutions

Axeor Solutions has a strong foundation in project management, unparalleled analytical expertise, and a passion for Customer Success in the areas of Big Data, Advanced Analytics and Financial Performance Management. We leverage data, best practices, business understanding, innovative tools, and years of experience to ensure the highest level of execution and satisfaction for our clients. In the 17 years that the founders have been in the Business Analytics marketplace and IBM Premier Partners, our philosophy has been to provide Customer Success through a strong foundation in project management, unparalleled analytical expertise, combined with passion and a strong work ethic to succeed. We have worked in many companies but our major focus is Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Media and Insurance.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Industry-leading, big data solution integrators Axeor Solutions is the leading Systems Integrator firm for big data and advanced analytics. We are an IBM Advanced Partner and work with innovators to create solutions that tap into the power of Hadoop and HBase to process unstructured data, unlocking new insights and products that were never before possible.

Large scale, open-source information platforms

Develop your big data capabilities

Your big data solution starts with a Roadmap

"Big Data is a very large initiative for many Fortune 1000 accounts and we believe that IBM Big Data Solutions are positioned properly to assure our clients successfully solve their business problems using Big Data" Frank J. Marsella Sr. SVP Sales & Marketing for Axeor Solutions.



BIConcepts based in Vienna, delivers Business Intelligence and Analytic project cross all industries.

Additional to core DWH and BI based on structured data BIConcepts is an early adaptor to integrate unstructured data helping our customers to gain more insights, optimize information access for measurable competitive advantage.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:


Business Intelligence – from data to information and knowledge

Big Data & Content Analytics – value from structured & unstructured data

Planning – from strategy to plans, budgets and forecasts

Consolidation – from single to whole perspective

“We combine Content Analytics, Business Intelligence and Enterprise Search for all relevant Data - small or big - in rest or in motion – enabling our customers to gain insights for business optimization.”


Big Data Partnership

Big Data Partnership is the leading UK-based big data specialist solution provider, offering a combination of professional services and training to help enterprise clients unlock the value in complex data. With a team of industry experts and thought leaders in big data technologies including the Apache Hadoop ecosystem and NoSQL databases, Big Data Partnership has the knowledge and experience needed to Discover, Develop & Deliver scalable and reliable big data solutions, driving exciting results for our customers.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Big Data Partnership works closely with a number of leading and emerging big data technology vendor products including IBM BigInsights & Streams to store, manage, process and analyse big data for our customers.

Using a collaborative agile approach, we work with clients across a variety of industry verticals to identify use cases to address their big data challenges and help them to realise value from it. This encompasses end-to-end consultancy from data strategy to technology implementation.

Big Data Partnership is a certified IBM Big Data Systems Integrator partner.

"We are excited to be adding IBM to our partnership ecosystem and, in doing so, become certified IBM Big Data partner in UK & Europe" said Pinal Gandhi, Co-Founder & CCO, Big Data Partnership. "Our partnership is based on a shared vision of providing customers with the highest quality products and most creative solutions to their big data challenges. IBM's Big Data technologies enable us to apply best of breed enterprise solutions for our customers."

BigML, Inc.

BigML makes it easy to get insight from your data without having to hire a data science team. Our user-friendly workflow lets anyone train, visualize, evaluate and implement predictive models with no coding required.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Use data from BigInsights to quickly train and evaluate a predictive model with BigML, then implement this model using Streams to make real-time predictions. Both BigML and Streams support the PMML standard for predictive models, making integration easy.

"Before BigML, training a predictive model meant hiring a data science team to wrestle with expensive and difficult tools. Now companies can get insight into their data quickly and easily, using the same powerful algorithms enjoyed by data scientists."



BPSolutions was founded in 2001 and is an IBM Premier Business Partner in Europe. BPSolutions has a proven track record to advice companies and non-profit organizations about planning, designing, implementing and managing as well as maintaining Dynamic Infrastructures and the implementation of Information Management Solutions. The Information Management practice is specialized in information lifecycle management, data privacy protection, data security and monitoring & reporting solutions. Our objective is to combine infrastructure and information management capabilities to provide high value solutions to our customers to increase business value whilst reducing IT costs and risks.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

BPSolutions integrates IBM InfoSphere BigInsights, InfoSphere Streams, IBM Netezza Data Warehouse Appliances, InfoSphere Optim and InfoSphere Guardium solutions to deliver:


Brightlight Consulting

Brightlight Consulting is a Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing consultancy dedicated to helping our clients get exactly the right information - to the right people - at the right time, to empower decision-making that will significantly improve profitability, cost efficiency and competitive advantage. Brightlight brings deep technical knowledge of all the latest BI tools, but our experience tells us Business Intelligence technology is only as effective as the strategy it fulfills and the people it enables.

Brightlight Consulting's success is based on the belief that building a consulting firm exclusively focused on Business Intelligence Services will attract a community of deeply experienced consultants with a passion for Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. In turn, we are able to bring our clients a depth and breadth of capability and a commitment to deliver with uncompromising dedication to quality and integrity.

Brightlight's portfolio of Business Intelligence Services can help you build an information strategy to monitor your KPI's, architect and design your BI or DW solution, and develop a solution using the most cost effective technology available. We can then deploy the solution making sure improved business processes are enabled along the way.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Brightlight is a multi dimensional partner to IBM. We are heavily positioned with IBM's IM division as both a BI/DW Systems Integrator as well as a Reseller. Plus, we are utilized by IM labs as a consulting sub-contractor , with expertise available for IBM Netezza data warehouse appliances, InfoSphere BigInsights, InfoSphere Streams, InfoSphere DataStage and IBM Cognos.



Big Data can create big challenges. Whether you want to capitalize on Big Data through analytic-driven customer insight or you need to secure and protect large volumes of enterprise data, BTRG has the knowledge, experience and data governance methodologies Big Data projects require.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

BTRG is an IBM Premier Business Partner and an IBM go-to-market partner for Information Management solutions. Closely aligned with IBM, BTRG's Information Governance practice specializes in data quality management, information lifecycle management and information security and privacy.

As an ERP systems integrator for nearly two decades we understand the complex data structures underlying the market's leading ERP systems. We can help your organization establish a systematic approach to the collection, use, retention and disposal of enterprise data and we have proven methods to measure, improve, and certify the quality of production, test and archived data. In addition, we make data security solutions economical for organizations facing Big Data privacy challenges.

For organizations that have anywhere from a dozen to a few hundred disparate applications, complying with data privacy regulations can be cost-prohibitive. Yet the risk is enormous. Recent headlines are full of examples and it would appear that no organization is immune. Sony's well-publicized data breach, for instance, is estimated to have cost it at least $170M. Clearly, as the cost of storage plummets and Big Data piles up, the risk to your organization only continues to grow.

A combination of both software and consulting services, the BTRG Data Masking Factory is the only solution on the market today that effectively occupies the space where Big Data and data privacy converge.

The engine powering The Data Masking Factory is a combination of IBM's Optim™ Test Data Management and Data Privacy functionality and our proprietary Masking Automation Software. The Masking Automation Software serves as an extension of the Optim™ product and is used to rapidly advance the development cycle through automated tools. Packaged and delivered with a set of rapid implementation services, our Data Masking Factory can cost-effectively mask large amounts of sensitive data, enterprise-wide.

"Information security tops the list of concerns of nearly every CIO I talk to. When it comes to delivering data privacy solutions for Big Data, IBM and BTRG offer the market's leading solution. Our Data Masking Factory is the most economical means of securing sensitive data across a multitude of disparate systems", says Mike Martin, Information Governance Practice Director at BTRG.



Buckley delivers extensive, hands-on knowledge in assisting in the ability to convert data into information. We have successfully delivered Big Data solutions with some of the largest and most data intensive Commercial and Federal clients.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Substantial Health Care and Federal industry expertise combined with exception technical knowledge including Streams, BigInsights and Netezza. In addition to highly trained technical resources, Buckley combines our vertical market knowledge to deliver solutions based on our intimate client experiences.

"Buckley Data is Big Data"



The RIFLE Software™ application is designed to help law enforcement agencies easily identify officer risk in five major areas: lethal use of force, non-lethal use of force, misconduct, pursuits, and collisions. The application uses risk dashboards to identify patterns at a management level and provides detailed data analysis capability once a potential liability issue is uncovered. This allows an agency to take corrective action through training or discipline before a pattern of conduct manifests itself. In this manner, lawsuits can be avoided or minimized through monitoring and public trust is maintained with transparency and accountability.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

RIFLE Software™ uses BigInsights to integrate unstructured data into the analysis of risk related incidents to provide more thorough insight into employee behavior. The structured data is married with analysis of text, feeds, and images from both internal and external sources. These additional sources provide deeper insight into the context of the employee behavior.

"We are excited to integrate the IBM BigInsights capability into our RIFLE (Risk Information for Law Enforcement) Software™ product", said Ed Cadow, CEO of Cadow Software. "The addition of BigInsights expands our reach into a new collection of identifiers that help agencies more thoroughly manage employee risk."


Big Data represents a fundamental shift in business decision making. Organizations are used to analyzing internal data– sales, shipments, inventory. Now they are increasingly analyzing external data too, gaining new insights into customers, markets, supply chains and operations: the perspective that Capgemini calls the “outside-in view”. We believe it is big data and the outside-in view that will generate the biggest opportunities for differentiation over the next five to ten years.

Capgemini’s Business Information Management services address the whole information lifecycle to ensure your organization gets real business value from its data resources. Together with your organization and benefitting from its deep industry knowledge, Capgemini creates and delivers business and technology solutions that fit your needs and drive the results you want. With over 7500 BIM consultants worldwide sharing a comprehensive approach, Capgemini’s Business Information Management helps customers leverage enterprise data for competitive advantage.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Bringing together Capgemini’s BIM vision with IBM Smarter Analytics helps you get more insight and value out of your big data for optimized decision making and business value creation.

Capgemini breaks down big data management into 5 process steps underpinned by essential data services:
Acquisition, Marshalling, Analysis, Action and Data Governance which covers IBM’s Information Management portfolio.

Capgemini’s CoE dedicated to big data utilizes IBM technology to provide accelerator tools and demonstrators which support client’s big data business-centric use cases.

“The challenge for modern business is to leverage the right information at the right point to get the right decision. Capgemini and IBM Software’s collaboration in making this happen is founded on over 20 years of joint work in the Information Management and Integration space which has put in place the foundations on which the next generation of big data challenges can be addressed. Big data and Predictive Analytics are not simply technologies in themselves, they require business understanding and technology foundations to ensure high quality and reliable decision making. By working together on Big Data Capgemini and IBM are ensuring that IBM Software’s big data solutions are delivering real business value.”
Steve Jones, Director of Strategy for Big Data and Analytics at Capgemini


CGI. Experience the commitment®

Clients recognize the importance of understanding the markets they operate in and the behavior and sentiment of customers within those markets. Recent research shows that customer experience and especially Business Intelligence and Analytics capabilities within that domain are on top of mind of CIO's and CMO's of our clients.

"Analytics and BI is the number ONE priority of CIO's in 2012"
- Gartner, 2012 CIO Agenda

This is for us one of the key areas of growth, leveraging our existing footprint of over 4000 employees working in Information Management and Business Intelligence

At CGI, we believe in implementing technology that transforms our clients' business environments. That's why we offer our services to a focused set of industries where we have developed deep experience and expertise. We understand our clients' business realities and have the know-how and solutions needed to advance their business goals.

For more information on CGI’s Information Management and Business Intelligence capabilities please visit our website.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Our Applied Customer Insight portfolio enables organizations to capture, interpret and act upon data acquired from the multiple places where customers engage, and apply that insight collaboratively across the whole business operation. We provide full life cycle services and solutions to support our clients in the areas of:

Our clients usually already successfully create value from the large amounts of data that it manages – both for itself and for its customers. However there are increasing external sources of data that our clients may not have used before that might provide very relevant customer and market information. Understanding the behavior and sentiment of customers requires social listening, capturing what is said about your client in the social world, establishing the clients social footprint.

Capturing that data, infer meaning from it and integrate it with client's internal data sources requires solutions referred to in the marketplace as "Big Data". Big data is the fuel that powers our Applied Customer Insight portfolio.

"CGI’s BI practice targets clients that need help to design, build, integrate and manage their BI portfolio or solutions. Clients should look to include Logica for projects for a more complete solution that provides business value. CGI is a good fit for clients looking for a provider that can provide deep industry skills in one of its focus verticals."
- Gartner BI System Integrators Overview, Nov 2011



Real-time information is becoming increasingly critical to drive business decisions, retain customers and achieve a competitive advantage. However, performing data analysis in real-time requires all data to be in a single system, and most organizations today have multiple real-time and contextual data sources.

The promise of faster access and analysis of big data is delivered via the Cirro Data Hub with a revolutionary approach that simplifies total data access by federating queries across multiple sources of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. The goal is to promote an agile analytic environment that allows for analysts to ask questions across all data sources, whether they be in a traditional database, Hadoop, NoSQL or SaaS platform. With Cirro all of this is accomplished without the effort and overhead of traditional ETL and data virtualization approaches.

Cirro is a Next Generation approach to the challenge of federated processing by removing the complexity of accessing any data, on any platform, in any environment. Federation of query processing is about 'taking the processing to the data not bringing data to a centralized processing environment.' With Cirro users do not need to concern themselves with the complexities of having to stage data, various operating systems and multiple query and/or programming languages. Rather, users need only concern themselves with what data they want and what they want to do with it.

The Cirro Data Hub provides a single point of entry for accessing data of any type on any platform in any environment and delivers increased performance and all of the benefits of data virtualization solutions without the overhead, management, and administration typically associated with data virtualization solutions. The Cirro Data Hub is tested and certified to work with IBM's Hadoop distribution, InfoSphere BigInsights, as well as IBM's PureData System for Analytics.


Citrusleaf ™ the real-time noSQL database

Citrusleaf is a powerful NoSQL database product designed for Big Data web scale mission critical applications. Citrusleaf is now widely used in applications requiring real-time access to many terabytes of data with extremely high transaction requirements, full database integrity (ACID compliance), highly scalable, ultra low latency and 24x7 uptime.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Citrusleaf integrates with IBM's Big Data strategy by being the high performance in-memory and flash based data store providing the ability to process hundreds of thousands of transactions per second per commodity server node and automatically scales up linearly with more cluster nodes. Uniquely, Citrusleaf excels at both read and write throughput, while maintaining data reliability and high availability. Citrusleaf already has become the underlying component of some of the largest mission critical applications, running at full internet scalability while 100% online. Citrusleaf provides the real-time storage engine for acting on big data batch results. Today, Citrusleaf's customer's applications use Hadoop, Netezza, and other map/reduce solutions, and store actionable real time results alongside raw real-time data. These results drive optimal business decisions and optimizations with millisecond granularity over terrabytes of data. When IBM's Big Data solutions require real-time actions, Citrusleaf can be a critical infrastructure component.

Citrusleaf enhances IBM's Big Data product offering by providing a world class database architected from the ground up for web scale mission critical applications. Citrusleaf handles hundreds of thousand of transactions per second per node and at the same time being highly reliable (100% availability) and be able to scale as the business requires.



Accessing your disparate internal data sources and reaching insights is a lengthy process. Your external data sources and files are fraught with data formatting and data prep issues that slow things down even further. If blending them, it requires more prep and data modeling. There’s a way around this with built-in intelligent data inferencing, and automated data blending and harmonization solutions that speed and ease this otherwise tedious process.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Clearstory Data and its unique technology runs on Spark, a core technology and a certified part of the IBM Open Platform for Apache Hadoop



CléMetric combines the power of stream computing, data management, machine learning and visualizations to develop advanced analytics software that deliver insightful information from large volume, high velocity and extensive variety of real-time streaming data, regardless of its source. Our current data analytics and visual discovery software is tailored for real-time patient monitoring and healthcare operations. We also develop customer-specific solutions for insurance, telco, retail, public sector, energy and technology.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

We integrate with IBM through InfoSphere Streams, BigInsights, and machine learning modules using SPSS, Mahout, R, Java, C++, and Python. We provide products and services to solve customer specific analytics, data management and the visualization problems to deliver intelligence from structured and unstructured data.

"Data Analytics, Consulting & Research"



Big data, all that disparate information organizations collect from millions of customer transactions through multiple touch points, has untapped value – but only when all the consumer interactions are connected and woven into meaningful experience journeys. ClickFox experience analytics software and solutions track every individual interaction that every customer has with a given company, at every step in the path, across all channels, and delivers insights on critical trends: where breakdowns and successes occur, and where opportunities lie for improvement and growth.

ClickFox is the only company today that ties all this information together into a complete view of customer experience at the individual level - and across an entire customer base – along with its impact on business outcomes. Analyzing customer behavior for over 400 million consumer accounts across retail stores, web sites, contact centers, email, chat, mobile/SMS and social media, ClickFox continues to grow its interaction analytics cloud, a broad, deep data repository revealing powerful consumer trends and benchmarking insights across industries.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Combined with IBM's Big Data Platform, ClickFox's cross-channel analytic engine will analyze structured and unstructured data from warehouses to build a visual mapping of product and customer experiences across the enterprise. The experience analytics solution will yield powerful insight into consumer behavior, channel conflict, marketing and sales effectiveness, retention strategies and the impact of product and service issues on customers. By revealing hidden bottom-line connections between products, touch points, consumers and business outcomes, organizations can reduce costs, increase satisfaction and loyalty and drive revenue and competitive advantage. Organizations benefit from a multi-dimensional view of their business from several lenses, including: employee, customer, product, service, company and influence, and can focus analysis on the most critical areas.

Working with IBM, ClickFox will continue to build a broad, deep interaction analytic cloud housing billions of consumer interactions which enable unparalleled insight into behavior trends, patterns and the real financial impact of customer experience.

"Companies today are storing massive volumes of Big Data but aren't even seeing a fraction of the value because of the limitations with analyzing structured and unstructured sources and connecting the dots across the enterprise," said Marco Pacelli, CEO of ClickFox. "The powerful combination of our unique ability to deliver rapid, cross-channel insight across any data source from product and customer behavior to social media sentiment, coupled with IBM's industry-leading data expertise offers organizations a way to gain strategic business insight from Big Data for increased revenue, profitability and competitive differentiation."


