Big Data, Integration
& Governance

Big Data, Integration & Governance
Deep Dive sessions

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At the specialized Big Data, Integration and Governance Deep Dive seminars, you can explore the topics most important to you. Join our industry experts as they share with you how to unlock new insights and opportunities with big data.

  • 5 Game Changing Use Cases for Big Data

    From hundreds of client engagements, we’ve identified five high-value big data analytics use cases that have enabled organizations to gain new insights, take action faster and create new opportunities with big data.

  • Information Integration and Governance—Trust and Protect Big Data

    Business leader confidence in the veracity of big data is decreasing. Discover how your organization can build trust by integrating, protecting and governing information everywhere throughout its lifecycle.

  • Data Management in the Era of Big Data—Improving Speed and Efficiency

    Learn how organizations are overcoming the increasing volume, variety and velocity of data to dramatically improve system and application performance, lower costs, and address accelerated business cycles quickly, efficiently, reliably and with ease.

  • Simplify and Accelerate Big Data Management and Analytics

    Discover how the IBM PureData™ System can allow organizations to address big data management and analytics challenges and achieve optimized business outcomes.