Coherent Path

Coherent Path offers a cloud-based Loyalty Analytics and Personalization Platform that maps the journey that customers take through product and transactional spaces in order to optimize engagement around long-term business objectives.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

The Coherent Path platform leverages IBM InfoSphere BigInsights to allow retailers to tune personalized engagement and promotion efforts to each customer's journey and directly tie marketing programs to metrics like loyalty, churn and customer lifetime value.



Concord is a specialty solution provider with extensive experience in process, data, and system integration.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Concord is an established IBM Premiere Business Partner with a proven track record delivering industry solutions based on IBM's Information Management, and WebSphere product lines as well as Hadoop.

In addition, Concord has created ComplETE suite that complements and enhances the BigInsights platform by providing end-to-end business process visibility in mainframe & distributed environments as well as environments where establishing precise transaction relationships seems impossible. We offer true end-to-end correlation. The suite includes transaction monitoring, transaction trending, transaction analytics, event management and payload forensics.

The suite couples the power of Hadoop with in-memory MOLAP cubes embedded in our RETE rules engine to deliver the fastest real-time analytics & simulation platform on the market.

"IBM puts Big in Big Data. Concord adds real-time rule processing & end-to-end transaction visibility. Jointly, we believe we can reshape time-critical analytics." said Jeff Northrup, CEO of Concord.


Our open source project, Cascading™, is the most widely used and deployed technology for developing Big Data applications with over 150,000 downloads a month. Used by thousands of data driven businesses including Twitter, eBay, The Climate Corp and Etsy, Cascading is the de-facto application platform for building and deploying large scale data processing applications.

We are also the team behind Driven, the only application performance management product designed to help developers and operations accelerate Cascading application development and management. Driven provides comprehensive insights and unprecedented visibility into building your data-centric applications.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Cascading and Driven give enterprise developers the tools they need to develop robust analytics and data management applications for IBM BigInsights. Prior to Cascading, developing applications for Hadoop was a complex, error prone process. Cascading and Driven eliminate the obstacles (difficulty testing, specialized knowledge, etc.) that have slowed the adoption of Hadoop by enterprises. Enterprises can now leverage the existing skills of their Java developers to develop a range of valuable data-oriented applications that take advantage of the enterprise-grade capabilities of IBM BigInsights.



Connotate turns the Internet into a usable, content database by automating the process of monitoring Web sources and collecting precise, targeted data. Connotate monitors online sources you choose to deliver data on markets, companies, pricing, inventory, media, and more. Connotate collects and structures this data for rapid integration into your data stores and analytics applications to produce actionable results. Connotate’s growing customer list includes global businesses such as McGraw-Hill, ShopZilla, Associated Press and Thomson Reuters. Connotate has been named a KMWorld “Trend-Setting Product” for the past seven years.


How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Connotate enables customers to incorporate previously unstructured data from external sources into IBM’s analytical applications. Competitive pricing data, retail level discounts and inventory availability can be highly valuable in a business analysis. The most current market data typically reside outside the firewall. Connotate enables valuable, filtered data to be brought into the IBM BigInsights environment at scale - and regularly updated. The results are better insights from more comprehensive, targeted and fresher data.

“Connotate is committed to helping customers rapidly gain tangible benefits from Big Data sources outside the firewall,” said Keith Cooper, CEO of Connotate. “IBM InfoSphere BigInsights provides the analytics to turn the wide variety of data Connotate provides into real business insights.”

For more information, please visit or



Contexti is AsiaPacific's leader in big data analytics consulting, systems integration and training.

We specialise in Hadoop, NoSQL and related technologies and advanced data science techniques.

Our solutions solve enterprise data processing challenges and deliver breakthrough customer, revenue and risk insights.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Contexti is an IBM InfoSphere Streams & InfoSphere BigInsights integration partner.

Contexti adds value to IBM big data suite with a number of services including Strategy Definition, Solution Design, Training and Data Science / Advanced modeling.

"As enterprises in Australia and Asia progress through their Big Data journey, Contexti has a dedicated service offering to help at each stage" Sidney Minassian, Founder & CEO, Contexti



Couchbase is the NoSQL leader, with production deployments at AOL, Deutsche Post, NTT Docomo,, Starbucks, Zynga, and hundreds of other global enterprises. Couchbase Server, our NoSQL database offering, delivers a more scalable, high-performance and cost-effective approach to data management than relational database technology. It is particularly well suited for storing the data behind web applications deployed on modern virtualized or cloud infrastructures.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Couchbase provides a connector to Hadoop, which easily integrates with IBM Big Insights. Typical deployments rely on Couchbase Server for consistent high performance with high throughput and low latency and easy scalability. Using this integration, data from your real-time web application system can be moved into IBM Big Insights to learn about trends and insights of your users, their profiles and preferences using the analytical tools IBM provides.



CQuotient is focused on understanding customer's individual tastes and preferences. Our expertise is taking huge amounts of structured and unstructured data on consumer behavior (transactions, engagement, web + in-store behavior, etc), applying leading edge algorithms and techniques, and gleaning predictive tastes for every customer. We then use that knowledge to dramatically improve marketing and merchandising decisions.

No longer will Amazon know your customers better than you do!

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

The CQuotient solution integrates seamlessly with the IBM suite, turbo-powering the value retailers can realize from their IBM assets.

First, we leverage Core Metrics tagging and logs to understand consumer's web behavior. Once we merge that data with other data sources, our advanced modeling and predictive algorithms operate within the IBM InfoSphere BigInsights environment, which means we can leverage the full power the IBM big data technology stack.

And once we have derived tastes for every customer, we are able to feed them directly into IBM's Enterprise Marketing Management tools (such as Unica) so marketers can easily take advantage of our insights to create highly targeted and relevant marketing campaigns across all media.

"IBM has a full vision for how big data can be used to create value for retailers and we are extremely pleased to be their partner," said Rama Ramakrishnan, CEO of CQuotient. "Through our partnership, we are able to provide value-added insight that truly brings their vision to life."


cVidya is a global leader and innovative provider of Revenue Intelligence solutions for Telecom, Media and Entertainment service providers.

cVidya's Integrated Revenue Intelligence Solutions (IRIS™) product portfolio helps operators maximize their margins, improve their customer experience and optimize eco-system relationships.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

cVidya brings the power of big data to its pricing analytics application for Next-Best-Offer recommendation. OfferAdvisor enables marketing managers and retention teams to offer the optimal offer or price plan to help decrease the retention costs of existing subscribers as well as identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. cVidya's OfferAdvisor is a unique Next-Best-Offer application that analyzes structured data (such as actual subscriber usage) and unstructured or semi-structured data types (such as log files, clickstreams and text from e-mails) with new data sources. Consequently, OfferAdvisor has an even more powerful and accurate recommendation engine, taking into account churn risk, ability to match price plans, and add-ons based on customer preferences and behavior (e.g. sport add-on for sports fans and one month of free audio books for commuters).

With cVidya's new big data capabilities, CSPs can analyze massive amounts of data coming from both traditional and new data sources. This allows service providers to increase revenue and improve margins by deriving better and more accurate insight from their fraud management, revenue assurance and pricing analytics solutions.

IBM big data enterprise engine with its streaming analytics and internet scale analytics, proprietary and open source technologies such as Hadoop, are new data sources that can enhance the benefits CSP can get from their OfferAdvisor deployments.

"cVidya's applications regularly monitor and analyze billions of events and petabytes of data coming from multiple data sources deployed both on premises or over public or private cloud environments. By linking new data sources with traditional data, and by leveraging proprietary and open source Big Data technologies for distributed architecture for parallel processing, cVidya is ideally positioned to leverage this big data wave for the benefit of its customers."

Alon Aginsky, president & CEO of cVidya Networks




Daman, a highly specialized, data management consulting firm, has been a trusted partner for large Fortune 2000 clients for almost two decades. Our success has been achieved via a fine balance of technology, methods and business acumen, all geared towards assisting our clients in leveraging their information assets via an efficient portfolio of data management solutions governed by an effective, long-term program.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Daman has a 15-year history of partnering with IBM in delivering information management solutions leveraging IM and Analytics products such as Netezza, DB2, InfoSphere, Cognos and SPSS. As a natural evolution of this long history, we now offer advisory and implementation services to deliver Big Data management solutions leveraging BigInsights and Streams.

Our experience with large data and real-time analytic solutions has allowed us to get an early start in this next stage of evolution of the IM industry - the delivery of Big Data solutions for structured and unstructured data as well as for data in-motion. Coupled with deep industry knowledge in semi-conductor, process manufacturing, insurance and financial services, and retail, we can help clients leverage their investment in InfoSphere Big Data by making it an effective part of their DM tool belt – either as an enterprise data foundation or as a highly functional data profiling, exploration or analytics laboratory.

Daman's Standard Architecture for Hadoop-based Big Data solutions is a hybrid of proven strategies, design principles and pre-built, reusable components. Grounded in many years of IM implementation experience and project success, the framework can be broadly categorized into:

Automated Schema Discovery: Using Daman's patented BRMS™ solution, relationships across multiple incoming schemas can be automatically discovered and linked for both data-at-rest and data-in-motion. This enables rapid integration of structured and unstructured data leading to faster and better insights.

Partitioning Strategy: Daman's 'Automated Schema Discovery' coupled with our methods for pattern-based data distribution can help you organize the incoming data more efficiently, achieving a balance for both performance and data access.

Shared Integration Components: Built in Java and MapReduce, the standard components help deliver consistency and shorten the integration development lifecycle. Our components list include (but is not limited to): (1) Replay and Reload facility, (2) Validation and Reconciliation facility, (3) Regression Test infrastructure, (4) Process Manager, (5) Run-to-Run Controls, (6) Data Masking facility, (7) a generic extraction engine.


Our mission is to reveal the movement of information to improve human awareness and discovery.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Our core technology aggregates and correlates information that is representative of the current and evolving trends being expressed through sources of streaming information. Until recently this process was very resource-intensive, and offering an API was cost-prohibitive. Thanks to the recent advancement made by IBM in Big Data streaming processing and computing, we are integrated with IBM’s InfoSphere Streams to power our clients streaming computing needs.



Databricks was founded out of the UC Berkeley AMPLab by the creators of Apache Spark. We’ve been working for the past six years on cutting-edge systems to extract value from Big Data. We believe that Big Data is a huge opportunity that is still largely untapped, and we’re working to revolutionize what you can do with it.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

IBM and Databrick collaborate on the open source projects that make up Spark, a key technology for IBM for driving the next generation of analytics and automation applications.


DataCrunchers is the leading Big Data Consultancy Agency in Belgium. We enable our customers by helping them to define and implement a big data strategy.

We are a strategic one stop partner for big data consultancy services: installation, training, coaching, data mining, visualization, building data processing applications and data repositories & application monitoring.

We specialize in the Hadoop ecosystem and other Big Data related technologies.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

We have a proven track record working as Business Partner for IBM as education and services partner.

We look forward to use BigInsights and Streams to build custom Big Data solutions for our customers.



Dataguise delivers data privacy protection and risk assessment analytics that allow organizations to safely leverage and share enterprise data. Our solutions simplify governance because they proactively locate sensitive data, automatically protect it with appropriate remediation polices, and provide actionable compliance intelligence to decision makers, in real-time. In Hadoop deployments, our solutions inspect incoming data and protect it before it is stored. These capabilities simplify risk management, improve operational efficiencies, and reduce regulatory compliance costs.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Dataguise will enhance IBM's BigInsights security as we provide data privacy protection and risk assessment analytics solution for big data environments.

"We are pleased to partner with IBM as we work together to bring a secure Big Data solution to our Fortune 100 customers. The data can be anywhere, on premises or in the cloud, and companies need to reliably enforce data privacy policies regardless of where it is stored. DgHadoop meets this challenge by delivering enterprise-class sensitive data detection, protection and actionable intelligence for Hadoop, applying the most appropriate measures to ensure data integrity and regulatory compliance."

Manmeet Singh, CEO, Dataguise



The Datameer Analytics Solution provides four key elements:

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Datameer utilizes and runs on IBM's platform for big data which provides a dependable, enterprise ready implementation of Apache Hadoop. Datameer provides a packaged business intelligence platform on IBM's platform for big data that helps overcome Hadoop's complexity and lack of end-user tools by providing business and IT users with business intelligence (BI) functionality across data integration, analytics and data visualization in the world's first BI platform for Hadoop.

"Datameer and IBM have a shared vision on the exploding big data market and the pivotal role that Hadoop plays to bring cost effective analytics to business users," commented Stefan Groschupf, CEO of Datameer. "We are very excited to support IBM's platform for big data and leverage its functionality so that our joint customers can take advantage of IBM's enterprise ready implementation of Apache Hadoop".



Datawatch Corporation provides visual data discovery software that optimizes any data, regardless of its variety, volume, or velocity – delivering next generation analytics to reveal valuable insights for improving business. Datawatch’s unique ability to integrate structured, unstructured, and semi-structured sources like reports, PDF files and EDI streams with real-time streaming data into visually rich analytic applications, allows users to dynamically discover key factors that impact any operational aspect of their business. This ability to perform visual discovery against any data sets Datawatch apart in the big data and visualization markets.

Datawatch provides real time Visual Analytics for IBM’s Big Data environment. Datawatch leverages streaming message bus interfaces and web based REST APIs to IBM Streams “data in motion” and direct connectivity to big data sources (Netezza, DB2 Blue). Datawatch allows analysts to build and deploy interactive, action oriented visual dashboards. Critical applications requiring streaming visualizations include:



Denodo Platform provides key capabilities for data virtualization and enterprise data services and was ranked the #1 data virtualization platform in 2014 by Frost & Sullivan, an independent analyst firm.

Data virtualization is a critical component to accelerate and deliver more value from analytics and big data projects. It enables faster access and agile delivery of complex and siloed data sources through a unified and abstracted virtualized data layer, delivering integrated information to users, analytics, visualization and other applications in real or near real-time. Denodo delivers virtualized data with high performance and enterprise class security, scalability, and data management capabilities. Virtual data services delivered as SQL, SOAP, REST, JMS, portlets or several other normalized APIs allows applications and users to achieve independence from physical sources, supports self-service and agile BI, logical data warehousing, and easier access to big data analytics as services. It also facilitates agile Enterprise Data Management, by organizing information as canonical views for re-use of business and data logic. In short, Denodo data virtualization helps create a 21st century agile information architecture and immediate pay back in lower costs and time to market on several projects.

Denodo Solutions for IBM customers and resellers including the following:

Beyond the above specific solutions for IBM Big Data, Denodo provides several business and IT benefits for information management.

Key business benefits:

Key IT benefits:

Organizations have to deal with disparate siloed data which is being requested by multiple data consumers. Over the years, several point to point and middleware solutions have emerged – creating a siloed integration pattern. At the tactical level, Denodo adds to your integration toolkit the capability for agile, real-time data integration. At a strategic level, Denodo enables a truly Unified Data Layer that abstracts and virtualizes all enterprise data assets into canonical business views that can be exposed as Linked Data Services or bespoke SQL. In this way it integrates existing middleware and data tools (modeling, data quality, etc.) to create a high performance and agile information architecture for the 21st century to deal with increasing complexity, volume and pace of change and enable agile applications for business intelligence, operations and collaboration to work together.

How we integrate with IBM BigInsights or Streams

Denodo has developed optimized connectors to IBM data sources for Big Data as well as other data stores and middleware. Denodo connectors and their operation in a virtualized scenario have been performance tested in IBM Labs.

Our connectivity includes:

In addition to source connectivity, Denodo's output of virtual data services can be accessed by most IBM middleware and analytical / operational applications as SQL, REST/SOAP, JSON, XML, Portlets, etc.


Digital Reasoning Systems

Uncovering hidden connections by reading and processing data in advance, Synthesys empowers the data analyst to make smart decisions faster. Synthesys automates the understanding of cloud-scale data and uncovers the hidden connections of entities that lie within.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Synthesys® integrates with InfoSphere BigInsights by seamlessly operating in the scalable Hadoop environment. Synthesys brings unique value to the InfoSphere BigInsights solution by automatically transforming massive amounts of text into the underlying facts and connections.

By performing this knowledge extraction process without any a priori definition of the meaning of words (e.g. no use of ontology, taxonomy, etc.) Synthesys uniquely identifies associations and non-obvious connections by digitally examining and comparing contexts around extracted facts.

This also allows Synthesys to continue to be useful in "dirty data" (all caps, machine translations, etc.) as well as coded language. Through our API, integration of the analysis results of Synthesys can be seamlessly integrated into IBM BigSheets and other emerging visualization and workflow solutions.

"We are excited to be a part of the IBM InfoSphere Big Insights platform", said Rob Metcalf, President and COO of Digital Reasoning. "Adding our entity-oriented analysis of unstructured data to IBM's scalability and reliability, we look to continue building the next generation of big data enterprise solutions".



Dinfo Technology and Development Co., Ltd.
is a leading provider of analytical solutions focusing on mining unstructured data. We have developed DINFO-OEC, an analytical platform for mining unstructured data using natural language semantics understanding technology. Our solution can help customers focus on their business without worrying about the ambiguity of natural language and diversity of expressions. DINFO-OEC platform offers multiple language support; customers only need to use one language to build the OEC model, and the system can handle text data in multiple languages automatically.

Dinfo’s analytical platform for mining unstructured data has been successfully deployed in Industrial and Commercial Bank of China(ICBC), China Everbright Bank(CEB), Haier, SF EXPRESS, several government agencies and public service organizations. We offer a range of industry solutions including Public Opinion Monitoring System, IWOM Interactive System, Internet Comment Analytical Mining System, Micro-blog Operation System, A New Generation Knowledgebase Management System, Human-computer Intelligent Interaction System, Intelligent Sorting System for Customer Complaints for the Express Delivery Industry, Scene Perception Marketing System, Log Analytical Mining System and Smarter Tourism Marketing System etc.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

DINFO’s unstructured data analytical platform has been tightly integrated with IBM InfoSphere BigInsights, SPSS, and Cognos to offer a seamless and end-to-end solution, from data collection, ingestion, processing, text analytics, statistical analysis to visualization. We also leverage IBM Softlayer to provide cloud services for enterprise customers.


Diyotta accelerates time to value of the enterprise data assets by fully leveraging the power of IBM BigInsights and PureData for Analytics (Netezza) through a high-performing and intuitive solution - Diyotta Data Integration Suite which is purpose built solution for Big Data Integration.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Diyotta provides for seamless integration and interoperability with IBM Biginsights & IBM PureData System for Analytics and maximizes ROI on IBM Big Data architecture assets by:

“With Diyotta, we were able to bring over 150 tables with approximately 6 GB of data and with nothing present on the Infosphere BigInsights within minutes, that means, Diyotta was able to bring the source side metadata, generate target DDLs with constraints and then move all the data just in few clicks”. – Sr. Database Architect, Top 5 Bank in NA



Easy Ask

EasyAsk is the leader in natural language intelligence and analysis for corporate business data. EasyAsk Quiri is the world's first voice-enabled mobile solution for corporate information from smartphones and tablets. Quiri provides a Siri-like user experience that makes it easy for mobile workers to find information when on the road.
EasyAsk Business Edition delivers the same easy to use question and answer paradigm for the desktop, giving users the ability to find information fast and explore deep data sets quickly to speed decisions. Users can save and share insights with colleagues to collaborate on processes.
With both Quiri and Business Edition, casual end users simply ask everyday business questions in English and get immediate answers in real-time. It's that simple. There is no training required – users are productive from day one with EasyAsk


How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

EasyAsk integrates directly with InfoSphere BigInsights enabling users to interactively ask questions of their Hadoop environment in English and see answers in real-time. It is truly that simple!
EasyAsk is the first product that allows casual end-users can explore and find answers from their Big Data Hadoop environment without having to rely on and wait for Hadoop programmers to write Hadoop jobs for them. EasyAsk extends Big Data to everyday business users and speeds the process of finding insight from the huge volumes of data maintained by IBM BigInsights.
Together, EasyAsk and IBM BigInsights:

"As IBM BigInsights brings Hadoop environments to the enterprise, EasyAsk is excited to work partner with IBM to extend the reach of Big Data to everyday end-users on their mobile devices and in their offices" said Craig Bassin, CEO of EasyAsk. "For the first time ever, business users can gain the benefits of Big Data by combining BigInsights with a product designed specifically for the needs of business users – EasyAsk."


EcoSolutions Technology. The information management professionals

EcoSolutions Technology Inc. offers highly specialized Data Management resources providing value-add data services for the installation, integration and deployment of the IBM big data Platform, 'BigInsights', using data quality processes and supporting best practices.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

EcoSolutions provides enterprise class data quality management services and data governance frameworks enabling trusted enterprise analytics, risk mitigation, increased rate of adoption and improved ROI enhancing IBM's InfoSphere BigInsights deployment activities for big data initiatives.

"With IBM's presence addressing Hadoop technology, we feel our services are of significant value for the successful adoption of big data solutions", Joseph Tirado, CTO of EcoSolutions. "We are excited about being part of IBM's Business Partner program and share the vision for a 'Smarter Planet' involving data quality best practices".


EGM. Eyes on The grid.

Management System application for monitoring and analyzing the electrical grid, by using IBM Streams

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

EGM develops the Meta-Alert™ Management System application for monitoring and analyzing the electrical grid. As part of the solution, EGM integrates the following IBM's modules:

EGM's application uses those IBM modules along with its self-developed algorithms and sophisticated software that collect, store, analyze and predict all required to monitor, maintain and manage the large electrical grid as well as supply digested information to higher hierarchy management systems.



Our Analytics and Information Management services help customers accelerate business decisions by offering tailor-made comprehensive analytical solutions and frameworks. They are designed to enhance business performance by leveraging all forms of informational assets. Our solutions are customer specific to provide that added edge that our clients require for their business scenarios.

Encore provides an extensive suite of Analytics services that enable customers to mine this data and make analytical assessments. These services enable improvement in many areas such as customer support services, fraud detection in financial transactions, predicting success of new product offerings, context aware placement of Advertisements etc. Using industry standard tool sets combined with proprietary algorithms these analytic services use Big Data and Enterprise clusters to provide efficient processing of large data sets.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Encore Software has specialized expertise with IBM Big data platform, Analytical and Decisions systems. Encore Software has a dedicated lab on Big Data using IBM’s Big Insights platform. Our consultants bring a unique blend of domain knowledge, technologies (open source and proprietary) and several years of experience in business intelligence and analytics over super large data sets. Our unique approach to systematically attack the big data problem has made several businesses succeed in utilizing BIG data to their advantage. Our global delivery model gives you a world class service without breaking your bank. Our partnership with Big data vendors provides access to industry best practices and Big data knowledge repository



Findability SCIENCES

Findability Sciences is a software company focused delivering software solutions that replace the pain of searching information with the joy of finding it. A pioneer in information architecting and information management, Findability Sciences helps organizations easily locate and leverage the exponentially increasing information more efficiently. Findability Sciences' Unified Information Access coupled with the Analytics and Reporting Platforms are used by eminent clients across the Not for Profit, Publishing and Health-Care domains. Findability Sciences ' Findability Index™, a unique ratings paradigm, quantifies how effectively organizations locate, analyze and use information both inside and outside of the corporate firewall. Through all of our endeavors, we help organizations to track and boost their information findability and facilitate incisive insights which help power their day to day and long term strategic decisions.

Combined with IBM Big Insights, Findability Sciences extrapolates its expertise in Information Findability and Analytics to Big Data. We bring our clients end-to-end analytics solutions which leverage the entire IBM Information Management and Business Analytics portfolio. Findability Sciences' Reporting and Analytics platform unleashes the power of all the structured, unstructured and semi-structured data being created in organizations to power our Big Data Analytics. By building deeply domain integrated solutions powered by IBM's technologies we deliver valuable insights to our clients by fully exploiting the power of Big Data.

Following are the key highlights of the Findability Big Data:

Better Insight with Reporting and Analytics – Reporting and Analytics Platform driven by IBM technology taps into Big Data to provide our clients with valuable insights affording them a decisive competitive advantage.

Efficient Big Data Management – Findability Sciences' Information Architecting and Management expertise powered by IBM's Big Data solutions help our clients convert all of their otherwise unmanageable structured and unstructured data into an invaluable and indispensable asset.

The Findability Edge: We help our clients bring Findability Sciences' core expertise in Information Findability to Big Data. By facilitating the access of contextually actionable information to the right set of people at the right time we help our clients gain a distinct strategic and competitive edge.


Focus Business Solutions

Focus Business Solutions is a solution provider with an extensive expertise on information management (data integration, information lifecycle management, and information privacy), business analytics and big data.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Focus Business Solutions is an IBM Premier Business Partner with a proven know-how on data integration projects with IBM Information Server, business analytics with IBM Cognos, datawarehousing and big data with Netezza and information lifecycle management & privacy with IBM Optim.

Our objective is to help our customers to achieve the success, providing high value solutions and allowing them to focus on its main competences, reducing its operating costs of IT.

We have customers in all industries with a high level of specialization as well as industry and technical know-how. We have several success stories in the different industries: telecommunications, banking, insurance, capital market, transportation, energy, services, consumer products, logistic, health and public sector.

"The information behind your data"



GageIn is the first stop for all enterprise data on the Web. Our cutting-edge technology gathers and analyzes business intelligence from millions of company websites, digital publications, and major social media platforms. Users receive real-time updates and insights on companies they care about to improve business performance, understand their competitive landscape, and drive informed decision-making.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

GageIn can integrate with both InfoSphere BigInsights and InfoSphere Streams. GageIn would integrate into InfoSphere BigInsights and InfoSphere Streams would be integrated into GageIn.

The InfoSphere BigInsights integration would use GageIn's gathered external intelligence, allowing InfoSphere BigInsights users to analyze timely and insightful news, blogs, and information on market trends, customers, and competitors, in order to gain actionable intelligence and a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The InfoSphere Streams integration brings InfoSphere Streams' big data analytics to GageIn, allowing GageIn users to analyze sentiment toward companies and trending topics about companies, within local areas, and industries, in order to gain real-time actionable insights at large scale.


Gazzang is the leading provider of high-performance encryption and key management solutions for big data. Our software-based products enable enterprises to secure sensitive data, including regulatory (HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX, FISMA) and personally identifiable information (PII), stored within big data architectures as well as the applications themselves.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Gazzang zNcrypt™ provides data encryption and key management for all filesystems and applications that run on Linux. This includes Apache Hadoop, CDH and IBM InfoSphere BIgInsights.



GigaSpaces Cloudify enables you to on-board and manage your mission-critical, data-rich apps, on any cloud, with no code changes. While maintaining full visibility and control.

Cloudify is specifically geared for Big Data, with built-in recipes for Cassandra, MongoDB, BigInsights and other Big Data solutions, providing full, seamless automation of the entire app lifecycle, data, failover and recovery.


How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Cloudify integrates tightly with IBM BigInsights to make the deployment of Big Data applications on any cloud simple.

A typical Big Data application stack consists of various databases (SQL, NoSQL), data processing, ETL frameworks, web front ends, and more. Each of these comes with its own deployment-management solution for controlling the app lifecycle (installation, configuration) and post-deployment functionality, such as high availability. Integration with Cloudify provides a consistent way to manage the deployment all the different parts in the Big Data stack, including the lifecycle, high availability, and management & monitoring.

Cloudify comes with a pre-baked recipe for BigInsights, with which users can easily install, configure and deploy the entire BigInsights stack on any cloud, whether public, private, hybrid, bare metal, or virtualization, from any provider in a rapidly growing field. Today's choices include public cloud offerings from Amazon AWS, OpenStack by HP/ Rackspace/Dell, VMware, vCloud; Private clouds based on OpenStack, CloudStack, vCloud and more; and new bare-metal clouds from SoftLayer and PistonCloud provide high performance resources for I/O and CPU-intensive apps that don't run as well on virtualized infrastructure.

GlassHouse Systems Inc.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Professional Services (pre/post sale)

GCS. Global Consulting Solutions LLC

Global Consulting Solutions provides products, services, and thought leadership which elevate our customers' abilities to secure, manage, and more effectively utilize their data across and beyond their organizations.

GCS leverages the entire IBM Information Management portfolio to implement mission critical solutions for data archiving, management, security, movement, and analysis. Our customers depend on our industry and technical expertise and ability to help them reach their goals and improve their internal information management and analytical capabilities.

In addition to IM project management and execution, we provide development of point solutions such as our Enterprise Archive Search tool. This cutting edge solution provides ad hoc query capability to bring together data from IBM InfoSphere Optim archives, live enterprise data, and other structured and unstructured data sources, giving organizations a useful big data management tool.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

We work with our customers to build solutions based on the IBM big data platform, with our Enterprise Archive Search as our initial offering in the big data space.

Infomotion – Your Business Intelligence Experts. We generate business crucial information for the right management decisions.

Infomotion is the leading IT consulting firms for business intelligence, customized data warehouse solutions, enterprise reporting, BI platforms and corporate performance management. We provide support throughout the entire project cycle, from strategic IT planning to IT consulting and application support.

Data warehousing and business analytics is our business. With over 150 BI consultants we have realized customized analytical solutions for more than 200 referenceable customers throughout all branches and industries. To gain maximum return on investments in big data initiatives, it is key to integrate big data solutions into the existing BI strategy.

"We are about to launch a new website!"

Gnip, Inc.

Gnip is the world's largest and most trusted provider of social data. Gnip was the first to partner with Twitter to make their social data available, and since then have been the first to work with Tumblr, Foursquare, WordPress, Disqus, StockTwits and more. Gnip delivers more than 4 billion social data activities each day, to customers in more than 40 countries, and Gnip's customers deliver social media analytics to more than 95% of the Fortune 500.

Gnip is headquartered in Boulder, Colo., and has offices in San Francisco, New York and Washington D.C. For more information, please visit

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Gnip's integration with IBM BigInsights and Streams allows customers unprecedented access to complete coverage of social media data, ensuring they are accessing accurate, sustainable and reliable data streams within their IBM solution.



Complex Hosting Made Easy with Big Data
GoGrid and IBM partner to provide solutions to ISVs who want to Cloud Enable their software.


GoldBot Consulting

GoldBot Consulting helps to solve the big data dilemma by providing the custom solutions you need for more effective and efficient geospatial data mining.

We provide a number of different services including Predictive Geospatial Intelligence that can be used in a variety of ways for both commercial and government needs.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

We are looking to work with BigInsights and Streams with our custom solutions. Our value brings geospatial data mining on a large scale.


We are a leader in developing solutions to provide "Situational Awareness" for large organizations ranging from large financial intuitions to the DOD including the Air Force. Many of our clients use IBM Tivoli Netcool to analyze large streams of machine data (Logfiles, SNMP, etc.) to ensure the availability and performance of their services, networks, applications, and devices.

Today many organizations, including the Air Force, are looking to improve their "Situational Awareness" capabilities to predict outages and detect cyber attacks.

We have developed a Big Data solution, called datos that bolts onto IBM Tivoli Netcool; this solution can predict potential future outages, failures, and detect cyber and physical attacks.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:


To learn more about datos and the IBM technology that powers this solution please contact Kevin Kulsavage via email or 303 887 1720

To learn more about datos and the IBM technology that powers this solution please contact Kevin Kulsavage via email or 303 887 1720

See this page:




Hadapt provides a next-generation analytics platform that brings together the power and scalability of Hadoop with the speed of relational databases. The Hadapt solution offers deep SQL support at scale, and the ability to work with structured and unstructured data within the same platform.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Leveraging IBM's enterprise-focused distribution of Hadoop, Hadapt provides a powerful and fast analytic solution for structured and unstructured data. Our integration with IBM allows data scientists and business analysts to harness the speed and scalability of Hadapt's cutting-edge database research.

"IBM's investment in Hadoop further emphasizes the growing importance of this technology," said Justin Borgman, CEO of Hadapt. "We are excited to work with IBM to provide comprehensive Big Data analytic solutions to the enterprise."


Helium Software transforms how people do their work by giving them the ability to access, contextualize, and relate data from disparate sources along with analysis capabilities from multiple applications all directly within their favorite desktop and mobile tools.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Helium allows users to get the most value out of their investment in IBM platform software for big data. By giving users fingertip access to functionality and data found in InfoSphere, Cognos, Watson Content Analytics, and more – directly in programs such as Excel, OneNote, web browsers, and TIBCO Spotfire – their productivity rises, they gain new insights faster, and the usefulness of these systems becomes clearer.


Hexaware Technologies. Your success is our focus.

Hexaware Technologies is a leading global provider of IT & BPO services and consulting. Founded in 1990, the company has grown to over 8300+ employees worldwide. It's driving philosophy of "YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR FOCUS" helping clients achieve competitive advantage by combining their IT staff with offshore resources and co-developing innovative IT capabilities. Having achieved the rare distinction of SEI CMMI Level 5, ISO 9001 and SAS 70 Type I certifications, the company's core expertise spans development support, integration, implementation and testing services across major enterprise software systems. With development centers and sales offices across the globe, Hexaware is headquartered in Mumbai, with Chennai, Bangalore, Pune & Nagpur as its major centers and New Jersey, London, Singapore and Mexico as its regional headquarters.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Given Hexaware' s core focus in the analytics domain coupled with the experience in delivering complex business intelligence projects globally, venturing into big data was a natural progression to add more value to end customers. Foreseeing the huge need for such solutions, Hexaware has been investing substantially in research and development around big data. In this regard, Hexaware works closely with its strategic alliance partners such as IBM to provide customers maximum value.

Through in-house big data COE, Hexaware has developed many proofs of concept and solutions for diverse industries that combine structured and unstructured data for analytics. These path-breaking solutions help organizations adopt big data effectively and realize significant business benefits. Hexaware's advanced analytics solution offerings involving predictive and text analytics have accelerated the adoption of advanced technologies to address major customer challenges. This wealth of knowledge around structured and unstructured data analysis helps customers discover unknown patterns in their data and take corrective measures at the right time, using platforms such as IBM InfoSphere BigInsights and IBM InfoSphere Streams. Be it a financial institution which is seeking to remediate risks by analyzing its transactions in real time, or an airline seeking to cut cost by analyzing its operations, these solutions offered by Hexaware would help the process significantly.

"IBM's big data platform provides us multiple possibilities to address the challenges posed by big data, such as dealing with different forms of data (such as structured and unstructured), and performing advanced analytics on such data (including text analytics, sentiment analysis, predictive analytics, etc.), which we plan to leverage for providing solutions to our customer-base across banking/financial services, transportation/logistics, healthcare & life sciences and others."

SundarVaradarajan - Senior Vice President, Practice Head, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Hexaware Technologies Ltd


Hypertable Inc.

Hypertable is a high performance, open source, scalable database modeled after Bigtable, Google's proprietary database management system. Written in C++ for optimal performance, Hypertable can deliver equivalent database capacity that you would get with a Java implementation but using a fraction of the hardware. Less hardware means fewer servers, less networking equipment, less power consumption, less datacenter real estate, and therefore lower overall cost. In addition live applications benefit from the performance that Hypertable has to offer through reduced database request latency and therefore a more responsive user experience. For offline applications Hypertable delivers higher throughput, which means more work can be accomplished in a given amount of time.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Hypertable seamlessly overlays on top of the InfoSphere BigInsights Hadoop distribution. Getting Hypertable up and running on top of InfoSphere BigInsights is a simple matter of installing Hypertable and replacing the Hadoop core jar file with the one that ships with InfoSphere BigInsights. Hypertable brings a supercharged scalable database management system to any InfoSphere BigInsights deployment.

"We are excited to team up with IBM to offer the industry a high-performance and robust big data ecosystem," said Doug Judd, CEO, Hypertable Inc. "Hypertable's massively scalable database technology coupled with IBM's BigInsights, enables organizations to deploy big data applications with a minimal hardware footprint, significantly reducing overall costs and allowing them to efficiently leverage and take full advantage of all of the power of big data."

Hyve Solutions

Hyve Solutions, a division of SYNNEX Corporation, is a leader in purpose-built data-center servers. As demand for large-scale data centers continues to grow, so does the need for more cost-effective, efficient, and workload-specific servers. Hyve Solutions servers address cost and space issues. We work closely with our customers to create solutions tailored to their workloads and physical environments. We offer highly energy-efficient solutions via our unique role in the Open Compute Project ( ). Our technical expertise, superior integration and testing, and software experience, along with decades of manufacturing and logistics know-how, make Hyve Solutions the best choice for cost-effective, energy-efficient data-center solutions.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Infosphere BigInsights has been integrated into Hyve Solution's BigD family of Hadoop appliances that enable customers to quickly deploy Hadoop services without professional services or Hadoop developers. The BigD appliance is fully integrated, optimized, and easily deployed in a fraction of time taken by traditional Hadoop implementations. The family includes the standard Series2 appliance and the high performance Series8 appliance that utilizes Fusion-io technology to achieve the ultimate in performance.

"Hyve Solutions clients can now take advantage of IBM's big data analytics software to analyze up to hundreds of terabytes of data using our affordable and highly optimized solutions. Ultimately, our clients want to use big data for a competitive advantage and to boost their bottom line," said Steve Ichinaga, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Hyve Solutions.



ICO Technology Ltd. - A Member of ICO Group

The mission of ICO is to help you harvest, transform and leverage data resources for optimal gains, through technological means.

We start by asking what is your data doing for you as a resource?

Over the past decade, ICO have participated in numerous projects to do with how data could be leveraged to produce breathe-taking results. From these we understand the huge performance difference that could be derived between an indifferent versus an engaged approach to data.

When leveraged systematically data could help you develop a total view of customer, connect siloed departments, optimize your business processes, ferret out unnecessary expense, speed up innovation, rationalize your supply chains. These result from the transformation of how the minds work, how decisions are made, how information are fed, how learning take place, and how knowledge are created, and how wisdom is distilled.

Upon these unique insights you could make decisions and undertake measures to raise performance to unprecedented levels.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

ICO's team brings critical business expertise and specialized data science resources to meet dynamic business, budget, and technical requirements. With analysis of the right data, we guide investment, validate change, fuel growth, and create results.

We specialize in providing solutions built on IBM's Big Data stack, from Big Insights, Infosphere Streams, SPSS, Big Sheets, Cognos BI, Cognos TM1 , Infosphere Datastage, IBM Unica, MDM,DB2 BLU, Guardium and Netezza. Industry expertise increases the strategic impact of our solutions especially in Financial Services Industry.

Impetus. Innovation Architected.

Impetus is a Software Solutions and Services company focused on providing Data Analytics solutions leveraging Big Data technologies such as Hadoop and IBM InfoSphere BigInsights. Our focus in Big Data with depth and breadth of expertise in the entire Big Data ecosystem has helped us gain the position of Thought Leaders in Big Data Services.


How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Impetus offers solutions with our engagement approach to leverage IBM technologies such as BigInsights:


"Impetus is aligned with IBM in our commitment to bring out competitive edge for our customers," said Anand Raman, VP of Business Development of Impetus. "by working with IBM and its big data technologies, we expand the possibilities for customers to go from insights to action faster."



The InfiniDB SQL analytics engine combines columnar technology with massive parallel processing (MPP) to deliver the exceptional scaling and speed you need for transformational, real-time analytic queries against Big Data sets. Your queries will take less time on InfiniDB, and as your data needs grow, so does your analytics platform.

100% open source, InfiniDB is the price for performance leader in Big Data SQL analytics. Three open source versions of InfiniDB are available today, providing you with the flexibility to deploy your Big Data analytics application wherever it makes most sense for you:

InfiniDB is our award-winning, columnar database that enables you to use a familiar SQL interface for large scale, ad-hoc BI, as well as dimensional and predictive analytics.

InfiniDB for the Cloud enables you to deploy massively scalable, high-performance analytics applications in Amazon Web Service with dynamic provisioning.

InfiniDB for Hadoop installs directly into your Hadoop cluster, reading and writing to the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and enables you to perform real-time, high-performance ad hoc analytics against your Hadoop data.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

InfiniDB for Hadoop adds SQL for Hadoop capabilities to your IBM Big Insights Hadoop deployment, delivering the ease of SQL to access data stored on HDFS. The InfiniDB non-MapReduce processing engine delivers world-class performance for real-time analytics without trading off syntax or the ability to connect using SQL-based visualization tools.

"InfiniDB delivers the proven performance advantages of columnar dbms to the Hadoop world" said Jim Tommaney, CTO of InfiniDB. "Real-time SQL access to your Hadoop data is a liberating experience, allowing the business to use existing tools and talent to drive value and insight from the data."


Infomotion – Your Business Intelligence Experts. We generate business crucial information for the right management decisions.

Infomotion is the leading IT consulting firms for business intelligence, customized data warehouse solutions, enterprise reporting, BI platforms and corporate performance management. We provide support throughout the entire project cycle, from strategic IT planning to IT consulting and application support.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Data warehousing and business analytics is our business. With over 150 BI consultants we have realized customized analytical solutions for more than 200 referenceable customers throughout all branches and industries. To gain maximum return on investments in BigData initiatives, it is key to integrate BigData solutions into the existing BI strategy.

Information Builders. The Standard for Enterprise Businiess Intelligence.

Information Builders provides software and services that bring smarter decision-making and streamlined processes to leading organizations in every industry worldwide. Our software is installed in tens of thousands of locations, servicing millions of users. The WebFOCUS business intelligence platform delivers massively scalable information applications, analytics, and customer-facing portals to the new generation of information users to deliver game-changing business results. The iWay Software integration platform allows enterprises to leverage all of their information resources to streamline internal and business-to-business processes while escalating the overall accessibility and integrity of information regardless of environmental complexity.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Fully integrated with the IBM InfoSphere BigInsights platform, Information Builders integrates any data source into InfoSphere BigInsights, assures the quality and reliability of the data, and offers the ability to transform big data into decision making that fuels business. Information Builders easy-to-use predictive and sentiment analytics, dashboards, and business intelligence powered by InfoSphere BigInsights empower business users to strategize thanks to actionable information.


Information Control Corporation. Your Success. It's Our Business.

ICC is recognized as an innovative leader in providing Big Data and Analytics Solutions leveraging the power and innovation across the entire IBM Information Management and Business Analytics portfolio, including Netezza, MDM, Big Insights, Streams, Information Server, Cognos and SPSS.

We enable our clients to gain a competitive advantage by developing forward thinking solutions that focus on their needs and demands along with evolutions in the marketplace. Combining ICC's high performance delivery models with the power of IBM's analytics and big data solutions we are able to provide our clients:

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Because of the size and depth of ICC's Business Analytics team we are able to develop end-to-end analytics solutions for our client that leverages the entire IBM Information Management and Business Analytics portfolio. More specifically ICC has dedicated expertise and experience in delivering solutions that include Netezza, MDM, Big Insights, Streams, Information Server, Cognos and SPSS.

Leveraging the depth and breadth of IBM's Information Management and Business Analytics technology, ICC's solutions pull together structured and unstructured data to build big data and analytics engines that empower our clients by giving them access to information when they need it, wherever they need it. By building the right solutions based on their needs and driven by IBM's innovative technologies we are able to provide our client's a deep insight into their business operations, revenue streams and customer trends. As a result our clients are able to develop long-term strategic initiatives based on facts.

High Performance Data Warehouse Solutions – Leveraging the performance and simplicity of IBM's Information Management and Big Data solutions we provide purpose built solutions that make reporting and advanced analytics simpler, faster and more accessible while reducing administrative and technical support costs.

"The combination of IBM's best of breed data integration suite and lightning fast Netezza appliance, along with ICC's world class delivery model, helped drive our speed to value while keeping our costs in check. After completing an analysis of data integration products, there was no doubt that IBM's product suite was the right choice from both a features, benefits and cost point of view. In addition when ICC replaced the incumbent consulting firm and deployed their Information Factory model, both productivity and quality skyrocketed."

-Large US Retailer, Business Intelligence Director


InfoTrellis has taken MDM, Data Quality and Data Governance principles to Big Data and Hadoop and has created a platform called AllSight™. AllSight™ is used to create next generation managed hubs that takes big data and integrates it with traditional data to support analytics and real-time use across a variety of verticals. Careful attention is given in capturing and reporting on metrics to support the governance of big data.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

IBM InfoSphere BigInsights provides an enterprise-grade Hadoop platform with advanced components such as Text Analytics to power our AllSight™ platform and Customer ConnectId™ solution.

IBM’s integration of products across its portfolio, such as InfoSphere MDM, to BigInsights accelerates time to value with our clients.

"InfoTrellis works with some of the biggest companies in the world and it is therefore critical to have an enterprise-grade Hadoop platform like Infosphere BigInsights to run our AllSight™ platform and Customer ConnectId™ solution."
Mahmood Abbas, InfoTrellis CEO



InsightsOne empowers consumer marketers to exploit the unprecedented power of predictive analytics on Big Data to grow profits and increase consumer engagement.

While the top-10 Internet companies such as Google, Amazon and Yahoo! have built such capability in-house, we make it possible for any company to gain similar capability quickly with low risk and cost.

We offer real-time precision targeting that optimizes the relevance and profitability of offers to consumers. Based on powerful micro-segmentation, we extract signals from social, mobile, unstructured and structured data to optimize offers delivered by email, mobile, in-app and web communications.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

InsightsOne is certified to run on IBM's Big Insights Hadoop distribution. IBM customers may leverage InsightsOne Precision Targeting to increase their profits and therefore the return on their investment in IBM's Big Insights.

InsightsOne may be deployed on-premise or used as a cloud-based service.

"InsightsOne and IBM share the vision of Big Data as a game changing asset" said Waqar Hasan, CEO of InsightsOne. "We are excited to help IBM customers increase profits through dramatically increased effectiveness of their interactions with consumers across all channels".


How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Intelligent Communication AS (Intelcom) is an IBM Premier Business Partner, focused on delivering Business Analytics and Information Management solutions based on IBM software. We have offices in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Our subsidiary Stream-Intelcom, headquartered in Amsterdam, covers the other EU countries.

We see big data as a natural extension of our BA practice, extending the sources to be analysed to sources like log files and clickstreams. A decade of experience with business intelligence coupled with state of the art software from IBM enables us to help our customers turn vast amounts of unmanageable information into actionable insight.

Complementing our skills in Business Analytics, we have extensive expertise in Information Management, within the fields of Enterprise Data Integration, Information Governance, Information Quality, and Master Data Management. This helps us ensure that the information being mined from the big data sources ends up with the right quality, in the correct form, and in the correct place, whether it be a data warehouse, an application or a dashboard.


IQ ASSOCIATES. The Smart Choice For Business Intelligence.

IQ Associates specializes in informatics strategy, roadmaps, systems architecture, design and development for "big data" Warehouses & Advanced Analytics.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

We provide certified consultants who are skilled in designing and building "big data" analytics solutions based IBM and third party technologies. We are experts in relational databases, MPP, grid, and private cloud based architectures using IBM Netezza, InfoSphere BigInsights/Hadoop, InfoSphere DataStage, SPSS and other leading-edge components.

IQ Associates understands the Life Sciences, Financial Services, Accounting, and Gaming verticals and will collaborate with you to build a custom solution that optimizes your business process and fits into your existing infrastructure.


iSoftStone 软通动力

iSoftStone (NYSE: ISS) is a leading China-based IT services provider, serving both Greater China and Global clients. iSoftStone provides an integrated suite of IT services and solutions including Consulting & Solutions, IT Services and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services. Its comprehensive end-to-end service offerings support expansion in scope and scale of client engagements. iSoftStone focuses on key client industry verticals including technology; communications; banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI); healthcare; energy, transportation and public sector (ETP).

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Global coverage, regional focus, and vertical industry expertise: We have offices in more than 15 cities across China, four offices in Japan, and five offices in US and Canada, with more than 800 technical and consulting staff focusing on information management and business analytics. Our vertical focuses include banking, insurance, securities, CPG, retail, manufacturing, utilities, energy and power, and government etc.

To Grow New Business Together: In the last two years, we have been working closely with IBM on new business initiatives such as Smarter Cities by leveraging our skill in Cloud Computing, Business Intelligence, Mobile Internet, and Internet of Things. We have successfully deployed Smarter Cities solutions in China. With many years' experience in data integration, analytics, visualization and management, iSoftstone leverages IBM Big Data technologies to provide advanced big data analytics solutions for our clients. With IBM Infosphere BigInsights and InfoSphere Streams, iSoftStone's banking and big data solutions bring higher ROI of big data application and shorten the time from the start of the project to making profit for the client. In addition, we offer vertical big data solutions for the Smarter Cities initiatives in industries such as housing, urban-rural development, traffic and healthcare

Sample big data solutions we have already developed include: big data warehouse solutions integrated with IBM Infosphere BigInsights, and Digital Marketing solutions integrated with IBM Infosphere Streams.





As dynamics in markets keep increasing our customers are faced with challenging and even conflicting options when it comes to data.

Jibes supports its clients in the full utilization of the companies’ data and capabilities and leverage this as a strategic asset.

This varies from fundamental data quality to the precondition of data integration to advanced data analytics and data mash-ups. Typical applications are in advanced text analytics, data visualization, mash-ups (forecasting, predictive analysis), screening based on streaming etc.

Jibes focuses on Data Analytics, Data Integration & Data Governance and Master Data Management. In this we are a recognized IBM business partner and our experienced teams work across various industries in the European market.

Jibes - Emerging Information

The knowledge and capabilities of our teams are reflected by our references which we have built over the years on several IBM products such as Infosphere for MDM and Data Governance. We will continue to work with IBM on Data Explorer, BigInsights, SPSS and other analytics products in combination with our deep skills on MDM and Data Integration for our customers.

Working with Jibes is as pragmatic and dynamic as the world of today. 100% tailored to the customers’ needs with a can do attitude. We deliver professional services, knowledge transfer or full service turn-key projects and short cycled deployment methodologies.


All Karmasphere products are built on the Karmasphere Application Framework to unlock the power of Hadoop with unparalleled ease:

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

By working together to integrate IBM's implementation of Apache Hadoop with Karmasphere products, there is a seamless out-of-the-box experience for data professionals ensuring application development and analysis on the IBM platform for big data is completed quickly and productively; increasing the ROI of enterprise big data projects.

"Up until now, current enterprise technologies were limited to handle the complexity of big data," said Gail Ennis, CEO of Karmasphere. "IBM is reinventing the data world by bringing both Hadoop and big data to mainstream business users. By doing so, the ecosystem is now able to move forward to help enterprises get started with a new class of software and services that IBM is now offering."


Kitenga Reinventing Information

Kitenga provides industry's first "big data" search & analytics platform with integrated information modeling & visualization capabilities - an entirely new kind of insight engine for today's big data world.

How we integrate with IBM and what value we add:

Kitenga ZettaVox ships with out-of-the-box integration with IBM InfoSphere BigInsights Enterprise Edition. This not only minimizes customer risk, time and effort wasted in cobbling together one-off solutions, but ZettaVox customers can now benefit from significant add-value functionality of the IBM platform. Enterprise customers can now enjoy the legendary customer support from IBM combined with the power and flexibility of open source Hadoop.

"We are excited to be a part of IBM's Big Data ecosystem" said Anil Uberoi, CEO of Kitenga. "Customers can now chose best-in-class solutions to address their specific business needs. We believe that IBM's leadership will further accelerate the adoption of Hadoop-based solutions in enterprises, globally."



Knowesis Technology

Knowesis is a consulting service provider experienced in executing turnkey system integration projects focused on the telecommunications industry. Knowesis specializes in the area of enterprise marketing management, enterprise application integration and big data solutions and has created and been deploying a leading edge solution for real time contextual marketing leveraging IBM's Unica, InfoSphere Streams and WebSphere technologies.

Knowesis has focused on developing products that act as solution accelerators on top of IBM's software platforms. This helps clients minimize implementation risk and realize faster business benefits.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Knowesis works closely with IBM Software Group and IBM Global Business Services in using IBM technologies to deliver leading edge solutions for Customers in Telecom Industry.

To Be Launched Soon.

Koverse. signal from noise

Koverse separates signal from noise for data-driven organizations. We delivery meaningful insights critical for organizations to increase effectiveness in every aspect of business. The Koverse platform consolidates the elements required for deriving actionable insights from data – Collect, Analyze, Act – in a secure, scalable multi-tenant environment built on established technologies such as Hadoop.


How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Koverse is deployed with BigInsights to bring customers the ability to ingest and analyze data of any type from any source. Data is updated and analyzed at the "speed of business", eliminating the delays that exist today between finding an insight and taking action.



Lantares Solutions

Lantares is a provider of Solutions in the advanced Business Intelligence area. Giving a new approach to companies to use all available Data in the company to take the best possible decisions.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

We integrate Cognos with BigInsights as this is the best platform to support Big Data needs.
We provide specific solutions for Insurance, Healthcare and Retail Sectors. Our solutions include out of the box models and Dashboards on Cognos BI suite that solves the decision need of the business areas.
Big Data capabilities gave us the possibility to complete all corporate information. We give the business users an unparalleled power to take the best decisions possible, integrating structured and non-structured data to give a single and complete view of the customer/business.



LEAP Commerce transforms mobile shopping apps with its Best Decision™ intelligent product search engine. Best Decision offers mobile consumers advanced product search and social features via its innovative advanced learning algorithm, giving them a powerful, personalized shopping experience.

By using the Best Decision SDK, mobile app developers can offer Best Decision's powerful product search capabilities to their users, to better monetize them and increase user spend. Best Decision's algorithm also drives better consumer targeting for advertisers and brands, allowing them to engage customers with customized incentives and promotions.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Leap Commerce's Best Decision intelligent mobile search engine applies the technologies of enterprise analytics and big data to social ecommerce. Because there are now a profusion of information sources available (latitude/longitude, social, mobile, etc.), and rapidly growing data volumes, the ability to effectively use that data to make relevant recommendations is a challenge. Best Decision combines access to significant and relevant data sources, advanced analytics techniques, and sophisticated algorithms to provide its personalized recommendations, empowering consumers to make better purchasing decisions.

The capability inherent in the Best Decision engine can also be applied to multiple segments of this market, including games, shopping, and applications. The highest and best use is evolving rapidly as the mobile market changes and grows, so the use of an effective and adaptable engine such as Best Decision for making decisions will continue to be a vital component of the mobile/social ecommerce market.

"Knowing the real intentions of customers is a far better form of business intelligence than any amount of guesswork…" - Doc Searls - Author, The Intention Economy; Co-author, The Cluetrain Manifesto


Level Seven

At Level 7, we pride ourselves on being agents of change in our clients' businesses. Whether we're implementing complex business management software solutions or launching brand initiatives that cross digital and traditional media, we are constantly moving, committed to leveraging the trends and staying on the bleeding edge of both culture and commerce.

Our focus is on solving our clients' business challenges by translating insight into relevant processes, content and experiences that are delivered, measured and optimized across channels, platforms and devices.

Lighthouse Computer Services

Lighthouse Computer Services was founded in 1995 with the goal of building long-term technology partnerships with mid- to large-size enterprises. Today, Lighthouse is a trusted IT services provider to over 450 companies throughout the Northeast United States, offering consulting, integration, and maintenance services on the latest IBM hardware and software technologies.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Lighthouse, a $100M+ Premier IBM Business Partner serving New England, NY and NJ, provides IBM clients total solutions for their IT infrastructure including design and implementation services, hardware and software acquisition, financing, and ongoing support. Lighthouse is the winner of IBM's Business Partner Excellence Award, the IBM Beacon Award for Overall Technical Excellence, IBM Sales Leadership Award and many more. Our sales and technical consultants have a minimum of 15 years industry experience so that we provide local support and superior service that is unparalled in the Northeast.

Lilien LLC. Enterprise IT.

Lilien is a full-service Solutions Integrator, providing deep expertise throughout the infrastructure as well as Big Data & Analytics. Since 1984, we have helped accelerate business with expert guidance on tomorrow's game changing technologies. We develop customized data management strategies, offer best-of-breed solutions and back them up with superior technical and customer service teams.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Lilien is a full IBM Premier Solution Provider, helping accelerate business with expert guidance on tomorrow's game changing solutions. Lilien develops customized data management strategies, integrates leading technologies, and backs them up with superior professional and customer services. With expertise ranging from business analytics to the core infrastructure, Lilien delivers complete BI solutions based on IBM's BigInsights. Your challenge is volume, variety or velocity; look to Lilien to get the most from your data.

"IBM Big Insight Platform is a powerful technology for allowing our customers to be able to develop deep insight into their operations, services and markets beyond anything that was possible before"



Lincube is specialized in big data, Data warehouse and analytics. We create simple and smart Business Intelligence solutions that really make a difference. We realize these solutions by using technology and products that are niched in our area of specialization. Our mission is to create concrete business advantages to our clients.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

We work closely with IBM as a Premier Business and go-to market partner regarding their Big data platforms. We are also a reseller of IBM Netezza datawarehouse appliance. We have several success stories about implementing IBM Netezza and also creating concrete and measurable business advantages to these clients.

"We are excited to be working closely with IBM because they are in the frontier with products like Big Insight platform and IBM Netezza. This means that we can supply our clients with top of the line solutions that give them concrete business advantages."


Pioneering a new kind of business intelligence (BI) that gives anyone the ability to interact with live data, Looker is creating true discovery-driven businesses and unlocking the value of their data, one customer at a time.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Looker has a unique approach to business analytics and is designed to interact and leverage next generation Big Data platforms such as IBM BigInsights. This enables Looker to deliver enterprise-ready data exploration experience and make them unique, customer-facing applications.


Lucidworks builds enterprise search solutions, on the open source standard Solr, for some of the world’s largest brands. Fusion, Lucidworks' advanced search platform, provides the enterprise-grade capabilities needed to design, develop and deploy intelligent search apps – at any scale. Companies across all industries – from consumer retail and healthcare to insurance and financial services – rely on Lucidworks every day to power their consumer-facing and enterprise search apps.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Lucene/Solr is already part of InfoSphere BigInsights, IBM WebSphere Commerce, and is leveraged with IBM Watson as well. LucidWorks Fusion, a commercial offering, adds significant advantages such as ease of use, advanced security, connectors, administration for SMEs, data enrichment, analytics, and recommendations.



Graphs (networks) are at the core of telecom, Smart Cities, banking, security, health, advertising datasets. Lynx Analytics has its core competence in graph data science, and worked for many years with such datasets. In 2013, we set the objective to develop the world's most scalable GUI driven Big Graph engine on foundations of Apache Spark and Scala, and our enterprise customer deployments proved we succeeded. Analysts are now analyzing, visualizing, monetizing billions of edges and make actionable insights and recommendations within days instead of weeks.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Backed by IBM Spark, LynxKite is a scalable solution to many modern Data Analytics challenges, with a focus on various Network Analysis and IoT. IBM's Hadoop configuration provides a reliable and sustainable ecosystem for LynxKite.

"Frost & Sullivan Big Data Network Analytics New Product Innovation Award"



Mainline Information Systems

Having the right software application is only half the solution. You also need the right business partner to work with you throughout implementation. Mainline Information Systems has the expertise to provide complete IBM solutions that will meet your business needs.

IBM recognizes partners that have invested in the necessary skills to architect, implement and support IBM software products, and many IBM software products can be purchased only through authorized business partners that have achieved the IBM Software Value Plus designation. Mainline is one of these elite partners. Along with our Software Value Plus designation, we are also an IBM Software ValueNet Partner. IBM's ValueNet partnership is designated for those partners that have expertise in and have created solutions that leverage the IBM suite of products in order to solve industry business problems, decrease time to market, mitigate risks and improve return on investment. Mainline's ValueNet partnership provides industry leading solutions from Cognos, InfoSphere and Optim.

Mainline is the first IBM business partner in the U.S. to receive the IBM Gold Accreditation for IBM Cognos Business Intelligence. Mainline has more than 160 IBM certifications for business analytics and information management.

Mainline has also received sales certification for IBM Healthcare Provider Data Model (HCPDM). IBM HCPDM is a robust set of business and technical data models that are extensible and scalable to fit the unique complexities of the healthcare provider environment. We are now one of two IBM business partners certified to sell and deploy HCPDM.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Mainline's Innovation Center is a state-of-the-art facility where you can experience technology first hand through demonstrations, live testing and custom demos. The Mainline Innovation Center features products and solutions from a variety of providers who are market leaders in data, collaboration and smarter computing. Our Innovation Center can also accommodate custom software demo scenarios. We support all IBM Business Analytics, Information Management, and Big Data software solutions.

Commonly requested products include:

New capabilities and demos are being added to our innovation center on a regular basis. Most custom software demonstrations can be configured for you as long as we have a business use case, clear requirements and deliverables. To schedule an in-person or remote demo, please contact your Mainline account executive. Mainline can also be reached at 866.490.MAIN (6246) or


MEPS. Real Time, INC.

MicroStrategy Analytics Enterprise is the next generation of MicroStrategy’s core enterprise analytics software platform. It elegantly combines the productivity of self-service visual data discovery with the security, scalability, and governance features of production-grade business intelligence. This best-of-both-worlds approach bridges the gap between fast, beautiful, interactive visual analytics and powerful, large-scale production business intelligence. With the widest support for data sources, MicroStrategy provides effortless access to all business data from one place by using data connectors that are optimized for each source, and allow queries to reach their greatest performance potential.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

MicroStrategy technology is uniquely suited for Enterprise Business Intelligence. Unlike other Business Intelligence products that hide a collection of in-house and acquired technologies under a pieced together interface, the MicroStrategy architecture is grown “organically” as a single Business Intelligence platform supporting all 5 styles of Business Intelligence to all business users using a true single interface, deriving business insight from multiple Data sources delivering a single version of the truth.

MicroStrategy has long been recognized for its ability to dynamically access the largest and richest data warehouses in business and government, using MicroStrategy’s optimized ROLAP SQL engine capability. The freeform SQL engine provides the agility to rapidly inject information from new data sources into the MicroStrategy Business Intelligence platform and present to business users through existing reports in an already familiar environment and format. Using a federated systems approach found in IBM BigInsights, companies continue to leverage this best in industry strength while gaining an information services layer.

The MicroStrategy Analytics Platform provides:

"We are delighted that MicroStrategy and IBM InfoSphere BigInsights are certified to be fully compatible with one another. Our two companies have a long history of working together in pushing the boundaries of big data analytics."
Richard Krueger, Senior Director of Strategic Technology Alliances

The MicroStrategy platform supports the growing customer demand for large-scale data analytics that address increasing volume, variety, and velocity of data. With MicroStrategy Analytics Platform running on top of IBM’s BigInsights, there is no need to compromise between agility and governance. The release empowers business users with the best of both worlds — beautiful, interactive visual analytics, together with data that companies can trust.

MicroStrategy supports interoperability with many IBM databases and data warehousing technologies, including DB2 and IBM PureData for Analytics.


Middlecon AB

Middlecon creates high performing solutions for servers, storage and middleware in enterprise environments.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Middlecon is an IBM Premier Business Partner we have demonstrated superior skills and market success. We actively collaborate with IBM to deliver significant client value through innovative solutions. In addition to IBMs state of the art products Middlecon adds highly trained consultants which implement our knowledge on top of IBMs big data solutions.

Berry Österlund, CEO of Middlecon: "Huge amounts of data are becoming available due to new rules and new collection methods. That means a lot of new data are available for analysis. To create a scalable solution for these huge amounts of data will require new thinking in the database world, and hardware that provides customers with big data performance"



mLogica, an Enterprise Data Management company, was founded by senior managers from leading technology organizations. We specialize in Big Data solutions and services including innovative and advanced uses of data, algorithms, and analytical models; and in addressing specific challenges and complexities of data aggregation and integration from disparate sources, including transactional, syndicated and un-structured data.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Data Compliance Analytics – Based upon IBM's Big Data Platform, data compliance analytics stores company's unstructured data (emails, documents, and multimedia), and database transactions for archiving, retention and cross-analysis.

Social Media Analytics, a sentiment analytics solution enables companies to understand unsolicited public opinion about marketing initiatives, brands, products and services in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, blogs, and cross correlate with transactional data.

Data Visibility Analytics – A track and trace software solution that enables organizations to gather and share intelligence on products/assets as they progress through the supply chain.

"To stay ahead of the competition, our clients need data from disparate sources including the web, social media, syndicated and traditional transactional and unstructured corporate data. Whether They need to track product details across the supply chain, or analyze social media feeds, access to information about their competitors; is crucial for them to remain on top of their marketplace", said Amit Okhandiar, mLogica CEO. "Our partnership with IBM and IBM's Big Data technologies enable us to provide our customers with enterprise level solutions for compliance analytics, eDiscovery, and supply chain analytics.



NES is focused on IBM Data, Big Data, and high performance business analytic solutions. We help organizations manage, access and visualize data quickly in order to make the most informed decisions possible. We take a holistic approach to solving a customer's business problem. By always focusing on the needs of the customer and their business goals, we guide the customer to the best fitting solution for them--not necessarily the one best for the vendor. We also emphasize the total solution and not the discrete technologies. In doing so, we've established long term customer relationships built on trust. Our solution architects and technical consultants have a minimum of 15 years industry experience which enables NES to provide local support and stellar service that is unrivalled in the Northeast.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

NES has a 33-year history of partnering with IBM in delivering information management solutions leveraging IM and Analytics products such as Netezza, DB2, InfoSphere, Cognos and SPSS. As a natural evolution of this long history, we now offer advisory and implementation services to deliver Big Data management solutions leveraging BigInsights and Streams, and Vivisimo.

"NES has been in business for 33 years and we've always been focused on data. But now, it's about the liberation of data - with solutions like IBM Netezza, Big Insights and Cognos, we are educating and empowering our customers to make better, more informed decisions about their business and ultimately, to achieve their goals."



NetApp creates innovative storage and data management solutions that accelerate business breakthroughs and deliver outstanding cost efficiency. NetApp offers big data solutions that efficiently process, analyze, manage, and access data at scale. Our solution portfolio is organized by the primary use cases of Analytics, Bandwidth and Content.

NetApp delivers a ready to deploy, flexible Hadoop stack with enterprise-grade reliability that handles big data analytics so businesses can leverage new and sizable unstructured or semi-structured data reducing time to insight.

Discover NetApp's passion for helping companies around the world go further, faster at

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

NetApp Open Solution for Hadoop Rack integrates the out-of-the-box support for Hadoop / IBM InfoSphere BigInsights with the performance, capacity, and high reliability of NetApp® storage. It delivers higher scalability and lowers total cost of ownership by offering nonproprietary options, avoiding unnecessary storage spend, and by decoupling compute from storage, prevents excessive purchase of compute for storage.

It provides:

Key Benefits:

Brendon Howe, Vice President Products and Solutions Marketing, NetApp

"NetApp'sHadoop optimized storage combined with IBM InfoSphere BigInsights provides a reliable, enterprise-class Hadoop solution that businesses can deploy today. We're excited to partner with IBM and bring our storage and data management expertise to our joint customers and help them turn data-driven insight into effective action", said Brendon Howe, VP Product and Solutions Marketing, NetApp. "The bundling of our Hadoop Rack solution which integrates NetApp storage, and IBM compute and networking, with IBM's big data analytics software enables customers to quickly deploy Hadoop and turn their big data into business advantage".



Netis CrossFlow Business Performance Center (BPC), is a leading solution to provide business centric information regarding IT operation, cyber security and Transaction analytics. The unique patent pending CrossFlow(TM) correlation technology is applied to generate business/application context metadata from network traffics and provide flexible visualization facility to extract and present useful information for the customers instantly. This non-intrusive solution matches the demands from the large enterprises, banking and telecom customers who want to achieve instant intelligence from large amount critical data about the application and business without any impact into the production environment.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

The Netis CrossFlow BPC Solution utilizes and integrates IBM InfoSphere BigInsights and InfoSphere Streams to provide business analytics, security investigation and transactional analysis to match the performance criteria when dealing with huge amount of data in real time. The IBM big data platform enhances Netis BPC solution to provide high scalability to process huge amount critical customer data.

NVP NewVantage Partners

NewVantage Partners (NVP) is a boutique management consulting firm established in 2001. The firm is composed of former c-level business and technology executives, industry advisors, and subject experts, many of whom were early business and technology pioneers of data management and "big data".

NVP serve as trusted advisors and senior consultants to a roster of Fortune 1000 clients. The firm works in small teams with executive management to help organizations leverage their strategic information assets to bring greater business value.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

NewVantage helps clients mitigate the risk of critical business initiatives -- information strategy, data management/governance, customer/digital strategy, and business process alignment -- through a focus on up-front planning and execution: current state assessment, future state vision, roadmap, business case, requirements, capabilities, and business architecture.

NewVantage provides a critical link between business and technology strategy and capabilities.

NewVantage executive thought-leadership activities bring together a community of c-level business and technology executives, noted authors, and academics.

"NewVantage Partners are trusted advisors who bring a critical business perspective, deep technical expertise, and independent objectivity through executives who have "sat in the chair"".
Fortune 100 Vice Chairman



nfrastructure helps large enterprises design, build and operate mission-critical technology infrastructure. Combining proven methods and tools, world-class engineering talent, on-site technical service in every major North American market, and tightly integrated low-cost remote support, nfrastructure collaborates with customers to deliver sustainable disruptive value. With industry practices in public sector, financial services, retail, healthcare, technology, communications, public safety, higher education and energy, nfrastructure works with leading technology hardware and software vendors to provide comprehensive data center, network, security, unified communications, end-point, structured cabling, staffing and outsourcing solutions.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

nfrastructure provides organizations with the resources/knowledge to organize and integrate systems and data allowing effective enterprise-wide reporting capabilities and data driven decision. Our integration with IBM Big Data solutions enables us to broaden our offering with the ability to provide Big Data services to our customers and/or Big Data as a Service. The value realized through our IBM integration includes:



Nominum provides industry-leading software that enables the world's largest network operators to deliver reliable and insightful network services every day. Our innovative DNS and DHCP software solutions help power the Internet and Fortune 100 companies around the world. Nominum delivers secure, scalable and agile network solutions to our customers who support hundreds of millions of consumers in the global market every day.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Nominum's three-tier architecture provides highly available core protocol engines that support scalable analytics platforms on which valuable applications are built. In the realm of IBM big data, Nominum's engines allows ubiquitous access to interesting user and application traffic that can be delivered real-time into IBM Infosphere Streams and InfoSphere BigInsights.

Nominum provides unique visibility to data and usage patterns which allow us to deliver valuable solutions for botnet & malware mitigation, SPAM blocking, subscriber analytics, consumer insight, device provisioning, mobile spectrum efficiency, end user policies and many more areas.



OakStream provides custom analytic solutions solving “real-time” big data problems providing organizations with timely, accurate and actionable intelligence allowing them to make faster and better decisions. Our engineers and data scientists are highly skilled at developing complex streaming analytic tools and applications providing organizations real-time situational awareness and allowing them to make better sense of “big data”.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

OakStream’s streaming analytic platform utilizes IBM InfoSphere Streams technology which is a distributed, scalable, fault-tolerant, and extremely powerful real-time analytic infrastructure. Infosphere Streams provides us the ability to process extreme volumes of data in real-time previously not possible. Our technology combined with the power and scalability of InfoSphere Streams allows us to provide customers real-time answers to all types of big data questions related to fraud prevention, cyber security, telephony, social media monitoring, geospatial processing, sensor networks, law enforcement, financial markets, healthcare and many more. Our streams platform integrates easily into existing data infrastructures including IBM BigInsights, Hadoop based systems, NoSQL and traditional data warehouses. Our streams platform supports adaptive and dynamic analytics and scoring models updated automatically based on machine learning algorithms on historical data and integrates seamlessly with IBM SPSS for more advanced analytic capabilities.

Solid Solutions Streaming Knowledge


Offspring Solutions

Offspring Solutions is a technology solution provider of Enterprise Systems/Information Management, Business Intelligence & Data Analytics, and Infrastructure Planning and Operations products and services. Offspring specializes in partnering with our clients to achieve their short- and long-term operational and strategic goals. Our experienced professionals understand the unique challenges faced by public and private sector clients and are veterans at providing sage insight across a number of disciplines.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Offspring offers complete business intelligence products and services including dashboards, visual analysis, and reporting. Offspring’s application support teams are easy to deploy, leverage a “train the trainer” methodology, and adhere to agile methodologies that accommodate changing business requirements. We provide user-defined BI reporting, predictive analytics, data mashups, dashboarding and assist in developing direct access to any data source. We have considerable past performance in the public and private sector.

Our motto is “Our Solutions, Your Success”. Simply put, we not only solve the problem(s) you know you have, we also present options to solve problems you are not aware of.



Palogix is a logistics and supply chain organization providing returnable container management solutions to manufacturing, agricultural, pharmaceutical, health-care, retail and consumer products distribution, and engineering organizations world-wide.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Palogix, with a flexible approach supported by an enterprise-level track and trace software solution, advanced logistics, reporting and analytic capabilities powered by IBM's Big Data Platform; provides quantifiable operational cost savings and increased supply chain efficiencies.

"Palogix supply chain solution, ATRAX II, powered by IBM's Big Data Platform and Traceability Server, enables customers to track and trace their assets throughout the entire supply chain, with the ability to optimize and forecast asset segmentation, movement, risk, costs and variances, based upon multiple variables from desperate sources", says Robert Liebesman, Palogix CEO.


Pepperdata is a software platform that installs on top of Big Insights to increase Hadoop cluster usage and reduce job execution time, while maintaining consistent the execution time of important workloads.

Pepperdata monitors cluster usage dynamically and enforces policies defined by the administrators to enable true multi-tenancy on Hadoop.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Pepperdata software installs as a rpm in 30mn and immediately provides views of the cluster activity and usage per user, per job and per tasks. A policy manager enables implementing SLA and true multi-tenancy.



Perficient belongs to an elite group of Premier IBM Business Partners delivering IBM cross-brand, industry-authorized solutions to large enterprise customers throughout North America. We are an IBM award-winning, certified Software Value Plus solution provider. We utilize our Industry experience, technology expertise and proven methodology to help our customers solve their big data business challenges.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Perficient's information management practices teams understand that tackling "Big Data" projects require both technical skills as well as process management discipline. Our teams are seasoned IBM InfoSphere, Data warehousing, Netezza, Analytics and MDM experts that have years of experience delivering, mentoring and training clients on the very best Information Management solutions available from IBM. In addition, Perficient brings Data Governance process know-how that is invaluable in the day-to-day management of large data tasks and projects. We ensure our clients get the maximum business value and insights from their information by providing solutions that address:

"Perficient is committed to helping IBM deliver on the promise of a Smarter Planet," said Jeffrey Davis, CEO and President of Perficient. "By leveraging IBM technologies, we're able to consistently help our clients gain greater business value and insights from their information assets."



Persistent Systems is a leader in outsourced product development and has built a large Analytics practice more specifically around Hadoop and IBM InfoSphere BigInsights platform. We have helped several enterprise customers as well as young start ups by unlocking value of their data. Persistent's expertise in leveraging unique features offered by BigInsights like –JAQL, System-T, Meta-tracker, GPFS etc. have enabled customers to extract insights out of big data.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Persistent Systems offers solutions based on IBM technologies such as Identity management, Service management, Cloud Computing and Analytics. Persistent's proven BigInsights implementation methodology for Big Data solutions leverages -

  • In-depth knowledge of BigInsights product and underlying Hadoop technologies
  • Specialized tools and frameworks that significantly reduce time to value and also provide ease of maintenance
  • A large Analytics practice that has been involved in all aspects of BigInsights product, all the way from installation, implementation, integration, quality assurance

Our team also has deep knowledge of different components of the Hadoop ecosystem such as Hive, JAQL, PIG and other open source platforms where we have contributed IP and actively support these systems.



Pervasive RushAnalyzer™ delivers on the promise of big data analytics with a simple, visual product for data access, transformation, analysis, visualization and delivery. Data scientists and business analysts can transform and analyze terabytes of data into actionable insights at extreme speed on Hadoop, without writing a single line of code. RushAnalyzer dataflows can include R and Weka routines and the rich built-in operators are fully extensible.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Pervasive RushAnalyzer runs on InfoSphere BigInsights, IBM's enterprise-ready implementation of Apache Hadoop. Powered by Pervasive DataRush, a parallel dataflow platform designed to accelerate performance for data preparation and analytics, RushAnalyzer helps conquer Hadoop's complexity by allowing users to drag and drop in building ETL and predictive analytics workflows, in the world's first native Hadoop predictive analytics solution.

"Pervasive wants to accelerate IBM's vision to help firms discover and analyze business insights hidden in large volumes of a diverse range of data, by bringing performance and scalability," said Mike Hoskins, Pervasive CTO and general manager, Pervasive Big Data Products and Solutions. "By partnering, our joint customers can take full advantage of end-to-end, fast data access, transformation and analysis on a dependable Hadoop platform."


Platfora is an iterative, interactive and fast analytics platform, allowing anyone to access, transform and analyze data in Hadoop without writing a line of code resulting in data driven decision making via collaboration.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Platfora leverages IBM BigInsights Big Data platform to deliver the fastest way to go from raw data to analytics. Platfora offers Big Data Analytics transforming many businesses across multiple industries to unlock insights across via Security Analytics, Customer Analytics and Internet of things offerings.


Platform Computing is the leader in cluster, grid and cloud management software. For almost two decades, it has delivered distributed computing solutions to over 2000 customers, with over 5,000,000 CPUs under management.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Platform MapReduce is Hadoop compatible product, delivering sophisticated scheduling and management capabilities to deliver an enterprise class deployment solution for Hadoop applications. It is certified to work with IBM General Parallel File System.(GPFS) providing applications using the data in GPFS to have greater scalability and performance.

"The integration of IBM GPFS and Platform MapReduce brings together the best of both worlds and we're pleased to be working closely with IBM to provide added functionality to the GPFS that will save users precious time and costs when they need to access and analyze data from unstructured and structured sources," said Tripp Purvis, Vice President Business Development, Platform Computing, "The combined capabilities of both technologies will open up greater opportunities for GPFS users to run their big data applications with an industry proven, best-of-breed MapReduce runtime engine."

Podium Data

PODIUM’s Data Lake platform enables enterprises to ingest, validate, manage, transform and provision data.

PODIUM is an end-to-end data management and preparation platform built from the ground up to leverage low-cost, high-performance Big Data technologies. Podium’s core features fill in important data management functionality through an integrated, easy to use browser interface. This allows organizations to take full advantage of the cost effectiveness of Big Data technologies without their inherent complexities, significantly shrinking the time to market for data availability and value.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

PODIUM’s core features integrate with IBM’s BigInsights platform including directly on GPFS (as well as HDFS). By leveraging PODIUM’s data ingest and validations with IBM BigInsights, customers are realizing significant return on their data assets.

How did a top pharmaceutical firm accelerate patient analytics from weeks to minutes?



Precog is a data warehousing and analysis platform that combines the scalability of big data systems with the deep analytical capabilities of high-end statistical software.

Precog integrates directly with the BigInsights Hadoop file system, providing advanced statistical and analytical capabilities beyond what is easily achievable using MapReduce or other Big Data tools.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Precog integrates directly with the BigInsights Hadoop file system, providing advanced statistical and analytical capabilities beyond what is easily achievable using MapReduce or other Big Data tools.


Protegrity is the world leader in enterprise data security solutions. Our unmatched technology provides consistent, centrally controlled encryption, masking, and Vaultless Tokenization to Big Data, Cloud, IBM Mainframe, databases, and all other systems in the heterogeneous enterprise ecosystem. Protegrity's mission is to help organizations reach true data security, beyond regulatory compliance, with minimal impact on business processes.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:


PROTEUS Technologies. Outsmart.

PROTEUS Technologies is an innovative, leading-edge software and systems engineering solutions provider serving the Intelligence Community, Federal Executive Departments, and commercial industries. Akin to our namesake, we transform as necessary — our approach, processes and technology — to achieve the agility and adaptability inherent in fast, flexible, forward thinking solutions.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

At PROTEUS, we work hard to Outsmart our Nation's adversaries. Top talent begets top performance – and top performance begets innovative solutions to tough problems. With IBM, we bring innovative solutions to bear to solve the toughest challenges for a Smarter and Safer Planet.

Our clients derive confidence from partnering with an established company that has built its stalwart reputation on designing and developing agile and scalable solutions – solutions that drive the mission and evolve with ever changing needs. As the pace of information technology transformation skyrockets, the importance of designing software solutions that meet today's and tomorrow's requirements has never been more critical. To stay abreast of today's threats and ahead of tomorrow's, PROTEUS has partnered with IBM to leverage the unmatched capabilities offered by its Big Data platform. With IBM, PROTEUS delivers fast and flexible solutions to threats in real-time while simultaneously monitoring the horizon to intercept and eliminate future threats before they are initiated.

PROTEUS and IBM work with clients to determine critical needs and develop Agile solutions. That's why defense agencies have partnered with PROTEUS for over a decade and continue to request an ever-growing array of expertise and capabilities. With IBM's Big Data components like InfoSphere Streams, PROTEUS successfully conquers complex, real-time analytic demands and delivers consistent and effective answers to some of the nation's toughest challenges. Guided by an experienced and highly technical management team and coupled with IBM's Big Data platform, PROTEUS delivers the smartest computing solutions and the highest engineering standards in the federal national security space.

"Proteus delivers 110% to the customer. Their ability to provide agile, top-notch software engineering for our dynamically changing needs and requirements is unmatched. Company and contract representatives are absolutely the best that I've dealt with over the years."

- Client Division Chief




Established in 1997, R Square, Inc. is a Systems Integrator with Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) status. We are also in the process of pursuing to be a US Federal Security Cleared Facility as per US Federal requirements. Our mission is to become the destination and source for great technical talent. Most of our activities are geared towards supporting our strategic objectives, which are: understanding customer need; indentifying the best and the brightest for the job at hand; breed appetite for excellence at everything we do and; be the go-to firm for our clients.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

R Square is actively involved in Big Data space and we have carefully evaluated various Big Data platforms and have unanimously narrowed it down to IBM Big Data platform. Typical project engagements R Square professionals are involved in range from evangelizing senior management to actual implementations using Big Data technologies. By becoming IBM’s Big Data partner, R Square can deploy solutions on the best Big Data platform available in the market and in return, bring enormous value to our customers.


RainStor ®

RainStor provides Big Data management software. RainStor's database enables the world's largest companies to keep and access limitless amounts of data for as long as they want at the lowest cost. It features the highest level of compression on the market, together with high performance on-demand query and simplified management. RainStor runs natively on a variety of architectures and infrastructure including Hadoop. RainStor is a privately held company with offices in San Francisco, USA and Gloucester, UK. For more information, visit Email us directly:

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

RainStor provides a specialized database which can solve data growth and retention problems with massive compression (40-1 or more on raw data), ultimate saving you millions in TCO. It can be deployed on any combination of IBM servers and storage including Hadoop at the lowest TCO. In contrast to OLTP databases (that allow updates), RainStor's database is optimized for long-term retention. Ideal for relational structured and semi-structured data (e.g. Logs, Market tick data, Trades) it provides on demand access via standard SQL (ODBC/JDBC) or Hadoop MapReduce. RainStor lowers the total operating cost due to significantly reduced physical storage, and in many cases also improves the performance and access of big data sets across the enterprise.

The technical patents and features that make RainStor unique include:

Underpinned by unlimited scalability and zero admin, deployable on any combination of servers and storage, on premise or in the Cloud.

Select applicable use cases and solutions include:

"RainStor complements IBM business intelligence and Big Data technologies by enabling data to be kept accessible on demand at the lowest possible cost. RainStor's compression magnifies the efficiency and performance of IBM servers and storage, enabling customers to meet their growing Big Data challenges now and into the future."


Reply blue

Reply, founded in 1996, integrates CULTURE, COMPETENCE and PROACTIVENESS applying new information and communication technologies and paradigms to excel in the development of flexible, successful, innovative solutions.

The evolution towards market globalization, the possibility of new applications, the power of the Net, the radical and still constant changing of telecommunications, caused the development of more and more complex architectures.

Technological innovation calls for specific knowledge and expertise with an unprecedented level of expertise.

Reply answers to this digital evolution with flexibility, with a network structure composed of subsidiary companies, each focusing on specific lines of offer, with effective solutions and excellent services.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Blue Reply, the specialized company focused in implementing and managing integrated systems through IBM products, accompanies its clients in the design and development of business intelligence and data warehousing SaaS solutions for Business Analytics and Customer Behavior Analytics.

Reply's consulting practice covers all aspects of data, information and business intelligence architecture, organization, governance and execution.

Big data is not just matter of a better management of the data in our hands. It is about a complete new way to look at the world around us.



RES is comprised of a professional team with over 25 years of experience in the enterprise I.T. market, bringing a superior competence in processes and technologies and a strong world-wide presence. Additionally, RES has a highly qualified proficiency center making them an ideal, qualified and reliable business partner for every kind of client including; banks, insurance, finance, government, telecommunication, manufacturing, utilities …
Our mission has always been to help organizations maximize their efficiency and quality in the management of their information systems environments. Having a leading edge technology is the core fundamental and essential aspect that makes it possible for RES to be a world leader in competence and reliability, all the while focusing on innovation through a continuous improvement of their tools, architectures and platforms, whose state of the art technology is guaranteed by continuous significant and effectual investments, research and development actions from their internal, dedicated Competence Centers.
The constant internal mapping and interpretation of the business processes within the client’s IT systems, make it possible for RES to continuously evolve its products and services in adherence to the ongoing changes in a highly the competitive market in which the client is operating (its business).

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

RES integrates with IBM to complete the IBM offering which brings added value to the clients.
IBM InfoSphere BigInsights and InfoSphere Streams business analytics are made even more powerful by the RES products via their Data Quality and Data Governance.
The RES Suite platform, the RES personnel’s flexible approach supported by an enterprise-level (legacy and LUW) wide-purpose SW tools portfolio, enhances the IBM’s Big Data offering by providing quantifiable operational cost savings and increased efficiency in both the technical and user environments where the solutions are installed and used.

An IBM survey found that more than half of business IT leaders realized that in order to compete in a globally-integrated economy, today’s organizations need a comprehensive understanding of markets, customers, products, regulations, competitors, suppliers, employees and more. This understanding demands the effective use of information and analytics.

Big Data for the analysis of static data and data in motion now makes it possible to immediately exploit large volumes of structured data available in their original form, but also semi-structured and unstructured data available in a wide variety of sources when it is necessary to analyze all the data and when processing of a sample is not significant and thus does not provide effective results.

Virtually all companies have a large number of logs that contain information with high potential value, but they must be extracted and exploited. RES, by using the IBM Big Data platform, offers its clients the tools for the development, customization, management and visualization, via an Hadoop platform enriched with features that have improved system management and performances.

The difference between the IBM solution and those based exclusively on open source modules is the ability to deal with issues that are critical for an enterprise-wide solution.

RES helps organizations collect and analyze big data, with the aim of generating new insights resulting in a better understanding of their customers as individuals; deliver rich, personalized experiences that reinforce company brands, and maximize the value of every customer interaction.
The RES staff is made up of more than 100 professionals in Italy. Furthermore, RES has an office based in the United States and is active worldwide thanks to our strong partner network.
Finally, experience and qualifications make RES the ideal partner, able to provide corporations and organizations with high quality and added value offerings for the I.T. environment.



Retalon Inc. is a leading provider of predictive analytic solutions for supply chain, merchandising, and marketing operations. Retalon products range from task-oriented solutions to a common analytic platform, which provide tangible optimization and significant measurable benefits for retailers and distributors.

Retalon solutions are designed for optimal auto-replenishment, one-time allocations, promotional events, price and markdown optimization, micro-merchandizing, safety stock, optimal purchasing, OTB, planning and assortment.

Retalon customer base includes 90 recognized retailers and distributors.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

The Retalon system utilizes multiple IBM products. It runs on IBM's WebSphere server and DB2 database.

InfoSphere BigInsights high efficiency in massive data processing fully support massive relational and non-relational data analysis. Working within this environment the Retalon system provides very accurate predictions for large retail organizations, since it accounts for all the factors impacting the business, including inventory levels, sales, prices, promotions, assortment and many, many more. Given the number of SKU/Location combinations and the number of permutations of these factors, the InfoSphere BigInsights, with comprehensive data analysis capabilities and excellent performance, is the best tool to achieve this.

"Retalon solutions provide tangible increases in GMROII for retail companies and distributors. Combined with IBM big data platform, the Retalon system integrates data from multiple sources, ranging from the internal ERP systems to social media to bring the optimization to the next level when all the decisions are made based on extremely accurate predictions."



RTTS is the premier software and services company that provides Software Quality for critical business systems. Since 1996, our expert team has worked closely with 600+ clients to improve their testing processes, tool knowledge, and application deployment outcomes.

The growing variety of new data sources is pushing organizations to look for streamlined ways to manage complexities and get the most out of their data-related investments. The companies that do this correctly are realizing the power of big data for business expansion and growth.

A testing strategy is pivotal for success with big data and BigInsights/Hadoop. Using QuerySurge from RTTS will increase your testing speed, boost your testing coverage (up to 100%), and improve the level of quality within your data warehouse.

How we integrate with IBM BigInsights or Streams

QuerySurge is a Big Data testing tool designed to verify data across ETL/ELT legs to support higher quality ETL deployments. QuerySurge is designed for bulk, automated Source-to-Target data verification during ETL development and testing, between your data sources and BigInsights, between IPDA and BigInsights or BigInsights and DB2 (or other traditional databases).



SAS Institute

SAS is the leader in business analytics software and services, and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market. Through innovative solutions, SAS helps customers at more than 70,000 sites improve performance and deliver value by making better decisions faster. Since 1976 SAS has been giving customers around the world THE POWER TO KNOW®.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

SAS supports big data without limits. For example, a core component of SAS® Visual Analytics, the SAS® LASR™ Analytic Server, uses Hadoop (embedded Hadoop Distributed File System) in products like InfoSphere BigInsights as local server storage for fault tolerance.

SAS also increases access to critical data sources with Hadoop support, including InfoSphere BigInsights, in its updated SAS Enterprise Data Integration Server. Exploiting the popular open-source data architecture helps customers using analytics from SAS increase the value of big data assets.

Explore hot topics in big data like Hadoop.



SciSpike focuses on providing clients with expert solutions through consulting, custom development or training. We can provide the highest value to our clients by using experts who guide clients in all areas of implementing new technology.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Besides IBM Big Data tooling, SciSpike brings experience with a variety of Big Data platforms, different flavors of Hadoop and NoSQL data stores. This enables us to provide expert guidance on use and integration of IBMs Big Data technologies in heterogeneous environments.

Our consulting and training can be customized to provide the most efficient solution for clients needs. Our development services span various technologies, tooling, and approaches to rapidly deliver systems.


Sema sistemas

"We bridge the gap between the speeds and volumes of the Stream Computing world and traditional OLAP world, providing a new advanced data management architecture that allows historical data to be processed alongside and complementing stream data "

华存数据. EC Data Information Technology

Shanghai ECDATA information technology Co., Ltd, was founded in 2001 by Shanghai east-China computer Co., Ltd , who is the first listed company in Chinese IT industry . ECData business is focused on data, such as data process, data storage, data management, and data utilization. ECData business philosophy is provide high quality service with advanced IT Technology and professional solutions.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

ECData is solution provider of IBM hardware and software. ECData BI and Big Data analysis solutions are focused on healthcare, public security, insurance, and manufacture industry.

ECData provide real time data analysis solution for massive structured and unstructured data using InfoSphere BigInsights and InfoSphere Streams. The analytic results are demonstrated by IBM Cognos. ECData also develops enterprise content management applications based on IBM FileNet.

Sharpe Engineering Inc. Better Knowledge faster

Sharpe Engineering provides a variety of consulting services related to realtime big data analytics for situational awareness and resource management. In particular we focus on the effective combination of a number technologies and methods to address challenges that are beyond the capabilities of traditional approaches. Key aspects include:

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Sharpe Engineering leverages a deep understanding of the unique strengths of the InfoSphere Streams platform to provide guidance on its effective application in a wide range of problem spaces. We can help you get the most out of the inherent features of the platform and raise the bar on the kinds of challenges you can address.

We enhance the basic stream processing paradigm through a combination of methods that incorporate metadata, information provenance, confidence values, and various domain specific and general purpose modular toolkits.

Our approach integrates enterprise class, web scale semantic processing with the stream processing platform to produce "better knowledge faster". In order to derive actionable information, simply having the data and the platform is not enough. Although they are key enablers, it's what you do with them that matters.

"IBM has worked with Sharpe Engineering for over 2 years to position the unique benefits of the InfoSphere Streams platform. They have been instrumental in helping us in communicate with potential clients how the technology could be applied to meet their specific challenges." - Rick Somra, IBM Client Representative United States Air Force Team


Skytree. The machine learning company

Skytree is an advanced analytics software company with a Machine Learning platform that gives organizations the power to discover deep analytic insights, predict future trends, make recommendations and reveal untapped markets and customers.

Skytree Server, company’s flagship product, is an enterprise-ready Machine Learning platform designed from the ground up to work on massive and fast changing datasets with high efficiency. Skytree Server’s scalable architecture performs state-of-the-art Machine Learning methods that were not previously possible on large data sets. The fundamental design of Skytree Server incorporates advanced algorithms from the computer science research frontier to achieve speeds that are tens of thousands of times faster than existing approaches.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Skytree interoperates and runs on IBM's Big Data platform, which provides a dependable, enterprise-ready implementation of Apache Hadoop along with the PureData System for Analytics. Skytree provides Machine Learning enabled Predictive Analytics for the global enterprise. Skytree’s advances can make the most powerful and accurate Machine Learning methods possible on massive data delivering the fastest time to insight.



SoftSol is a leader in providing information technology business solutions to companies, leveraging our skills in cutting-edge technologies, products, IPs, plus extensive experience (17+ years) across multiple industries. Our customers utilize our unique solutions to gain competitive advantage and business growth. Headquartered Silicon Valley (California), SoftSol's customers include leaders in Public Sector (State/ Local government Federal, and Defense), Media, Life Sciences, and High Tech.

SoftSol helps its clients to analyze their business critical data and make wise decisions for better business outcomes by providing client-specific custom big data solutions. We use the following approach to overcome business challenges faced by our customers, using big data:

SoftSol specializes in various big data technologies like Hadoop, HBase, Hive, MapReduce, Pig, No-SQL, CouchBase, and more to implement the big data solutions.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

SoftSol provides solutions based on IBM's InfoSphere BigInsights and InfoSphere Streams platforms for enterprise-specific real-time data analytics, data management and reporting. With specialization in providing solutions across industries (Public Sector, Media, Hi-Tech, Life Sciences, and BFSI), our Big data services to clients is based on:

"IBM InfoSphere BigInsights and InfoSphere Streams help us in providing effective end-to-end business solutions to our customers on a single unified platform. We are delighted to be part of this ecosystem." – Suresh Babu, SoftSol CEO



Splice Machine’s Hadoop RDBMS, is designed to scale real-time applications using commodity hardware without application rewrites. The Splice Machine database is a modern, scale-out alternative to traditional RDBMSs, such as Oracle®, MySQL™, IBM DB2® and Microsoft SQL Server®, that can deliver over a 10x improvement in price/performance. As a full-featured SQL-on-Hadoop RDBMS with ACID transactions, the Splice Machine database helps customers power real-time applications and operational analytics, especially as they approach Big Data scale.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Splice Machine uses the HBase, HDFS, and ZooKeeper components of the IBM BigInsights Hadoop distribution. As the only Hadoop RDBMS, it provides BigInsights customers with the ability to support operational applications (e.g., ecommerce websites, CRM apps) and analytics on data updated in real-time.


Splunk, Inc.

Hunk™: Splunk Analytics for Hadoop is a full-featured platform for rapidly exploring, analyzing and visualizing data in Hadoop and NoSQL data stores. Based on years of experience building big data products deployed at thousands of Splunk customers, Hunk drives dramatic improvements in the speed and simplicity of getting insights from big data in Hadoop.

Hunk provides a single, fluid user experience designed to drive rapid insights from your big data. One of the key innovations in Hunk is Splunk Virtual Index™ technology. This patent-pending capability decouples the storage tier from the data access and analytics tiers, enabling Hunk to transparently route requests to different data stores. By decoupling the tiers, Hunk can use Data Models, the Pivot interface, dashboarding, role-based access controls and the Splunk developer platform. 

A key differentiator, schema-on-the-fly, allows Hunk to deliver the flexible, interactive analytics experience that business and IT teams need in working with unstructured data in Hadoop. With schema-on-the-fly, you can store data in any format and the structure is applied at query time.

Now you no longer need to plan the questions up front—you can immediately explore and analyze your data in Hadoop through visual interactions and use SPL™ for deeper analysis. With Hunk, unlocking the business value of data in Hadoop is faster and easier than you thought possible.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Hunk gives business analytics teams using IBM’s InfoSphere BigInsights and PureData System for Hadoop an enormous opportunity to improve overall efficiency for everyone: the analysts can more quickly explore data and create visualizations, focusing on analytics rather than IT; the operations teams can better monitor data security; developers can better ensure data quality; administrators don’t need to waste time on plumbing; and decision-makers can get the insights they need, correlating data to spot trends and identify patterns of interest. Ultimately, interactive analysis of data in Hadoop is enabled to drive deep analysis, to detect patterns, and to find anomalies across terabytes and petabytes of data.

And if you are working in an agile, collaborative way, there are tremendous synergies in monitoring your data-processing pipelines for InfoSphere BigInsights or PureData System for Hadoop and at the same time, utilize your knowledge about that data to develop business-analytics dashboards with Hunk.

"The combination of either IBM’s InfoSphere BigInsights or PureData System for Hadoop with Splunk’s Hunk provides the market with the answer to deriving value from existing and future InfoSphere BigInsights deployments."
Vladimir Kanevsky, Sr. Director Strategic Accounts



sqrrl is a Big Data company that provides software for Apache Accumulo, a highly scalable, non-relational database. We are focused on Big Data challenges both in terms of scale and analytic complexity where data is constrained by legal, regulatory, or other restrictions. Our solutions promote data integration and secure information sharing. With sqrrl, Big Data becomes secure, scalable, and adaptable to a wide variety of data environments and analytical requirements.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

sqrrl's software is built to run on top of Hadoop and integrates with any Hadoop deployment, including IBM BigInsights. sqrrl enables BigInsight customers to have low latency, secure, and random read/write access to their data stored in BigInsights. Customers can also utilize sqrrl software to generate advanced analytics on their data in real-time, including information retrieval, statistics, graph, and geospatial queries.



SSC BigData Accelerators provides the ability to ingest, parse and extract a wide variety of transactions and business event data. It enables clients to gain insights into operation, transaction behaviour and process data in near real-time instead of hours, days and weeks.

Business process events are business and IT related data and provide key performance indicators to the business. These events will include definitive records of customer activity across multiple channels. They likely include customer purchase patterns, account changes and trouble reports combined with application and runtime events.

SSC BigData Accelerators simplify the understanding of application transactions data and business events generated by application servers like WebSphere, Websphere Commerce platform, WebSphere BPM, WebSphere Telco packs by analyzing these in a meaningful way. 

SSC Accelerators reduce time and cost and provide quick ROI by leveraging pre-integrated components. Using the BigData accelerators Organizations can benefit from real-time insights in the application health and metrics at their fingertips without having to learn new skill sets.

- Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive view of application transaction data from multiple sources.
  • Visualize results through Charts
  • Ability to view data flows between and across data sets to quickly navigate and relate analysis.
  • Analyze operational data including transaction data, Business Process events in real-time for operations efficiency
  • Promote new products and features to customers based on their interaction behavior and patterns.
  • Troubleshoot problems and investigate events and incidents
  • Monitor end-to-end infrastructure to avoid system/service degradation or outages

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

SSC Accelerators complement BigInsights with real-time data analytics. SSC Accelerators leverage the components (Flume, Hadoop, Pig, and HBASE) and enhance IBM's BigInsights by providing the real-time analytics using pre build components to analyze the Websphere platform transaction and business events data.

SSC Accelerators deliver a more scalable, high-performance and cost-effective approach for analyzing the data behind applications deployed on modern virtualized or cloud infrastructures.



StackIQ Cluster Manager brings enterprise-class cluster management to Big Data

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

StackIQ Cluster Manager for Big Data is now available with InfoSphere BigInsights. StackIQ seamlessly integrates InfoSphere BigInsights by leveraging StackIQ's modular framework for the automated deployment and management of InfoSphere BigInsights. Choose StackIQ Cluster Manager for Big Data and have your complete BigInsights cluster running in minutes.

"StackIQ is pleased to be working with IBM to combine their industry leading business intelligence software with our world-class cluster management solution." – Tim McIntire, CEO and Co-Founder StackIQ


Stream Integration

Informatics for the competitive enterprise – fast data, advanced analytics and focused solutions.

Stream Integration is an information management consultancy focused exclusively on Information Quality Management, Data Integration, Master Data Management and Enterprise Analytics, leveraging the IBM Information Management and Business Analytics suites of technologies. Within the Enterprise Analytics practice, we provide complete end-to-end delivery of business intelligence, performance measurement, advanced analytics and big data analytics.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Stream Integration is a Premier IBM Partner who has delivered hundreds of information platforms across the globe.

Fast Data - Effective implementation of IBM Netezza Data Warehouse Appliances, IBM InfoSphere BigInsights and InfoSphere Streams to ensure you have fast access to all traditional and non-traditional data sources. Our partnership with IBM extends from certified reseller and software engineering through to post-implementation support, ensuring that our customers receive the most effective service possible.

Advanced Analytics – As a strategic data science partner, Stream Integration has helped enterprises gain a competitive advantage and realize dramatic business growth. We enable and automate decision making by embedding SPSS models where the data lives, deep down in your high performance platforms including IBM Netezza Data Warehouse Appliances, Infosphere Streams and Hbase.

Focused Solutions – This is the top of our EA stack, where our data products and services directly touch consumers and businesses. We offer focused solutions for the Healthcare, Entertainment, Gaming, Advertising, Energy, and Manufacturing industries.


Systech Solutions, Inc. is a leading Business Intelligence services provider delivering customer-focused business solutions. Systech's core competencies include: Business Intelligence / Data warehousing, Industry specific BI solutions, Analytical Application Development, Portals, Dashboards and Scorecards for EPM/CPM, Onsite / Offshore Model.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

The Systech-IBM alliance is committed to build best-of-breed enterprise business intelligence solutions. In this technology alliance, Systech is looking forward to working with IBM's Big Data brand in 2 capacities and adding significant value to both organizations:


Tableau Software, Inc.

Tableau Software is on a mission to help people everywhere see and understand the data around them. From spreadsheets to Hadoop deployments, Tableau is used by business users and highly technical data professionals alike to visually explore data of any size in a seamless and interactive method that doesn’t involve complex scripting or query authoring. Tableau allows anyone to rapidly build interactive data visualizations with an intuitive drag and drop interface resulting in stunning dashboards and reports. More than 21,000 organizations use Tableau Software to put the power of data and visual analytics into the hands of their employees and drive insight from their data assets.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Tableau’s authoring solution, Tableau Desktop, connects directly to IBM InfoSphere BigInsights allowing for rapid visual data exploration of even the biggest deployments. Tableau leverages IBM’s Big SQL layer to translate drag-and-drop mouse actions within Tableau Desktop as queries and returns the results as interactive visual analytic renderings with our patented VizQL technology. The result is an immersive data analysis experience where users are able to ask questions of their data as fast as they can think of them and thanks to the power and scalability of IBM BigInsights as well as the ease of use of Tableau, prohibitive overhead costs and deep technical backgrounds are no longer barriers to leveraging massive data assets. Reports and dashboards built using Tableau Desktop and powered by IBM InfoSphere BigInsights can be published in just a few clicks to Tableau’s on premise server solution, Tableau Server, allowing for entire organizations to interact with live analytics via their web browsers regardless of device.



Data-driven businesses use Talend to deliver timely and easy access to data. Talend lets organizations unlock all of their data, including historical, live, and emerging data. Through native support of the modern big data platforms, Talend's zero footprint solution takes the complexity out of integration and equips IT to be more responsive to the demands of the business, at a predictable cost.

Talend Open Studio for Big Data combines big data technologies into a unified open source environment simplifying the loading, extraction, transformation and processing of large and diverse data sets. Users are also presented with a full palette of components for NoSQL connectivity. Talend's big data components have been tested and certified to work with IBM's Hadoop distribution - InfoSphere BigInsights.



In today's world of doing more with less, the paradox is that ever-increasing volumes of data are being generated, arriving at higher velocity with greater variety than ever before.

All the while, organizations are diligently storing the data and thinking about how to extract value from it and many are coming to the realization that they are entering the realm of extreme information management.

New innovations and tools are being developed to address the challenges associated with 'big data'however the landscape changes rapidly. And despite the hype, these tools can't create value out of the information by themselves.

We help organizations define what they want to find out from their data, devise mechanisms for getting the information out of the data and put the appropriate management framework in place.

As enthusiastic proponents of the innovations happening in the world of data and analytics our objective is to provide the expertise and implementation frameworks that avoid the likely disillusionment that results from standing up Hadoop without the benefit of a management framework.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

As enterprise data management and information architecture experts, working with IBM's Big Data offering, an integrated stack for data at rest as well as streaming data with an established a path for integration and governance, allows us to focus on getting value out of the data instead of lashing technology together.

As an IBM Premier Partner for over 15 years, we have developed a comprehensive relationship that spans many parts of the organization and resulted in high value synergies for customers. As an IBM big data partner we provide you:

Additional IBM initiatives we participate in:

Our multi-faceted partnership with IBM delivers workload optimized, integrated solutions that accelerate time to value for our clients.We complement IBM's extensive technology stack with expert skills, business acumen and industry expertise.

"TamGroup helps clients address the disruptive stuff that happens at the intersections of information, technology and business. As active participants in the San Francisco Bay Area big data community, we stay connected to innovations and developments and are working on developing adoption patterns, best practices and deployment successes. IBM is helping improve the value proposition around extreme information management."

Tata. Tata Consultancy Services.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is a leader in the global market place and one of the top 10 technology firms in the world. Building on more than 40 years of experience, we add real value to global organizations through domain expertise plus solutions with proven success in the field and world-class service.

Big Data technologies have made a paradigm shift in the way solutions and services are developed and delivered. TCS leverages the Think, Build and Operate model for solving Big Data problems. The model tackles the three core problems in Big Data namely - Data Integration, Data Analysis & Visualization, Data Storage using unique technology frameworks and accelerators.

TCS has a dedicated Center of Excellence and a delivery unit with proven expertise on IBM Big Data platforms. The dedicated units, working closely with TCS research labs, are developing cutting-edge & future-proof solutions for our customers. TCS competency management framework ensures honing and sharing of cutting edge research knowledge to build and deploy best-in class Big Data solutions.

In TCS, domain consultants, data scientists, statisticians, data mining experts, and world-class Hadoop architects work in tandem on IBM Big Data platforms to ensure that our customers experience certainty in the uncertain Big Data world.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

TCS and IBM are long term strategic partners leveraging each other's strength to deliver better, faster, cost-effective and innovative solutions to customers. Building on more than 40 years of industry experience, TCS have developed and deployed innumerable number of world class solutions on every category of IBM technologies.

TCS has a dedicated Big Data Customer Collaboration Lab with the whole gamut of IBM Big Data technologies. This lab is used by our customers to perform exploratory proof of concepts. TCS technology frameworks and accelerators on IBM specific Big Data ecosystem help integrate our customer's existing IT infrastructure and applications to Big Data ecosystem. This enables our customers to see the real benefits of using IBM Big Data technologies before investing on this new technology.

TCS is also investing continually on improving the technical expertise of our consultants on IBM Big Data technologies. TCS has an IBM Big Data/IM Technology Excellence Group working at the forefront of the technological innovations in the IBM Big Data technology space. The TCS competency management framework ensures that the learning from this lab is cascaded to all our Big Data consultants.

"The deep industry knowledge spanning over 40 years coupled with the expertise on IBM technology portfolio makes TCS your right partner to Experience Certainty with Big Data"

TCS is yet to publish a page on Big Data

TERALYTICS. Big Data Intelligence

The Teralytics Big Data Appstore offers our customers out-of-the-box solutions for their big data challenges. The pre-built modules significantly reduce the development time for big data solutions and allow our customers to gain value from their large amounts of data quickly.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Our big data apps are built for the Hadoop-platform and can thus be directly deployed on IBM InfoSphere BigInsights. Our customers choose IBM InfoSphere BigInsights for its IBM Enterprise Support, its ease of administration and its integration with GPFS.

"Big data technologies change the way businesses make sense out of their data. The Teralytics Big data Appstore makes it as easy as a single click to leverage this technological advance and gain value from Big data within minutes."



TerraEchos is a world leader in advanced security solutions employing streaming data analytics for advanced cyber-physical infrastructure protection. Embedding IBM's InfoSphere Streams inside our tactical appliance, the Kairos™ Solution processes extreme volumes of variable data at line speeds to run an array of advanced analytics from an aggregated set of continuous and discrete data sources. Kairos provides an interoperable, extensible and scalable high performance compute environment for the most challenging, asymmetric security challenges facing governments and businesses today.

Developed for US Government and high-value civilian targets such as nuclear facilities, the Smart Grid, and mission critical data centers, Kairos is the world's first compute appliance capable of addressing streaming security threats to cyber-physical infrastructure. Our advanced Kairos analytical core combines the blazing processing speed of the Streams compute platform with analytical modules that can analyze and act on data from a wide variety of digital systems and sources (ICS, SCADA, sensors) instantaneously. The result is unmatched situational awareness across spatial and temporal boundaries, providing next-generation security against attacks designed to harm cyber and/or physical infrastructure. For example, a virus intended to overheat a core generator at a nuclear facility or take out communications at a command/control center.

Kairos is a rack mounted compute appliance customized to each client's specific location and needs. It taps directly into the backbone of any IT network — localized or cloud-based — and works like a central nervous system for security. Kairos offers an unparalleled range of benefits for securing cyber-physical infrastructure:

Kairos literally turns huge volumes of highly disparate, streaming data into security insight and enables our clients to act on it, instantly. To learn more about Kairos and the IBM technology inside the streaming analytical appliance, please visit or contact Dan James, Director of Integrated Solutions at

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

TerraEchos has been working closely with IBM on the evolution of the InfoSphere Streams computer platform and was the world's first commercial OEM licensee of the technology in December 2009. TerraEchos embedded the technology into the Adelos® S4 sensor system, and subsequently evolving the capability into the Kairos appliance after extensive work for the US Government. The TerraEchos Adelos S4 solution won the "IBM CTO Innovation Award" at the 2010 IBM Information On Demand (IOD) Conference in Las Vegas and was featured again at the 2011 IBM IOD Conference. In March 2012, the Kairos Solution won a Beacon Award for Innovation in Information Management and was a Beacon Finalist for Government Solution.

"Recipients of the 2012 IBM Beacon Award set the standard for business excellence, innovative solutions, ingenuity, and client transformation," said Mark Hennessy, general manager, IBM Global Business Partners and Midmarket. "We congratulate TerraEchos on winning the Beacon Award for Outstanding Information Management Innovation and demonstrating its ability to provide value by incorporating InfoSphere Streams within their Kairos solution."

"Recipients of the 2012 IBM Beacon Award set the standard for business excellence, innovative solutions, ingenuity, and client transformation," said Mark Hennessy, general manager, IBM Global Business Partners and Midmarket. "We congratulate TerraEchos on winning the Beacon Award for Outstanding Information Management Innovation and demonstrating its ability to provide value by incorporating InfoSphere Streams within their Kairos solution."



Tresata has developed the first Hadoop powered Big Data & Analytics Platform focused on Financial Services data.

Tresata's platform is the only Hadoop solution architected from the ground up to:

  1. Store & Index financial data
  2. Process structured and unstructured financial data
  3. Analyze the entire population (not just a sample) of data
  4. Apply proprietary algorithms to model every individual unit

Tresata's platform bundles proprietary data processing algorithms and produces massively scalable data products to address business problems in the Financial Services industry.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Tresata has certified our analytical platform with IBM's BigInsight hadoop distribution. For the very first time, it delivers out-of-the-box use of Hadoop in Banking.

It finally allows Banking institutions globally to use a Hadoop powered Big Data analytics engine to manage and analyze structured and unstructured data to solve massive business problems.

Abhishek Mehta, Founder Tresata, said – "We welcome IBM to the fast developing world of Big Data Analytics and are excited to partner with them to make the vision of a Smarter Planet a reality. By bringing to Financial Services, the biggest vertical market in the world, a Big Data Analytics capability that will help reboot the industry, is a big step in that direction.

A combination of IBM's enterprise ready tools with Tresata's industry leading platform offers a value proposition in Big Data that was not available before".


Voci. Voci Technologies Incorporated.

VociTM Technologies Incorporated, (, is the world leader in accelerated human language solutions. Based on over a decade of research funded by NSF and DARPA at world renowned Carnegie Mellon University, the company has enhanced and extended the original research concepts to address enterprise demands for voice intelligence. Collaboration with experts at Carnegie Mellon ensures that Voci continues to provide the best human language technology solutions available in the market. The VBlaze™ speech appliance is the Voci large vocabulary continuous speech recognizer designed for small to large enterprises that seek to convert large volumes of speech-to-text. The V-Blaze system is integrated with a variety of IBM analytic tools including IBM's Streams and IBM's Content Analytics (ICA) to radically extend the state of the art in big data processing. The result is a high performance computing platform that allows speech and other data from thousands of real-time sources to be rapidly ingested, analyzed, and correlated to create actionable intelligence.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Interface directly with VOIP network through the PBX. V-Blaze delivers resulting conversation in textual form through a seamless interface with IBM Streams to enable real-time analysis of voice streams.

"Once we saw the speed and accuracy of Voci, there was no question that Voci offered the best way … to integrate speech into our analytics solution." Kurt Williams, Mindshare, CTO (


Voltage Security

Voltage Security® is the leading expert in data-centric encryption and tokenization technologies, providing complete protection for personal identity information, personal health information, personal account numbers and other kinds of sensitive data that must be protected. Voltage SecureData™ neutralizes data breaches, reduces brand risk, enables secure analytics in big data ecosystems, and lowers costs of compliance by de-identifying sensitive PCI, PII and PHI data in production, non-production and analytic use cases.

Voltage SecureData is the only comprehensive data protection framework that secures data as it is captured, processed, and stored across a variety of devices, operating systems, databases, and applications used by enterprises, merchants, and service providers. With the industry’s most comprehensive coverage on open, distributed and mainframe platforms, Voltage solutions easily integrate with existing IT environments and with file systems and applications that run on Apache Hadoop and IBM InfoSphere BigInsights.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

With Voltage SecureData, privacy of sensitive information is preserved end-to-end across an enterprise’s IT infrastructure – from the moment of capture through business analysis applications and to the back-end data store.

Industry-standard, Voltage Format-Preserving Encryption™ (FPE), (see NIST SP-800-38G) and Secure Stateless Tokenization™ (SST), maintain data value and enable sensitive data to remain de-identified while in use by Big Data analytic tools. With Voltage FPE and SST, protection is applied at the data field and sub-field level, without altering the original data format, and maintains referential integrity across distributed data sets so joined data tables continue to operate properly. Voltage Stateless Key Management for on-demand key generation eliminates the complexity of traditional key management and achieves very high scalability as it greatly reduces the latency and the capital and labor cost of key management sub-systems traditional encryption products rely on.

Voltage SecureData encryption/tokenization protection can be applied at the source before it gets into Hadoop, or can be evoked during an ETL transfer to a landing zone, or from the Hadoop process transferring the data into HDFS. Once the secure data is in Hadoop, it can be used in its de-identified state for additional processing and analysis without further interaction with the Voltage system. Or the analytic programs running in Hadoop can access the clear text by utilizing the Voltage high-speed decryption/de-tokenization interfaces with the appropriate level of authentication and authorization. If processed data needs to be exported to downstream analytics in the clear – such as into a data warehouse for traditional BI analysis – there are multiple options for securely re-identifying the data, either as it exits Hadoop using Hadoop tools or as it enters the downstream systems on those platforms.


“Data-centric protection solutions provide persistent security to data, both structured and unstructured, throughout the data lifecycle. Our technology integration with IBM BigInsights makes it possible to secure sensitive data entering the Hadoop ecosystem, control access to that data, and ensure compliance with international data security, residency and privacy regulations, all while optimizing performance and scalability,” said Mark Bower, vice president product management and solutions architecture, Voltage Security.



Vormetric Data Security

The Vormetric Data Security Platform enhances IBM InfoSphere BigInsights security by delivering high-performance data-at-rest encryption, easy-to-use key management, privileged user access control, and detailed security intelligence logs. This extensible platform is tunable to protect data as granular as specific columns within a database, as well as all the data within a given directory or an entire volume on a data node. Vormetric has over 1,400 customers globally, including 17 of the Fortune 30.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

With Vormetric, organizations can centrally control and secure sensitive data across multiple environments, including their BigInsights deployment. The platform can encrypt data-at-rest and control access:

In addition, the solution assures that your privileged users, such as root and HADOOP admins, can access the files they need to do their jobs without allowing them to see the data in clear-text.
Further, the solution generates security intelligence logs on data access by users, processes, and applications. These logs are easily analyzed and used for compliance using pre-created dashboards and reports in popular SIEM tools such as IBM QRadar. The policy and key management can be done through a virtual appliance or FIPS 140-2 certified hardware that is separated from the BigInsights infrastructure.


”HADOOP systems, such as IBM InfoSphere BigInsights, are distributed shared nothing clusters of compute and storage. They must have good system performance, as it is critical to ensure data queries complete as fast as possible and with very low latencies. For economies of scale, these systems are typically built from off the shelf Intel X86 systems with high processor core densities and terabytes of storage capacity.” said Ashvin Kamaraju, VP Engineering, Vormetric, “Vormetric has optimized encryption performance in HADOOP environments through multiple techniques including leveraging X86 hardware AES acceleration. The result is a secure environment that scales, without increasing the number of nodes or noticeable latency.”





WANdisco is a provider of enterprise-ready, non-stop Big Data solutions that enable globally distributed organizations to meet today's data challenges of secure storage, scalability and availability. Based on the company's patented active-active replication technology, WANdisco provides enterprises with 24/7 non-stop availability and addresses planned outages by allowing administrators to take servers offline for maintenance without interrupting user access. WANdisco removes the single point of failure inherent in Hadoop, and it works over both Wide Area Networks (WANs) spanning multiple servers thousands of miles apart, as well as over Local Area Networks (LANs). For more information, visit

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Provides 100% Uptime for Hadoop

  • Provides Continuous Availability / 100% uptime of HDFS Data via Active / Active replication
  • No job restarts or lost time for NameNode failures (Continuous Availability)

Enables HDFS to be Deployed Globally - Across the WAN

  • Extends HDFS Across Multiple Data Centers with Bi-directional Replication
  • Unifies the HDFS Namespace
  • One logical cluster across physical clusters in each Data Center
  • Exceeds Business Continuity Requirements for SLAs and Compliance

Load Balances NameNode Traffic for Increased Scalability

  • Multiple Data Ingest Points


  • Non-Intrusive - Not Simple Mirroring or a Copy
  • Does not modify Hadoop / HDFS
  • Apps can run un-modified

wavestrong. Information Security Professionals.

WaveStrong was founded in 2001 and is a minority owned certified business to help CIO's and CISO's make wise technology investment decisions. Our solution consultants help IT Directors implement information security controls. We are known for our sensible approach to risk management, data protection solutions, and project management.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Strategy Consultants from WaveStrong work with IBM SO and ISS to deliver:

WaveStrong partners with customer/IBM staff members to create high performance teams, capable of delivering high quality, predictable results.

Security Solution Engineers from WaveStrong are current on the latest threats and certified on the newest vendor products, enabling WaveStrong to provide product insight to IT organizations.

Striving for excellence


wipro. Applying thought.

Wipro technologies recognized as one of the leading global service providers in Analytics and Information Management (AIM) enables customers accelerate enterprise wide performance through smart, agile and integrated big data analytics solutions and frameworks.

Wipro has at length built its big data offerings around the 3 tier next generation architecture with co-existence of enterprise data warehouse and big data platforms to deliver business insights using advance analytics viz. statistical, mining models to manage variability, velocity and huge volumes of new age information viz. social media, web logs, machine data, device data, network logs etc. Wipro has built framework for evaluating big data use cases and prototyping them to ensure that Customer can gain competitive intelligence with rapid returns on their investments

Wipro has a dedicated Practice and Center of Excellence focusing on IBM Platforms. Wipro with its expertise on IBM platforms & diverse industry solutions have built solutions that span a variety of complex big data challenges such as

Social intelligence – Analysis of social media and email for gaining competitive intelligence, determine brand reputation, customer sentiment analysis, buying patterns, marketing, camping trends

Media Industry –Analysis for congestions and usage patterns using cable logs, set top box device, music & video view log, determining market trends, Customer churn, Viewership trends, content failure patterns

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Wipro is actively engaged in every category of IBM technology and has successfully delivered several of projects based on IBM systems and processes. Wipro Technologies invests continuously in developing and honing its skills on the IBM portfolio – especially on those on big data and advance analytics technologies for processing huge volumes of data to derive meaningful insights. Wipro Technologies expertise on industry solutions coupled with IBM Platforms can help customers gain competitive advantage by streamlining processes, increasing efficiencies, and mitigating the risks and costs associated with managing continuously growing stores of information.

"Wipro Technologies believes that IBM technology is ready with right mix of products on big data to solve real time problems as well solutions for catering huge volumes of data at rest and what's more, manufacturing, retail, media, energy and utilities companies or banks choosing to implement this next-generation core processing platforms on IBM are likely to benefit in terms of agility and total cost of ownership"


WISE MEN. Integrate. Analyze. Prosper.

For over 15 years, Wise Men Solutions a Houston TX HQ based company has orchestrated the seamless functioning of clients' IT infrastructures. Focused on client business pains, Wise Men utilizes pioneering technology tools and acute business strategies, coupled with its Managed Services, BigData Analytics, Smart Grid Services and Consulting offerings to resolve them. Wise Men Solutions enables customers to achieve peak operational efficiency while Delivering maximum value.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

IBM Business Partner and Vendor focused on big data analytics for In Motion data analytics and traditional data at rest analytics.




Xtremeinsights provides services and solutions which focus on elevating enterprise business analytics capabilities to new levels by leveraging Hadoop and related big data technologies with organizations existing information management platforms.

Xtremeinsights serves as a trusted advisor to both Fortune 500 firms as well as new entrants who embrace the power of big data and information capabilities for strategic advantage. Xtremeinsights has a background of success of enabling leading conventional information systems and combines this experience with leading competencies, methodologies and solutions experience with big data technologies.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Xtremeinsights plays advisory, solution architecture, and implementation roles across various information, analytics and data management technologies. With a depth and breadth of business domain, process and technology expertise, Xtremeinsights strengthens the IBM solution portfolio with a focus on, and a proven success track record with big data technologies, strategies and solutions.




Bedrock is the only Hadoop-based data management platform that integrates data ingestion, organization, and preparation based on metadata and workflow into a single software solution.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Bedrock is a Hadoop data management platform that is the only fully integrated, single software solution for managed data ingestion, organization, and preparation based on metadata and workflow. Bedrock was built from the ground up to work with Hadoop. It eliminates the need for multiple tools and delivers a scalable, manageable, cost effective, and rapidly deployable solution for building and managing a Hadoop Data Lake.

A managed data pipeline built with Bedrock and IBM BigInsights, will ensure that Hadoop data ingestion is managed and organized so you always know what data you have and where it is, and the data is prepared and available to users in the way that they need it.



Zementis is a leading software company focused on operational predictive analytics delivering vendor-neutral deployment and cross-platform execution of predictive models in the context of real-time scoring and big data applications. Its ADAPA® and the Universal PMML Plug-in™ are designed from the ground up to benefit from open standards and to significantly shorten the time-to-market for predictive analytics in any industry.

CIO Review named Zementis as one of the "Top 20 most promising Big Data companies 2013"

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

Zementis and IBM’s platform for big data help companies easily deploy, execute and integrate scalable standards-based predictive analytics. This joint solution combines the Zementis Universal PMML Plug-in (UPPI) for execution of predictive models with the power and scale of the IBM’s platform for big data.

UPPI is available for:

The result is an end-to-end solution that enhances IBM’s platform with scoring of predictive models from data mining tools like SPSS, SAS and R based on the Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) industry standard.

"The PMML standard delivers the promise of true interoperability, offering a mature standard for moving predictive models seamlessly between platforms” said Dr. Michael Zeller, CEO of Zementis. “Models built in most commercial or open source data mining tools can now instantly be deployed in IBM's Big Data solutions. The net result is the ability to leverage the power of standards-based predictive analytics on a massive scale, right where the data resides."



Zettaset enables massive data aggregation and analytics for the enterprise via Hadoop, in a solution that is scalable, resilient and secure. Zettaset provides true redundancy in a solution that is easy to deploy, and has a simple licensing model that leads to a lower total cost of ownership.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:


Zoomdata provides the world's fastest analytical and visualization experience for modern big data sources, as well as for legacy databases and traditional data warehouses. Designed mobile and touch-first, its patented micro-query architecture gives users an integrated analytic view at extremely high levels of data and user scale.

How we integrate with IBM and what value add we bring:

ZoomData is an avid participant in the Spark community, and leverages the capabilities of IBM streams to drive significant value for their customers